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We hope that you are enjoying a nice start to the summer and hopefully a relaxing vacation somewhere fun.  

In this July newsletter, we share another article we wrote last month about 529 College Savings Plans.  This one describes some newly available planning ideas related to 529 Plans.  There are also
financial planning article links on different topics including credit cards, buying a car, dividend investing, and protecting yourself from online fraud.  

Enjoy this month's edition of The RPG Planner.
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Investment Commentary

Make no mistake: the vote of Britons to leave the EU in June will be written about in history books many years from now as an important political and economic turning point.  As we wrote in this email to clients a few hours after the Brexit vote, the eventual implications will take years to unfold but the UK exit will clearly have a negative economic impact on Europe, will further destabilize an already shaky union, and sets a precedence of border closure and protectionism that would harm global growth. 

There are a number of different ways that things could unfold in the next few months, including how, when, and if the "Article 50 notification" is handled.  In the immediate aftermath, the introduction of increased uncertainty by the Brexit vote had its normal effect on markets - increased volatility.  A market rout was quickly followed by a strong bounce-back recovery, as you can see in our Monthly Market Snapshot.

What has become clear in the Brexit aftermath is that markets are expecting much more accommodative (investor-friendly) central banks.  Prior to the vote, markets anticipated a US Federal Reserve rate hike this fall but now, the next rate hike is not priced in until the end of 2018.  Moreover, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank have already hinted at fresh stimulus measures which the market will view favorably.  With all the things that could go wrong in a post-Brexit world, it's important to remember that many things could go right and that bad news tends to mean strong returns.

Amidst all the volatility, global stocks (MSCI All World Index) finished the month of June with just a modest loss of -0.8%.  Bonds alternatively strengthened as investors looked for safety and the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index increased 1.8%.

We always encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about the markets or your portfolio. 


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RPG News and Notes 

  • The RPG team took advantage of the late spring and early summer weather to get outside with family and friends for fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, golf, weddings, and Father's Day celebrations.  Check out our Facebook page for all the photos.
  • We are lining up the last details for a cyber-security educational seminar with an outstanding speaker during the week of August 22nd.  This should be an event that will benefit everyone from young to old.  Stay tuned for more details.  
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