March 19, 2021
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All Saints News

Dear Beloved of All Saints,

Perhaps you have heard it said in our new and enduring COVID language, “This is the Lentiest of Lents I’ve ever Lented.” Similarly, this may be the Holiest of Holy Weeks we’ve ever Holied! 

The Liturgy of the of Palms procession from our Parish Hall to our Narthex has been cancelled. This pandemic has called us to remember that church is more than a building; it is a body.

For centuries, at the beginning of church, Christians gathered in secret under the threat of persecution to proclaim the the Way of Jesus’ Love. The members of the body of Christ have survived much — much more than a pandemic.

This Holy Week and Easter, I again invite you to join our early Christian siblings, in observing the holiest Holy Week and Easter at home. Our worship will be set around your tables and desks as you remember the stories that save us.  We invite you to partake of these worship opportunities to deepen and enrich your journey, from Palm Sunday through Easter morning.  


Our Virtual Holy Week and Easter Services

Palm Sunday, Zoom 10am
Liturgy of Palms, reading of the Passion and Agape Meal
Phone:1 929 205 6099
Maundy Thursday, Zoom 7pm
Phone:1 929 205 6099
Please bring your love feast food and holy objects to a table near your screen
Agape Meal followed by
Virtual Garden of Gethsemane on Web
Good Friday, Zoom 12pm
Phone:1 929 205 6099
Holy Saturday
Baptism (Bradley Kirshen) and Holy Eucharist, 11am in person
Easter Sunday, Zoom 10am
Please bring your Alleluia banners, champagne/sparkling water and bread to the zoom screen.
Phone:1 929 205 6099
Easter Flowers
Easter lilies, tulips and jonquils will beautify our Sanctuary on Easter Sunday. Anyone wishing to have flowers in memory or thanksgiving of a loved one, is asked to send their donation to the office by March 26, or put it in the offering plate at in-person worship by Friday, March 26th. 
Palm Waving - Palm Sunday Worship 10 am, March 28th via Zoom
If you are interested in taking Palms to those in special circumstances (and if possible, taking a photo of them for our Palm Sunday Zoom Processional Slide Show), please contact the parish office, and we will put you on a list to deliver blessed palms.  The pictures may be sent to our Parish Administrator between March 19-24.  We are hoping to deliver Palms to about 25 people the week of March 21.

Palms will be blessed at the end of worship on March 21 and ready for pick-up Sunday after church and Monday, March 22  between 9am-11am, or on Thursday, March 25th between 9am and 1:30 pm (in our church office).
Zooming into our second year….together at All Saints

When we meet online we want to be loving, inviting, and safe in the same way as we seek to be in person. The following are our community’s expectations for how everyone should act when we meet digitally. These guidelines were created to keep our whole community safe and feeling welcome.  
  • Be kind to one another: as a Christian community, we are always called to love others as Jesus loves us, this is especially true online and during difficult times! We exist as a church to support each other, and trust that our digital meetings will be filled with Christ’s love in how we treat each other. 
  • Confidentiality: part of loving each other is respecting what is private for others, so we should not share information shared verbally, in chat boxes, or on video cameras, out of love and respect for others. Please do not share what others talk about with the group. Only group leaders have permission to take photos of these meetings, following our privacy guidelines, checking for permission from participants and parents of children. 
  • Help each other out: We ask that we would all use our gifts to help each other during these meetings. If you’re super tech savvy and some others aren’t, patiently help them understand the tools we’re using; if you’re a prayer warrior, offer to lead prayer and/or pray for others during the week; if you know of resources related to the conversation that’s happening, put them in the chat for everyone to keep. 
  • Use appropriate language: while boundaries may be difficult to find during this time as we are all bringing church, school, and work into our homes, we still ask that you use appropriate and kind language when attending church digitally. If you wouldn’t say something in the church building, try to find different wording when online as well. 
  • Dress appropriately: while we are all enjoying more casual wardrobes these days, we ask that you keep your clothing appropriate while joining church online gatherings. Those who wish to not use the video function, may not be safeguarded from view if it is accidentally enabled.
  • Be Mindful of Time: strive to begin and end meetings on time, as a sign of respect for people’s time and attention 
  • Safe Place Supervision Guidelines: when meetings involve youth or children, we will continue to follow our Safe Church guidelines, which require at least two adults present during meetings.  
  • Those unwilling to adhere to these guidelines will be asked to leave the meeting, and will be welcomed back until willing to follow these guidelines. 

Sung Great Litany available throughout Lent 
Brett Johnson, our seminarian and professional musician, and Allen Hill, new parishioner and the director of the Protestant Choir at Brooksby Village, have partnered to offer us a way to pray, by singing us through the Great Litany, which is the first prayer composed in the English language for use in public worship.  In many churches, it is chanted in procession around the perimeter of the worship space. Brett and Allen will be singing without procession! The Sung Great Litany is available here:

In an effort to keep our All Saints community informed, the Vestry has decided to post the highlights of each meeting in FYI the week following the meeting.  So, welcome to What's Your Vestry Up To?

