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   Vol 28, No. 2
Fall 2016

A Message from the President

By Janet Namini-Sabuco


Dear NAAPA members;
As 2016 just recently ended, we find ourselves in the midst of major change across the country and world in terms of politics, healthcare and the economy in general.  It is a time to reflect on all that has been good in our organization and look forward to the year ahead with much excitement and energy for the opportunities coming our way. 
2016 was a busy year for NAAPA.  We held two well-attended education conferences; the spring conference in St. Louis and the fall conference in San Antonio.  Each conference had 35-40 attendees including twelve first time attendees at the fall conference!  Each conference had many interesting subjects and speakers, with a balance of research and clinical subjects as well as panel discussions hosted by NAAPA members and the infamous “Take Two” sessions, where attendees ask questions and solicit answers/feedback from the group.  A hallmark of every conference and always ranked among the highest sessions on the conference surveys.

The education committee chaired by Liz Stevenson, (Oregon Health & Science University) is in the midst of planning the spring conference to be held at St. Augustine, Florida and hosted by Marika Brigham, (University of Florida College of Medicine).  The conference agenda will provide a well-rounded variety of topics and some activities/excursions are being planned around the conference, so be on the lookout for more information coming out soon about those activities so you can incorporate the dates into travel plans for the conference.

Membership continues to grow with 111 active members and 7 associate (honorary) members.  21 new members joined NAAPA during 2016, welcome!  The membership committee continues outreach efforts to increase membership at existing NAAPA institutions and extend membership to individuals at new institutions.  Below is a map of showing NAAPA members’ locations in 85 of the 141 AAMC locations in the country.  We are well represented across the country but have room to grow at more AAMC locations throughout the country.  If anyone is interested in working to grow membership, please contact John Herzke, (Johns Hopkins Hospital) membership chair, at

The NAAPA Board has been busy this year, with meetings at each conference and a mid-summer planning meeting in July at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.  During this meeting, the Board updated the organization’s strategic plan that is posted on the website for all members to view.  The plan includes themes and core values of the association, mission and vision statements, objectives and strategic activities for each of the following board committees:  membership, education/professional development, technology, benchmarking and finance.  When you have a moment, please review the strategic plan and let us know any feedback you have on the direction for NAAPA in the upcoming year. 

We are grateful to Lindsey Dozanti for volunteering to takeover chair of the benchmarking committee and facilitate the upcoming education survey for the organization.  Please take a moment to complete the survey, as the more respondents we have, the more meaningful the results for all of us.  The survey is planned to be distributed in early January and results will be presented at the spring conference.

Happy New Year and all the best,

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Google Group

Inside this Issue:

A Message from the President

Membership Updates

Spring 2017 Educational Conference

Highlights from the Fall Educational Conference

Academic Healthcare News


NAAPA Technology

Newsletter Contributions

Board Members

NAAPA News Editor: Cindy Smith, NAAPA Secretary
Membership Updates
by John Herzke

NAAPA Membership Fall Update – 2016 Comings and Goings

As we bid farewell to 2016, we have had the great pleasure of welcoming 21 new members to NAAPA from institutions across the country, listed below.  We had six first-time attendees at the spring conference in St. Louis, and 13 first-time attendees at the fall conference in San Antonio.  Additionally, we already have our first new member to join for the 2017 membership year:  John Chow from Stanford – welcome!  We appreciate all those who have referred potential new members, and thanks to the Membership Committee, particularly our Board Member-at-Large René Morrow, for your continued efforts! 
"Comings" - Welcome New Members!
  • Paul Cassidy, University of California San Francisco
  • Stephen Swider, Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals
  • Mela Fezzey, University of California Riverside
  • Max Warner, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Chris Crumm, University of Minnesota
  • Diane Looney, Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Sherrie Martinez, University of California Los Angeles
  • Tina Moskow, University of Arkansas
  • Christine Fitts Spring, Dartmouth University
  • MaryEllen Bond, Baylor Scott & White Health (University of North Texas)
  • Kelsey Montross, University of Iowa
  • Jerry Elder, University of California Davis
  • Robin Roach, Duke University
  • Karen Tate, Loyola University
  • Elizabeth Lott, University of Chicago
  • Vickie Haley, East Carolina University
  • Missey Thompson, University of Pennsylvania
  • Marlene Guzman, University of California, San Francisco
  • Michael Walker, University of California, San Francisco
  • Brett Kelly, Stanford University
  • Kathleen Dostalik, Banner University Medical Group, University of Arizona
  • Tony Bibbo, University of Maryland
  • Marie Caffey, University of California San Francisco
  • Diana Zambrano, Duke University
  • Paul Sewing, Loyola University
  • Narriman Shahrokh, University of California, Davis
  • Richard Erwin, University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Bernadette Liu, Stanford University
  • Jim Myers, Denver Children’s Hospital
  • Francena Archibald, University of Florida, Jacksonville
  • Paul McArthur, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Joyce Collins, University of Texas Health Science Center
  • Tina Kummer, Georgetown University Hospital
  • Jared Abramson, University of Miami School of Medicine
  • George J. Como,  Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Susanne Johnston, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Pamela F. King, Thomas Jefferson Medical College
  • Jacalyn C. Rux, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Henry Sirolli, Rowan University

