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October 2015

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A message from Keith Makin, Chair of NSCB

Please read the new Neglect Strategy.
This short document sets out the facts regarding neglected children in Northamptonshire and the actions we must all take to identify and help neglected children as early as possible.    
Neglect is a form of abuse that can be hard to pin down, because often it's a lack of action that results in the abuse. It can include medical neglect, educational neglect, nutritional neglect, physical or emotional neglect and lack of supervision and guidance. When categorised like this, it's instantly easier to see how early help services could be used to tackle individual aspects of neglect. 

We have updated tools and processes to help all professionals take action on neglect, including the updated Thresholds and Pathways guidance, the recently introduced Early Help Assessment, the Neglect Identification Tool and new training on Neglect. The addition of a new Neglect Strategy provides an action plan to ensure a full multi-agency approach - so please read it and take action. 


New FGM reporting duty for all Health, Social Care Professionals and Teachers - starts 31st October 2015

The Home Office has just published guidance on the new Female Genital Mutilation reporting duties for regulated health and social care professionals and teachers in England and Wales. See more about this new FGM duty

Home Office: mandatory reporting of Female Genital Mutilation - procedural information.



NSPCC reports on Neglect in the UK

The NSPCC has just published a series of four reports about child neglect in the UK. These can be viewed on the NSPCC website:  

New Early Help Strategy for Northamptonshire

Every person working with or engaging with children and young people in Northamptonshire has a responsibility to help in delivering 'Early Help'. See the new Early Help Strategy


Early Help Assessments  + Early Help Support Service

The Early Help Assessment (launched in June to replace the CAF) has proved highly popular with practitioners from all partner agencies, with high quality assessments completed and support put in place. Please remember to upload your completed Early Help Assessment using the secure online form at: Professionals can also get advice and guidance about all aspects of early help through the Early Help Support Service.

New version of Thresholds and Pathways guidance now available

The new version has been updated to take account of the new Early Help Assessment, updated NSCB procedures and guidance from central government. See a summary of the updates or see Levels 1 to 4 and download from the NCC website


Single point of referral for young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing issues

Any professional in Northamptonshire referring a child or young person with mental health or emotional wellbeing issues, can now do so via a single online form. Find out more

Early Years Section 11 Audit - deadline 4th December 2015

All providers required to complete the Section 11 Audit were contacted at the end of September. If you haven't yet completed the online Section 11 Audit form for your setting, please see the guidance and make sure you get your response in on time. See the Section 11 Audit guidance. 

DO YOU TWEET? NSCB does! Please follow NSCB now on Twitter! 

We really want to connect with more of you on twitter - this way we can get information out fast to lots of people and spread the latest child safeguarding news and events at - follow us & tweet us @northantsSCB. 

Have your say on the NSCB Procedures Manual  

We know that many people use the NSCB's online Procedures Manual. Is it working well for you? Please could you take a couple of minutes to provide some feedback using this short online survey


The following face-to-face training sessions currently have places available and can be booked online:

Thematic workshop – ‘Neglect’: ½  day training session with Barnardo’s
Tues 10th Nov 9.30am - 12.30pm and also 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Northampton)
Weds 11th Nov 9.30am - 12.30pm and also 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Thrapston)
Thurs 12th Nov 9.30am - 12.30pm and also 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Daventry)
Fri 13th Nov 9.30am - 12.30pm (Kettering)

Serious Case Reviews 
- implications for practice (level 3)
: 1 day training session with Barnardo’s
Mon 4th Nov  9.30am - 4.30pm (Northampton)
SCR Professional debrief on a recent Serious Case Review
Mon 16th Nov 12.30pm - 2pm (Northampton)

Thresholds & Pathways + Early Help Assessment: ½ day training with Barnardo’s
Tues 17th Nov     9.30am
- 12.30pm (Northampton)
Weds 18th Nov    9.30am
- 12.30pm (Northampton)
Tues 8th Dec     9.30am - 12.30pm (Daventry)

Working Together (level 3): ½ day training with Barnardo’s
Tues 17th Nov   1.30pm
- 4.30pm (Northampton)
Tues 8th Dec     1.30pm
- 4.30pm (Daventry)

Domestic Violence, DARIM & Safety Planning: 1 day training session with Barnardo’s
Tues 1st Dec  9.30am - 
4.30pm (Northampton)

In addition to the above courses, the full training calendar is available to the end of March 2016, with courses recently added on FGM and Triangulation of Need.

Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy provides a wide range of training opportunities, from basic awareness-raising of child protection issues to professional development for senior practitioners and managers. See our FAQs about face to face training with Barnardo's.

E-Learning with the Safeguarding E-Academy

NSCB’s ‘Introduction to Safeguarding’ training is available as an e-learning module. The e-learning course has six modules aimed at specific needs/roles within agencies. Visit the NSCB website for more information about e-learning and the full range of courses available.

Cancellations, fines and bookings

How to cancel a course and more about the Cancellation and Charging Policy.


UPDATED PROTOCOL: 'Children who run away or go missing from home or care'

The Northamptonshire Multi-Agency Protocol On Children Who Run Away Or Go Missing From Home Or Care has been updated. All practitioners working with children and young people should read and be aware of the protocol. Please ensure any local copies of the protocol are deleted and replaced with the updated guidance. See the updated protocol.


How to escalate your concerns about lack of progress with a specific case

Any concerns about a case that is not making the progress you expect should be escalated. Equally, cases where you have concerns about decisions regarding referrals, if plans are not 'SMART' or information is missing, or if social workers or partner agency staff are not attending core groups and review meetings, these matters should be raised and challenged. In these circumstances, follow the EHA Escalation Process. Further support on escalating concerns can be provided by the Early Help Coordinators: See contact details for your local EHA Coordinators.

Supporting Young Carers

How can a young carer be identified? What impact can caring have on a young person's life? Young carers should be supported and helped, starting with a Needs Assessment. Find out more about getting help for young carers. 

Children who don't live with their parents or close family - 'private fostering' notification

If you become aware of a child that is living with someone other than their parents, official carers or close family members for more than 28 days, Northamptonshire County Council should be notified. NSCB has online guidance about what to do - please share it with the child's parents or whoever they are living with. See more about action you should take regarding children in private fostering arrangements

Schools - guidance for reviewing school safeguarding policies

A guide to help schools when creating or reviewing their school safeguarding policy is now available along with a school safeguarding checklist and a sample policy that can be used as a template. Download the guide, checklist and sample policy. 

Schools - advice for employing sports coaches with the FANTASTIC coach campaign

Northamptonshire Sport have provided new guidance and advice for schools when employing sports coaches. Whilst many coaches are registered with their sport's governing body, this doesn't automatically mean that they've received safeguarding training. See more about the FANTASTIC coaches for schools.  

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