•    At our March 14 meeting, the annual parochial report was approved, and will be sent on to the diocese and national church

•    We learned last year that there were unresolved issues about our property line with our neighbor, Craig Torrance. We have consulted  with an attorney about how to proceed.  We are still awaiting word regarding his response to our lawyer’s request

•    We are reconvening groups to discuss and plan Thrift Shoppe reopening, the timeline for hybrid and in-person worship, and revisiting our building users' contracts

•    We are putting into motion a mission strategy plan for our Parish

•    Our PPP loan of last year was forgiven!

100 percent of the Vestry indicated they would be willing to tithe (give 10% or more) their stimulus check to All Saints Church.  We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us!  

Our next Vestry meeting will be on April 18th at 1 p.m. on Zoom.  Everyone is welcome to join us.
Gail Arnold and Sue Spencer (co-wardens)
Erika Bianchi (clerk)
Lisa Palmer (treasurer)
Jan Briggs
Chuck Orphanos
Paula Gates
Michele Winkler-Gettings
Jim Gordon
The Rev. Marya DeCarlen
                  Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails that appear to be from a reputable company with the goal of getting you to share sensitive information. Often, the targeted information includes login credentials, credit card information, bank account details, or other personal information. 

Spear-phishing is a highly targeted form of phishing. Unlike a general phishing attack that casts a very wide net (sending generic, mass emails), a spear-phishing attack is personalized with specific details about the message's recipient. Spear-phishing attackers may gather personal information from your social media accounts, or the dark web to create messages that appear to come from trusted sources—like companies, or even individuals that you know. They use these personal details to trick you into taking an action that could cause you to share even more personal information. Most frequently, the attacker suggests clicking a link or downloading software that contains malware or spyware, which could compromise your personal and account information, potentially including financial and banking accounts. 

Here is the best tip to check if an email or text is legitimate
  • Hover over the "from" address to see the full email address, and make sure it is one you recognize and trust. Look for domain names that are slightly different or misspelled.

More ways to stay safe
  • Do not click on links or attachments in emails or text messages from senders that you do not recognize. If you hover over a link in an email, you will be able to see the location where the link will take you. Often, a link is suspect if it is long, confusing, contains typos, or mentions domains you do not recognize. 
  • Be especially wary of attachments like .zip or .pdf, and particularly of executable file types (like those that end in .EXE). If you do not know the sender personally, you should never download or click these attachments.
  • Do not provide sensitive personal information (like usernames and passwords) over email.
  • Do not fall for messages that claim to be "urgent" or "time-sensitive." Often, scammers will try to scare you into sharing your personal information. Always take time to verify the identity of the requester, and remember that Quicken and other reputable businesses will not ask you to provide sensitive information over email, or over the phone.
  • Pay attention to even seemingly harmless requests. A common ploy scammers use is emailing you a link to do something like change your account password. The link, in reality, will download malware or spyware.
  • Do not open any document that you're not expecting to receive.
  • If you can't tell if an email or text is legitimate, err on the side of caution and delete it. You can always call the business directly with any questions or concerns.
To learn more about phishing and keeping yourself safe:
Are you ready for our fabulous All Saintsauction?
If you are, read on—if you are not, read on!!
Did you miss our bi-annual Gifts Auction last April, just when the pandemic was beginning?
We are determined that not even COVID-19 will stop us this year, so we are offering a HUGE 10-day online auction October 31st through November 10th.  It is our hope that this online auction will provide a rich avenue of fellowship and relationship-building for our faith community.  It will also be a way for our community members, and our friends and neighbors near and far, to invest in All Saints' still thriving ministries, and including our outreach projects in this time of continued exceptional need.
You can help us to make this a HUGE success!  We are asking all parishioners to celebrate the unique gifts with which God has blessed us, with the hope of getting 100% participation, with folks providing items and services to auction, and bidding on items and services as well.  We know all of you have something to offer!!  It could be that once-treasured crystal candelabra that now gathers dust, or the painting you loved and hung over the mantel until you redesigned the room and removed the mantel! We want to offer more than 100 items of value, and as many services as possible.
Here are some examples of possible gifts and services:  hospitality, cooking/baking, crafting, quilting, woodworking, home repair, computer/technology expertise, voice lessons, car detailing, bill paying, yard work, hosting outdoor dinners, visit Santa on Zoom, crystal, prints, gardening, memberships to local organizations, fireside dinners, prepared picnics, canoe rides, walk along the beaches or trails, with a pause for refreshments, antiques, wall hangings, notecards, flower arrangements, museum visits, antique tools, vases, perennials, holiday arrangements, jewelry, gift cards, a week's use of a vacation home/condo, 12 months of cookies, 4 months of soups and “you name it!”      
If you have an idea for an auction item, please email the following information to or call or drop off the information to Michelle at the parish office, 978 774-1150:
Description of auction item:
Donated by:  Name and phone# and email
Market value:  approximate
Any special comments about the gift?
OK, get ready to auction! And thank you!

