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Educate Administrators. Facilitate Excellence.

   Vol 27, No. 2
Fall/Winter 2015

A Message from the President

By Ruth Irwin


Dear NAAPA Colleagues:
I was recently reminded that we need to know where we’ve been to know where we are going in the future. 2015 has certainly been a year to remind us of where we have been as an organization.  We kicked off our 30th year by celebrating at our Spring conference in Portland, and had an equally successful Fall conference in New Orleans.  We have re-connected with colleagues and welcomed many new members into our wonderful organization this year. For those of you who have attended past NAAPA Educational Conferences, I am sure you will agree that the networking and comradery shared is invaluable.  For those of you who have not yet attended an educational conference, I hope you will strongly consider attending our Spring Conference being held in St Louis, April 2016.

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A Message from the President

Membership Updates

Spring 2016 Educational Conference

Highlights from the Fall Educational Conference

Academic Healthcare News


NAAPA Technology

Newsletter Contributions

Board Members

Reflecting on our past history, we should all be proud of what we have accomplished as an organization. Throughout the past 30 years we have educated administrators in academic psychiatry in the areas of clinical operations, research, education and administration. With our mission to always focus on these areas, our educational conferences continue to provide our members with timely information and leave us inspired.  As we look towards the New Year we anticipate we may be faced with new initiatives, revised strategic plans, and budget challenges. Or perhaps we will be involved in organizational restructuring and new leadership.  Whatever our focus, each of us will address these challenges within our own organization in a manner that supports the mission and vision of our institution.  However, collectively we continue to have opportunities to share in best practices and support our colleagues as we address similar challenges.

NAAPA continues to promote excellence in academic psychiatry through educating administrators. Therefore, when looking to re-define our vision statement for the future, it was clear to state our vision, our true north, based on a shared purpose we have held for the past 30 years:  Educate Administrators. Facilitate Excellence. 

Due to each and every one of you, and your contributions, NAAPA has become the strong organization it is today. I strongly encourage each one of you to continue to support our Vision by attending our conferences, joining a committee, sharing best practices on our list serve, writing a newsletter article or presenting at a conference in the future!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each one of you a very Happy Holiday Season, and may you and your family have a safe and Happy New Year!

Best Regards Always,
Membership Updates
by John Herzke

NAAPA Membership Fall Update – 2015 Comings and Goings
What a terrific year 2015 has been for NAAPA Membership!  We have had the pleasure of welcoming 24 new members from institutions across the country, listed below.  We also had five first-time conference attendees in New Orleans last month.  Thank you to all those who have referred new members as well as fellow Membership Committee members Tony Bibbo and Melissa Sinclair for all of your outreach efforts. 
"Comings" - Welcome New Members!
  • Amy Berek, University at Buffalo
  • Mark Blankenship, University of Florida
  • Paul Cassidy, University of California San Francisco
  • Mark Denys, Temple University
  • Cynthia Depa, University of Nevada, Reno/University of Nevada School of Medicine, Las Vegas
  • Trevor Forde, George Washington University
  • Suzanne Fowble, Johns Hopkins University
  • Samantha LeClair, University of Florida, Gainesville
  • Jacqui Lingler, Case Western Reserve University
  • Monique Lopez, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio
  • Annette Lovato, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Keith Marks, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Kristina McMichael, LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans
  • Josh Ryder-Miller, Wright State University
  • Adrien Saks, George Washington University
  • Irma Sanchez, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio
  • Doreen Shockley, University of South Florida
  • Henry Sirolli, Rowan University
  • Connie Smith, Rush University Medical Center
  • Stephen Swider, Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals
  • Lie Hong Tan, Stanford University
  • Jeanice Tao, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Marie Webber, University of California, San Diego Health System
  • Holly Wong, University of California, San Francisco
  • Joy Royston, University of Nevada

Book Your Room Now for the 
Spring Educational Conference
April 13 - 15, 2016
St. Louis, MO

Just as our location changes, so do our topics! They are relevant, timely, and reflect input from our membership. Our agenda will address issues in research, the clinical enterprise, and teaching/training in addition to national healthcare trends. Come to network with your colleagues from other academic institutions in one of the world's best cities for entertainment, good music, and great food.

View conference details -

2015 Fall Conference Presentations

The Fall 2015 Conference Presentations can be downloaded in the Members Only section of the NAAPA website. Contact  for assistance.

Presentation Topics:
The Evolution of the Louisiana Behavioral Healthcare Landscape
Rochelle Head-Dunham, MD
Assistant Secretary, Louisiana Office of Behavioral Health
Establishing a Clinic that Supports Research: Lessons Learned
Michael Scheeringa, MD, PhD
Professor and Vice Chairman
Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Sex Offender Treatment Programming: Why It Makes Sense
Ashley Weir, LCSW-BACS, ACSW
Assistant Professor
Forensic Sexual Behavior Program Director
Tulane University
Forensic Fellowship Training as a Mechanism to Enhance Departmental Stability
John Thompson, Jr., MD
Professor and Chairman
Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Director, Division of Forensic Neuropsychiatry
Strategies for Addressing Challenging Employees
Ruth Riley
Director, Employee Support Systems
Tulane University
Research Benchmarking
Jeff Charlson
Department Administrator
University of Wisconsin, Department of Psychiatry
Destruction, Resilience, and Rebirth: The Mental Health System in Post Katrina New Orleans
Assistant Professor, Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Coroner, City of New Orleans

2015 Fall Conference Photos
Top Row:  Conference Speaker Michael Scheeringa, MD, PhD, Professor and Vice Chairman, Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

