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We received great feedback from our first version of this new format in February and strive to continue making it as user-friendly and informative as we can.  We continue to welcome any feedback or suggestions and hope you enjoy the March issue of The RPG Planner.     

Plan Right                      

  • Why Long-Term is Hard.  Morningstar and several other publications picked up this abridged version of RPG's most recent quarterly letter.       
  • Should I Pay Off My Mortgage or Invest?  We examined the financial impact of the mortgage reduction or invest decision using historical evidence.  We also cover some of the non-economic factors to help frame the decision.

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Investment Commentary       

It is unfortunate that February has only 28 days.  Despite February being short-changed by the calendar makers, global stocks posted their largest calendar-month gain (MSCI World Index +5.6%) since January 2012.  It was the best February for stocks since 1998.  Nearly all equity markets around the globe advanced but European and Japanese stocks delivered the best results with gains being linked to the dramatic central bank easing in both regions.  Bond prices fell in February which is to be expected during a period of surprisingly good economic data.

Economic data was not positive across the board but it was generally encouraging.  US employment data remained strong, average hourly wages increased, and leading economic indicators edged higher.  Europe also posted encouraging economic numbers, highlighted by the 0.9% annual increase in GDP over the entire region.  This level of growth is clearly not going to drive the global growth engine but two consecutive quarters of growth are a positive development in this region.      

The only change to portfolio allocations was an increased investment in foreign stocks based on improvement in the quantitative criteria used in our discipline.  You can reference the RPG Monthly Market Snapshot by clicking here for some key economic data points and index returns.  We welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions.


  • April 15th is also the deadline for making 2014 IRA contributions.  Limits are $5,500 for those under age 50 and $6,500 if 50 or over.  Make too much to contribute to a Roth IRA?  Consider the backdoor Roth conversion.  

Fun Stuff and Free Resources

  • We posted 28 "Daily Nuggets" in February, including how to stop receiving junk mail/email, how to plan your Facebook legacy, and how to save money on your Internet purchases.  See all 28 daily nuggets.   

RPG News and Notes 

  • As an SEC registered investment advisor, we are required to provide certain disclosure information annually.  Rather than meet the requirement to simply offer our Form ADV brochure, we keep a current copy posted on our website, which you can find here.  We also keep a current copy of our privacy policy on the website.  
  • A team from RPG recently participated in the Hot Chocolate 5k in downtown Atlanta.  Congratulations to John, Christian, and Marjorie for braving cold temperatures and an early wake-up call.  Let us know if you'd like to join a team from RPG for future 2015 5k runs. 
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