Book Your Room Now for the Spring
Educational Conference
April 19-21, 2017
St. Augustine, FL

Just as our location changes, so do our topics! They are relevant, timely, and reflect input from our membership. Our agenda will address issues in research, the clinical enterprise, and teaching/training in addition to national healthcare trends. Come to network with your colleagues from other academic institutions in one of the world's best cities for entertainment, good music, and great food.

View conference details -

2016 Fall Conference Presentations

The Fall 2016 Conference Presentations have been posted and can be downloaded in the Members Only section of the NAAPA website. Contact  for assistance.

Presentation Topics:
Transitional Care Clinic Model
Dawn Velligan, PhD
Division Director, Community, Recovery, Research and Training (CRRT)
Department of Psychiatry
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Integrated Behavioral Medicine in Primary Care
Carlos Roberto Jae'n,MD,PhD, FAAFP
Professor and Chair, The Dr. and Mrs. James L. Holly Distinguished Chair
Stacey Ogbeide, PysD, MS
Assistant Professor
Department of Family and Community Medicine
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio 

Panel Discussion:  Compensation Models 
Marika Brigham, University of Florida, NAAPA Member
Jim Landry, Tulane University, NAAPA Member
Liz Stevenson, Oregon Health & Science University, NAAPA Member

Hand Carry Law on Texas Campuses
Chief Michael Parks
Chief of Police
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Benchmarking - Salaries in Psychosomatic Medicine:  A Cross Sectional Survey of Practicing Physicians
John J. Sabuco, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Alan Peterson, PhD

Division Chief of Behavioral Medicine
Deputy Chair for Military Collaborations, Director of the STRONGSTAR Consortium, and Director of the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD
Department of Psychiatry
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

William Newell Lecture
Clinical efficiency in the Academic setting:  EMR challenges

Steven R. Pliszka, MD
Professor and Chair
Department of Psychiatry
Univerity of Texas Health Science Centers San Antonio

2016 Fall Conference Photos
Top Row:  Conference NAAPA Speaker Dawn Velligan, PhD Division Director, Community, Recovery, Research and Training (CRRT)  Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Health Science Center.

2nd Row L: NAAPA members and host Irma Sanchez, University of Texas Health Science Center/University of Maryland and Liz Stevenson, NAAPA Education Member at Large, Oregon Health & Science University 
2nd Row R: Conference Speaker Chief Michael Parks, Chief of Police, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio and NAAPA member and host Irma Sanchez, University of Texas Health Science Center.  

3rd Row L: Conference attendees in session. 
3rd Row R: Stacey Ogbeide, PysD, MS, Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio and Carlos Roberto Jae'n, MD PhD, FAAFP, Professor and Chair, The Dr. and Mrs. James L. Holly Distinguished Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.
Top Row: Naapa 2016 Board:  Back row L to R:  Peter Prevot, Tulane, Lindsey Dozanti, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Ruth Irwin, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital and UCLA, Marika Brigham, University of Florida, John Herzke, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Liz Stevenson, Oregon Health & Science University. Front row L to R:  Janet Namini-Sabuco, Northwestern University, Jennifer Collins, KU School of Medicine and Cynthia Smith, Washington University in St. Louis.

2nd Row L:  Conference Speaker Steven R. Pliszka, MD Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio 
2nd Row R: NAAPA members, Jim Landry, Tulane University, Janet Namini-Sabuco, Northwestern University and
Marika Brigham, University of Florida.

3rd Row L:  Alan Peterson, PhD, Division chief of Behavioral Medicine, Deputy Chair for Military Collaborations, Director of the STRONGSTAR Consortium, and Director of the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. 
3rd Row R: NAAPA members  Carly Collins, University of Michigan and John Herzke, Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Top Row:  NAAPA members networking.

2nd Row L: Conference Speaker John Sabuco, Chief Science Officer, EYNERGYA.  2nd Row R:  Janet Namini-Sabuco. NAAPA President, Northwestern University.  

3rd Row L: Jim Landry, Tulane University and Ruth Irwin, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital and UCLA.  3rd Row R:  Irma Sanchez,
University of Texas Health Science Center/University of Maryland and Karen Tate, Loyola University.
Academic Healthcare News

Final MACRA Rule Announced; APA to Help You Navigate Changes

In addition to developing a toolkit and webinar series, the APA administration is available to help members determine whether they should participate in the new system.