Altar Flowers are available April 11, 18 and 25. Contact Barbara Hooper.
Please remember:
  • Masks must always be worn inside the church.
  • Always maintain 6-foot distancing.
  • Please call in or register online by 11:00 am Friday
  • Communion wafers will be distributed to parishioners in their pews; there will be no wine.
  • Enter the church using the front door only. Use the center aisle to enter the sanctuary, and the side aisles to exit.
  • The only available restroom will be the narthex restroom.
  • Please do not linger after the service, or arrive early.
Register Here to Attend In-Person Worship
Stay Connected to All Saints via Computer or Phone
Worship on Sundays at 10 am
Meeting ID:134 596 872
Phone 929-205-6099

Coffee hour on Tuesdays at 10 am
Meeting ID: 201 985 541
Phone + 1 929 205 6099
Frank Time Discussion on second Wednesdays of each month at 5:15 pm
Meeting ID: 854 9994 9543
Phone +1 929 205 6099
Morning Prayer on Fridays at 8:30 am
Meeting ID: 967 6077 5904
Phone +1 929 205 6099 US

Perfect Paws Pet Ministry, 3rd Sunday of each month at 5 pm
3rd Sunday of each month at 5 pm  
Meeting ID: 990 855 545 
Password: Saintfranc

All Saints' Bible Study Thursdays 10 am
Meeting ID: 870 3403 5263

Compline Available Every Evening
Link here.
Community News
Essex County Habitat for Humanity In-Person On-Site Volunteer Opportunities Start Soon
Would you like to make use of your God-given gifts outside, as we emerge from this pandemic, while helping others immediately? 
There are local opportunities to build in Andover, Wenham, Lawrence, Salisbury and more!! Essex County Habitat is able to improve and completely transform whole neighborhoods and communities. Through this transformation, families achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better life.
Ways to help:
  • Join us on a build site! We require a full-day commitment (8:30 am-4:00 pm) and build on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays year-round. Simply select the date(s) below you’d like to join us. Interested in bringing a group – see options here. To see what days we are currently building, in Andover, Salisbury, and Wenham please visit our build day calendar.
  • Visit this link if you want to volunteer at one of the ReStore’s in Peabody or Lawrence! Simply type in the dates and times you’d like to join us in the textbox under your preferred location.
  • Let’s see if we can get a team together from All Saints to build (8:30-4:30) or work at the ReStore (two-hour shifts). Contact the office if you are interested so we can register together!
4-Week Grief Support Group
Tuesdays From April 6-April 27, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm on Zoom

What the Group Will Consist of:
Spiritual component of prayer, meditation, and reflection 
Community component of listening, discussion, and activities
Individual component of realizing one’s own unique grief journey 

Group Facilitator: Sheila Corsaro M. Ed.
Sheila is a student in the Master of Spirituality Program at Merrimack College, with a focus on Grief and Spirituality. She is a volunteer at a hospice agency helping facilitate a bereavement group.

If you would like to join the group or have any questions please contact Sheila Corsaro, at
Diocesan News
Resources for Lent
More resources will be posted in early March on the website, but here are a few for starters:

Children’s Formation:
Lenten Resource Round-Up with Sharon Ely Pearson – register for the recording here.
Godly Play – Lent at Home
Illustrated Ministry – Lenten Resources
Please visit the FORMA Facebook page where resources and ideas are posted often.

Adult Formation:
Lenten Resources 2021
Living Compass: Living Well Through Lent 2021: Listening With All Your Heart, Soul, Strength and Mind. Booklets are available at no cost and the booklet is also available as a download. More information is here and a flier is available here.
Episcopal Relief & Development: “As Lent approaches this year, we lament.” Lenten meditations booklet and more information available here
Virginia Theological Seminary Stations of the Cross, a 30-minute video production of the liturgy with music, and paired with new images of the stations by artist Margaret Parker. More information here.
“Lent and the Longing for God” – an online retreat facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas on March 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Registration and more information are found here. There is no cost for the retreat. It is being made available to the people of the dioceses of Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts.


Preaching Series during Lent

This Lent, the annual preaching series at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Boston, aims to lift up the voices of leaders who are fairly new to the greater Boston area, or who have come to see the area anew. 

The series takes place online via Zoom on Thursdays, February 18-March 25, at 12 p.m., featuring a brief service of noonday prayer with guest sermon, followed by conversation with the preacher and other attendees.

All are welcome and registration is required here

  • March 25: Dr. Sujin Pak--Dean of the Boston University School of Theology
News from The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
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