2nd Row L: Conference Speaker Ruth Riley, Director Employee Support Services and Tulane talking to NAAPA member, Pam Wesley, Vanderbilt.  2nd Row R: Conference Speaker Rochelle Head-Dunham, MD, Assistant Secretary, Louisiana Office of Behavioral Health

3rd Row L: NAAPA members Lie Hong Tan, Stanford University, Debra Tatchin, University of Michigan, and Marika Bringham, University of Florida. 3rd Row R: Tulane Conference Bags
Top Row L:  Conference Speaker Ashley Weir, LCSW-BACS, ACSW, Assistant Professor and Forensic Sexual Behavior Program Director at Tulane. Top Row R: NAAPA President, Ruth Irwin, UCLA

2nd Row L: NAAPA member and New Orleans Conference Host, Jim Landry, Tulane. 2nd Row R: NAAPA members Teresa Gevedon and Marti Sale from University of Kentucky

3rd Row: Conference Attendees in session
Top Row:  Conference Speaker John Thompson, Jr., MD, Professor and Chairman, Tulane Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Director, Division of Forensic Neuropsychiatry

2nd Row L: Conference Speaker Jeffrey Rouse, MD, Assistant Professor, Tulane and Coroner, City of New Orleans.  2nd Row R: Conference Speaker and NAAPA Member, Jeff Charlson, Department Administrator, University of Wisconsin

3rd Row: New Orleans French Quarters
Academic Healthcare News

Will academic medical centers sink or swim?


Academic medical centers' three-pronged mission — education, research and patient care — makes them uniquely vulnerable to financial pressures.

These institutions have thrived as centerpieces in the American healthcare landscape. Now they face their own kind of financial and governance distress.

Hospitals and health systems affiliated with medical schools face some of the highest costs across all healthcare institutions. Designed to deliver complex, specialized care, they are simultaneously saddled with the costs of supporting medical education and research.

Because many are based in urban areas, they often end up treating a disproportionate share of Medicaid or under- and uninsured patients for emergency, Level 1 trauma and psychiatric emergencies. Approximately 60 percent of AMCs' business comes from Medicaid, Medicare and other government programs.

Read More


What healthcare leaders need to do to improve value for patients 

More and more health care organizations are beginning to track their performance on outcomes – and they’re finding that getting started isn’t easy. The change that’s needed can be overwhelming. Measuring outcomes requires redesigned workflows, enhanced coordination across departments, and investment in new resources.  Above all, it requires strong resolve and adept leadership.

So how are today’s health care leaders implementing outcomes measurement in their hospitals and clinics? Through our experience working alongside many of them, we’ve identified five leadership imperatives:

  1. Find the believers. Focus on finding clinician champions who want to know their outcomes and want to be transparent with their colleagues. Many of them are likely to be collecting outcomes data already, albeit in an unstructured and not scalable way.  Clinician champions are critical in generating momentum for the program and to help resolve early challenges. Read More
NAAPA Technology
by Jennifer Collins

Stay up to date with the latest happenings of NAAPA on one of our many media platforms. 

Online at

Check out the Membership Directory on the Members Only page!  Complete with contact information and pictures, the directory is a great resource to get in direct contact with other members. 

For organization information at your fingertips, go to  Find out who’s on the board, pay your membership dues, view job opportunities at member organizations, and more. Access the members only section (contact for the password) for conference handouts, conference pictures, and benchmarking information. Please note that is a new web address recently acquired for brand consistency.  You can access the site with either or

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Looking for best practices?  Connect with NAAPA members instantaneously by posting a message on the NAAPA Listserv by sending an email to
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Account Setup
1) Go to, and sign in (upper right) using your WORK email address. You may have to log out of your personal google/gmail account first.  You may need to create an account, or reset your password.
2) Once you have successfully logged in with your WORK email address, go to to administer your account. 

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Newsletter Contributions
by René Morrow

NAAPA News is published twice annually in the Spring and Fall. The goal to provide its members with organization updates, conference information, and industry-specific data. NAAPA members are encouraged to submit articles for consideration for publication in the next issue.

Here are examples of potential areas of interest for articles:

  • Practical advice and thought-provoking information targeted specifically for Psychiatry Administrators;
  • Opinion pieces about issues affecting the healthcare industry;
  • Case studies that outline how you and/or your department implemented a new process or best practice;
  • Web-based resources that NAAPA members can use to gain information about a related topic;
  • Updated information on industry hot topics; 
  • Professional and leadership development information and resources.
Please submit article write-ups to
2015-2016 Board of Directors

Board Contact Information


President: Ruth Irwin • (310) 794-4496


President-Elect: Janet Namini-Sabuco • (312) 695-2195


Immediate Past President: Elizabeth Ambinder • (410) 955-5129


Treasurer: Peter Prevot • (504) 988-0940


Secretary: René Morrow • (404) 756-1449


Membership Director: John Herzke • (443) 287-6863


Members at Large:

Benchmarking: Jeff Charlson • (608) 262-0935


Education: Pam Wesley (615) 936-5693


Information Technology/Webmaster: Jennifer Collins • (316) 293-3568


Membership: Tony Bibbo • (410) 328-6771


Membership Development Committee
Chair, John Herzke
Member, Tony Bibbo
Member, Melissa Sinclair

Education / Professional Development Committee
Chair, Janet Namini-Sabuco
Member at Large, Pam Wesley
Member, Brian Spector
Technology Liaison, Joshua Ryder-Miller

Strategic Planning / Benchmarking Committee
Chair, Jeff Charlson
Member, Lindsey Dozanti
Member, To Be Appointed by Chair

Technology Development Committee
Chair, Jennifer Collins
Member, Brian Spector
Member, Annemarie Lucas
Member, Joshua Ryder-Miller

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