With the release last month of the government's final rule on the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), reform of the Medicare payment system will soon be a reality, and APA wants to help participating members navigate this landmark transformation of the way physicians are paid for their services.

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Academic Healthcare News

Can We Pay for Performance in Behavioral Health Care?

Pay for performance (P4P) has become a popular strategy to reward quality and cost-efficiency in behavioral health care and other health care disciplines. This column presents the results of a literature review of P4P in behavioral health care. Fifteen empirical studies evaluating the outcomes of behavioral health services provided in a P4P system were identified. The limited data suggest that P4P can achieve its desired effect. More research is needed on outcomes, performance, and unintended consequences.

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LinkedIn Top Voices 2016: The 10 must-know writers in education

There are more than 160,000 stories being published on LinkedIn every week. So what writers stood out in 2016 — and who do you need to start reading now?

We've sifted through the data looking at a diverse set of factors, from engagement (particularly comments and shares) to follower growth, to find the top 10 voices in the education industry. These writers weighed in on some of the biggest stories this year, from the run-up to the presidential election to the fatal police shootings that have roiled cities across the country.

They've written about the political squeeze put on for-profit colleges, rising college costs and student debt, online learning, and how to improve education. They've also written on topics outside of education such as combating workplace boredom, entrepreneurship, and AI.

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NAAPA Technology
by Jennifer Collins

Stay up to date with the latest happenings of NAAPA on one of our many media platforms. 

Online at

Check out the Membership Directory on the Members Only page!  Complete with contact information and pictures, the directory is a great resource to get in direct contact with other members. 

For organization information at your fingertips, go to  Find out who’s on the board, pay your membership dues, view job opportunities at member organizations, and more. Access the members only section (contact for the password) for conference handouts, conference pictures, and benchmarking information. Please note that is a new web address recently acquired for brand consistency.  You can access the site with either or

Google Listserv
Looking for best practices?  Connect with NAAPA members instantaneously by posting a message on the NAAPA Listserv by sending an email to
If you wish to peruse past discussions or change any of your settings, follow these instructions to set up a google account under your work email.

Account Setup
1) Go to, and sign in (upper right) using your WORK email address. You may have to log out of your personal google/gmail account first.  You may need to create an account, or reset your password.
2) Once you have successfully logged in with your WORK email address, go to to administer your account. 

Network with other members on our private group on LinkedIn.

Do you share our passion for finding new ways for members to connect electronically? Contact Jennifer Collins to join Josh Ryder-Miller, Brian Spector and Annemarie Lucas on the Technology Development Committee.

Send questions, suggestions and ideas to

Newsletter Contributions
by Cynthia Smith

NAAPA News is published twice annually in the Spring and Fall. The goal is to provide  members with organization updates, conference information, and industry-specific articles and information. NAAPA members are encouraged to submit articles for consideration for publication in an upcoming issue. 

Here are examples of potential areas of interest for articles:

  • Practical advice and thought-provoking information targeted specifically for Psychiatry Administrators;
  • Opinion pieces about issues affecting the healthcare industry;
  • Case studies that outline how you and/or your department implemented a new process or best practice;
  • Web-based resources that NAAPA members can use to gain information about a related topic;
  • Updated information on industry hot topics; 
  • Professional and leadership development information and resources.
Please submit article write-ups to
2016-2017 Board of Directors

Board Contact Information


President: Janet Namini-Sabuco • (801) 585-9368


President-Elect: Marika Brigham • (352) 265-7981

Immediate Past President: Ruth Irwin • (310) 794-4496

Treasurer: Peter Prevot • (504) 988-0940


Secretary: Cindy Smith • (314) 362-7004


Membership Director: John Herzke • (443) 287-6863


Members at Large:

Benchmarking: Lindsey Dozanti • (216) 844-5861

Education: Liz Stevenson • (503) 494-6144

Information Technology/Webmaster: Jennifer Collins • (316) 293-3568


Membership: Rene Morrow • (404) 756-1449


Membership Development Committee
Chair, John Herzke
Member, Rene Morrow
Member, Melissa Sinclair

Education / Professional Development Committee
Chair, Marika Brigham
Member at Large, Liz Stevenson
Member, Brian Spector
Member, James Landry
Technology Liaison, Joshua Ryder-Miller

Strategic Planning / Benchmarking Committee
Chair, Lindsey Dozanti
Member, Brian Donnellan

Member, Geoff Erickson

Technology Development Committee
Chair, Jennifer Collins
Member, Brian Spector
Member, Annemarie Lucas
Member, Joshua Ryder-Miller

Finance Committee
Chair, Carly Collins

Member, To Be Appointed by Chair
Member, To Be Appointed by Chair

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