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Information Bulletin


No. 3 04 May 2015

A summary of activities prepared by the ECPGR Secretariat

to the attention of the National Coordinators
This third issue covers the period 07 February - 30 April 2015.

We hope you will find this bulletin useful and look forward to your feedback (you can send comments by using the Reply button to the email message).

The bulletins are also available online (see

ECPGR structure and modus operandi


Signature of memberships to date




30 countries have signed the Membership Agreement for Phase IX (click on map)


One Letter of Agreement was received during the last 3 months





34 countries have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (click on map)

57 Associate Membership Agreements have been signed (click here to see full list)

(no change in the last 3 months)


Level of contributions received to date



Total member contributions received for 2014 amounted to 399 250 (Phase IX budget was calculated based on an expected total annual amount of € 510 250).
To date, annual contributions were received from 31 countries and are expected from at least 7 additional countries.


Member contributions were received from 24 countries for a total amount of
€ 339 750.

Operational documents approved by the Steering Committee (SC)

March 2015
ECPGR Concept for in situ conservation of crop wild relatives in Europe

April 2015
Further to the endorsement by the SC of the component related to crop wild relatives in "outcome 3" of the Objectives of ECPGR for Phase IX, a new version has been released:
Objectives of ECPGR for Phase IX (2014-2018) (v2, April 2015)

Changes in membership of ECPGR Bodies


• National Coordinators (NCs) (full list available here)

Spain: Mr Luis Guasch, new Director of the CRF, replaced Juan Fajardo Vizcayno in March 2015.


• Working Group (WG) members

The new lists of WG members, including their respective categories of expertise, are available online. These lists are constantly being updated, based on nominations received from National Coordinators.


• WG Chairs

After the sixth meeting of the Executive Committee (December 2014), the appointment of Chairs for the Allium, Beta, Leafy Vegetables and Potato WGs was pending. The process was succesfully completed for three WGs and the following Chairs were appointed:
  • Allium: Helena Stavělíková, Czech Republic
  • Leafy Vegetables: Jelka Šuštar Vozlič, Slovenia
  • Potato: Anca Baciu, Romania
For the Beta WG, a candidate Chair has been identified and will be proposed for appointment upon reception of the Expression of Interest.

For full list, see New Chairs for ECPGR Working Groups during Phase IX

ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme (Phase IX)


• First Call: initiation of several Activities

The Letters of Agreement related to the successful proposals have all been issued.
(webpage providing details of the successful proposals)

Some Activities have already started. Three meetings were organized with Secretariat support (GeDiPa, HordEva, PRUNDOC). Others are in preparation (EURISCO NFP Training Workshop, TRAID, Forages 2020) (see also under "Meetings held" and "Upcoming meetings").

• Second Call: launched 15 April 2015

The call was sent by email to the NCs, WG Chairs and WG members and the dedicated webpage was launched.
A total budget of  € 112 500 has been made available for 2015 and proposals in the range of € 15 000 each can be submitted (only through the Chairs of the Working Groups) with a deadline of 15 July 2015.

Development of an ECPGR PGRFA Strategy - postponed

Considering the replies received from SC members, and the currently ongoing or planned related initiatives which may have significant impact on the European PGR context, it was proposed to postpone the decision regarding the ECPGR Strategy development processs.
Specific inputs are expected in particular from the EU-funded project on “Preparatory action on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture” (launched in July 2014 for a period of two years), and from the proposal submitted to the SFS7B Horizon 2020 Call, “PGRGOLD - Mining Plant Genetic Resources for the new gold - ensuring food security in a changing environment” (this proposal has successfully passed stage 1-evaluation and a full proposal for stage 2 is currently being prepared).

Upcoming travels and meetings attended by the Secretariat

Horizon 2020
The Secretariat is involved in two projects that have successfully passed stage 1-evaluation and have been invited to submit a full proposal under the second stage of evaluation. The ECPGR Secretary will attend the following Consortium meetings:

4 May 2015, Schiphol, The Netherlands – PGRGOLD (Mining Plant Genetic Resources for the new gold – ensuring food security in a changing environment)

19-20 May 2015, Rome, Italy – REMBRANDT (Research to enhance management of Brassica genetic resources and human nutrition) 

14-18 September 2015, Pavia, Italy – II International Plant Science Conference “Not only food: sustainable development, agrobiodiversity conservation & human well being” (in connection with EXPO Milano 2015 “Feeding the planet, energy for life”)

Lorenzo Maggioni as invited speaker will present “Long-term conservation and facilities for an increased utilization of plant genetic resources: the AEGIS experience”.

