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July 2015

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A message from Keith Makin, Chair of NSCB

"We must not neglect Neglect".
That was the strong message from the NSCB Annual Conference earlier this month. Neglect is the most common form of abuse in the UK and often the hardest to identify.   
Whilst tackling Child Sexual Exploitation and Female Genital Mutilation are key priorities for us all, we must also focus our attention on successful indentification of neglect and ensure that help is provided as early as possible. The Annual Conference presentation on neglect can be downloaded along with the NSCB's Annual Report.

FGM continues to be a cause for concern with a recent report making news headlines. This is an issue that affects every local authority area in England. We urge all professionals to take the appropriate action if they suspect girls are at risk and to familiarise themselves the new FGM Protection Orders which have just been launched. 


'Online Safety Awareness Week' launched by Northamptonshire Police

Northants Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner are raising awareness about the dangers children and young people face online. An online survey has been set up for young people to report online experiences that are inappropriate, e.g. upsetting photos, videos or language, cyber-bullying or being contacted by strangers pretending to be friends. See the online survey at or see more about this campaign

Image for Online Safety Awareness Week: "Seen something upsetting online? Tell us about it at or use #followthemouse

Schools and childcare providers: DfE publishes new 'Prevent Duty' to protect young people from radicalisation and extremism

The Department for Education has issued new advice and social media guidance to schools and childcare providers to help them protect children and young people from the risk of radicalisation and extremism. Download the guidance.

FGM - new report reveals areas in England with highest prevalence

London has the highest number of women and girls affected by Female Genital Mutilation, but Northampton is amongst other areas in England with significant numbers says a new report by City University London. More about the report.

FGM - Prevention Orders launched for school summer holiday 'cutting season'

The long summer break is often the time chosen for girls in the UK to be taken abroad by their families to undergo FGM before returning to school in September. Prevention Orders aim to protect girls at risk and anyone can apply for one. Find out more about FGM Prevention Orders.

Campaign to recruit more Social Workers continues

The latest phase of the campaign to recruit Children's Social Workers has launched with an article promoting Northamptonshire's Social Work Academy on the Community Care website's Careers Hub. See the article

NSPCC report published: How Safe Are Our Children?

The report's three key messages centre on provision of support for victims of abuse, focusing on neglect as the UK's most common form of abuse and the need to intervene as early as possible. View the key messages, findings and download the report.

New national CSE helpline number: 116000 – call or text 24/7

Young people and children can now call and text a national helpline to discuss concerns about themselves or others in relation to CSE. Young people will be responded to 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year by trained and experienced staff and volunteers, who will offer the chance to share information with police. Find out more.

Coming soon: single point of referral for young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing issues

From September, any professional in Northamptonshire wanting to refer a child or young person with mental health or emotional wellbeing issues, will be able to do so via a single online form. Find out more

NSCB now on Twitter! 

Find the latest child safeguarding news and events at - follow us @northantsSCB. 


The following face-to-face training sessions currently have places available and can be booked online:

Thematic workshop – ‘The Voice of the Child’: ½  day training session with Barnardo’s
Tues 15th Sept 9.30am - 12.30pm and also 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Northampton)
Weds 16th Sept 9.30am - 12.30pm and also 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Thrapstone)
Thurs 17th Sept 9.30am - 12.30pm and also 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Northampton)
Fri 18th Sept 9.30am - 12.30pm (Kettering)

Learning from Serious Case Reviews: 1 day training session with Barnardo’s
Weds 12th Aug  9.30am - 4.30pm (Northampton)

Thresholds & Pathways, Early Assessment & CAF: ½ day training with Barnardo’s
Tues 22nd Sept     9.30am
- 12.30pm (Daventry)
Weds 23rd Sept     1.30pm
- 4.30pm (Northampton)

Working Together: ½ day training with Barnardo’s
Tues 11th Aug   1.30pm
- 4.30pm (Kettering)
Tues 22nd Sept 1.30pm
- 4.30pm (Daventry)

Domestic Violence, DARIM & Safety Planning: 1 day training session with Barnardo’s
Weds 29 Sept  9.30am
- 12.30pm and also 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Daventry)

Neglect: 1 day training session with Barnardo’s
Mon 5th Oct  9.30am - 4.30pm (Northampton)

Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy provides a wide range of training opportunities, from basic awareness-raising of child protection issues to professional development for senior practitioners and managers. See our FAQs about face to face training with Barnardo's.

E-Learning with the Safeguarding E-Academy

NSCB’s ‘Introduction to Safeguarding’ training is available as an e-learning module. The e-learning course has six modules aimed at specific needs/roles within agencies. Visit the NSCB website for more information about e-learning.

Cancellations, fines and bookings

How to cancel a course and more about the Cancellation and Charging Policy.


Significant updates made to the NSCB Procedures Manual on 6th July 2015

Many changes and additions have been made to the NSCB Procedures Manual this month. Please check to see if your organisation/setting needs to amend and update its own policies and procedures as a result. See the complete list of changes to the NSCB Procedures Manual.


Learning from cases of bruising in pre-mobile babies

Six cases involving bruising in babies have been audited as part of the NSCB multi-agency case audit programme and the findings published as a concise and easy to use learning summary. The summary highlights areas where improvement is needed and identifies some strengths too. View the Bruising in Pre-Mobile Babies Learning Summary

Looking after children in very hot weather - guidance from Public Health England

Childcare professionals, schools and other settings should be aware of risks and actions they should take when looking after children during a heatwave. Download the guide

Are you in contact with any Young Carers?

How can a young carer be identified? What impact can caring have on a young person's life? Young carers should be supported and helped, starting with a Needs Assessment. Find out more about getting help for young carers


Neglect - would you know it if you saw it? 
See the latest news on neglect with links to the Neglect toolkit, procedures, training and NSPCC guidance.

Safeguarding Toolkits List

A complete list of all the child safeguarding toolkits can be found at 

First Early Help Assessment (EHA) completed - and feedback is good!

The first person to complete the new EHA was Sue Heasman, a Learning Mentor and Family Support Worker at The Headlands Primary School in Northampton. She said:
“When I came into school and realised I had to do a CAF, I went onto the website and my heart sank. There was a new form, the CAF had gone and I now had to do an EHA – just when I was getting my head around the CAF. But what a surprise I had! The form was straightforward, easy to share with parents and best of all, just common sense. A great improvement and even the part that asked for evidence wasn’t daunting. The parents I was working with were more receptive too, as it wasn’t laborious. I am doing another one this afternoon.” 
See the EHA forms and help guides on the NCC website.


Every month we introduce colleagues throughout the partnership who work in child safeguarding. This month we met with Annamarie Mullan who told us about her new role as Lead Officer for Safeguarding in Education

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