Document finalized

ECPGR Concept
for in situ conservation
of crop wild relatives in Europe

(click on image to access document)




European Collection

Since February 2015 the European Collection has increased by 2635 accessions from Switzerland. This brings the total number of accessions to 15 133.

(see full details of the European Collection)

Crop-specific standards

Crop-specific standards for orthodox seeds were finalised by the Cucurbits WG in April 2015 and posted online (see Documents developed by the Cucurbits WG and AEGIS crop-specific documents). As foreseen by the AEGIS Quality System (AQUAS), these standards will be sent to the Steering Committee for endorsement.

The process is currently under way for the Allium, Avena, Beta, Brassica and Umbellifer Crops WGs.



Workplan for 2015

The workplan for 2015 was finalized and published on the EURISCO website.

Preparation of National Focal Points Regional Training Workshop

The workshop, funded by the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, will take place at the Agricultural University of Tirana from 19 to 21 May 2015. It will focus on South-Eastern Europe, especially on the SEEDNet member countries, bringing together participants from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Macedonia (FYR), Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.
See also the 
EURISCO NFP Training Workshop webpage

Meetings held


17 February 2015GeDiPa
Genetic diversity of Patellifolia species (GeDiPa)
Activity under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme

GeDiPa held its coordination meeting on 17 February 2015 at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain. For details, see the GeDiPa webpage.

6 March 2015 - Forages 2020

ECPGR WG for Forages towards 2020s (Forages 2020)
Activity under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme

A start-up meeting of the management group was held on skype.
For details, see the Forages 2020 webpage.

10-11 March 2015 – Meeting on “on-farm concept”

A few members of the Task Force that was appointed to develop a concept on “On-farm management and conservation of landraces” convened together with Steering Committee and Executive Committee representatives and the Secretariat in Maccarese, 10-11 March 2015. Points of criticism that had been raised on the draft concept were discussed and an agreement was reached, that the concept should be re-drafted, on the basis of a  new outline. The next version of an “ECPGR concept for on-farm management and conservation of PGRFA” is expected to be prepared by 30 September 2015 for endorsement by the Steering Committee.
More information on the
On-farm concept meeting webpage.

21 April 2015 – HordEva

Identification and updating of C&E data in EBDB of AEGIS Hordeum (HordEva)
Activity under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme

A first meeting to finalize the detailed workplan for the project took place on 21 April 2015 in Berlin, Germany. For details, see the HordEva webpage.

21-22 April 2015 – PRUNDOC

Identification of a representative set of Prunus domestica accessions of European origin, well documented and characterized, to be included into the AEGIS system (PRUNDOC)
Activity under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme

A technical meeting of the PRUNDOC project was held 21-22 April 2015 in Leuven, Belgium. For details, see the PRUNDOC webpage.

Upcoming meetings

19-21 May EURISCO National Focal Points Regional Training Workshop for Southeast Europe
Activity under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme

The workshop will take place in Tirana, Albania from 19 to 21 May 2015.

EURISCO NFP Training Workshop webpage

9 June 2015 Forages 2020
"ECPGR WG for Forages towards 2020s (Forages 2020)"
Activity under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme

Another meeting within the management group will take place on 9 June 2015.
Forages 2020 webpage

15-17 September 2015 TRAID
“Identification and update C&E data of AEGIS Triticum sp. accessions (TRAID)"
Activity under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme

The meeting of the TRAID partners will be held 15-17 September 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia.

TRAID webpage

9-11 November 2015 Forages 2020
"ECPGR WG for Forages towards 2020s (Forages 2020)"
Activity under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme

The project workshop will be held 9-11 November 2015 in Alnarp, Sweden.

Forages 2020 webpage

Reminders / Action points


Inclusion of accessions in the European Collection

Countries are encouraged to initiate or proceed with the identification of accessions that have originated in their respective country (i.e. collected or bred) and that the country is prepared to include in the European Collection.
The Secretariat is available to provide assistance to facilitate the process.


Nominations of WG members

Updating the lists of WG members for Phase IX is always possible.

Keep on sending information on National Programme public awareness

The ECPGR website collects accounts of national public awareness initiatives. Eleven countries have contributed so far (see National Programmes public awareness webpage).

Operational genebank manuals

National Coordinators are kindly reminded to make sure that Associate Members develop their operational genebank manual by using the endorsed template available on the AEGIS website.
In case of questions or doubts please contact Jan Engels (


Call for the hosting of the Mid-term Steering Committee Meeting

The Mid-term Steering Committee Meeting is scheduled for Spring 2016. The Secretariat is exploring convenient options for a suitable location. An offer received from Bosnia and Herzegovina is being considered.
Thank you for your inputs!
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ECPGR Information Bulletin No. 3

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