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The Newsletter of the United Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Waukesha, Wisconsin

United's Sunday Worship

10:30 a.m.

March 1
"Ever Changing Answers to Ever Changing Questions "
Guest Speaker:  Rev. Scott Prinster

Why has the idea of evolution been such a controversial topic in American religion?  And how is an evolutionary view so vital to a healthy search for meaning and purpose?  Join us as we explore how our commitment to integrity can bring together this most dangerous idea with the values and traditions of liberal relition!

March 8
"Stewardship Sunday"
Pastor Schuyler Vogel

When we look into the future, what do we see?  Our congregation has undergone many changes over the last few years, a new building, new city, new members, new staff . . . and no doubt there are more changes to come.  How do we come together as a community to make sure our hopes and dreams become a reality?  

March 15
"A Resilient Faith "
Pastor Schuyler Vogel

Life throws us curveballs, challenges we'd rather not need to overcome. It can be hard to get through them, and hopefully our faith as Unitarian Universalists helps. It starts with nurturing a special kind of spiritual resiliency, grounded in hope, reality and imagination.

March 22
"Failing Well "
Pastor Schuyler Vogel

Failing is something we all do.  It is a part of life, no matter who we are or how much success we have achieved.  Predictably, we try and avoid failure, but when we can't, how we respond is what matters.  It is in how we approach our own limitations that we learn about ourselves, and we can make the choice to find opportunity in failure, and not just despair.  In this way, we can find and cultivate resilience and approach disappointment with a spirit of confidence and hope.

March 29
"Listen to Your Mother . . . Mother Earth "
Guest Speaker:  David Stokes

As spring approaches, we will focus on the sounds of nature.  Our Guest Speaker, David Stokes, will use short songs, sign-language and audience participation to focus on the sounds of nature and wildlife and their importance to us and our natural world.

This Edition of the ComUUnicator has a new look and format.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.



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Minister's Letter

Dear friends,
We are in that stretch of winter where it seems that spring should be around the corner. As I write it is still plenty cold, but we can begin to look forward to warmer days and the eventual thaw.
Here at United, we are beginning to look ahead too. At the board meeting last month, we talked about our hopes and dreams for the congregation, moving into this coming year and the next period of the congregation’s life. We are in a natural time for reflection. We will begin our stewardship campaign in the next month, and a transition of our administrative staff, saying goodbye to the wonderful and retiring Pat Daebel. Beyond just this year, we are settling into our Waukesha home and our building, and new faces throughout the congregation remind us of our new beginnings and growing hopes.  In conversations with many members and friends, I’ve found these hopes to be strikingly similar: build a vibrant religious education program, create a social action ministry that inspires us to look beyond our congregation and into the community, complete the fellowship hall renovation to make it more welcoming, increase the hours for our staff.
Undoubtedly, we carry with us many more goals for our beloved congregation, but they all share a common motivation: to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us.  We believe that our congregation has a special role to play, both for those within our walls and those beyond them. I believe this is a worthy goal and a realistic one that can bring us together. It's why we volunteer to make foods for the Hebron House, or serve on the Religious Services Committee or sing in the choir. We find joy in devoting ourselves to acts of service and love towards one another.
I don’t know what the future will bring, but believe we can be hopeful and confident that our faith community has an important role to play, and even a calling to fulfill. At the very least, we are faced with exciting possibilities, and that is a great place to be.
Yours in hope and love,



Wednesday, March 4, 2015
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Steaming Cup in Waukesha

Come and meet our Minister, Schuyler Vogel on the 1st Wednesday of each month.


This year the Auction Committee has asked if the children would help make decorations for the auction.  So, the first three Sunday's of March, the children will do just that.  In addition, I have also planned a special project that the children are going to make, that will be sold at the auction.

On the last Sunday, March 29th, we will all attend the Intergenerational Service.

Treasurer's Report 2014-15 Fiscal Year


Plans for the 2015 Auction are underway.  To make this another successful year we need your help!  This year the auction committee would like to emphasize unique experiences.  Friends with a yogi?  Like to picnic in the park?  Enjoy playing a fun game?  Host a gathering . . . teach a craft . . .think outside the box and come up with a unique and creative event! 

Contact the auction committee ( with your event ideas or your questions.  And remember, invite your friends and family to attend this fun and important event!





Once again we will have our traditional corn beef sandwich and other things Irish for our March 8th potluck theme.  Vegetarians will have to get creative on this one. . . . salad or other sandwich choices.  The sign up sheet will be in the Fellowship Hall or contact Kaye Wickenberg to find out what is needed.

March 4  10:00 AM     Linus Group meeting at Marcia R's home

March 4   4:00  PM     Coffee with Minister at the Steaming Cup

March 4   7:00  PM      Buddhist Group-Linden Grove Mukwonago

March 10 6:30  PM      United Board Meeting

March 15 12:00 PM     Social Concerns Meeting at church

March 17  6:00  PM     Spirit Journey Group

March 18  10:00 AM     Linus Group meeting at Marcia R's home

March 18  1:00 PM      Spirit Journey Group

March 18  6:00  PM     Spirit Journey Group

March 20                      APRIL NEWSLETTER DEADLINE

March 21                      Dinner & Theater Event

March 22  12:00 PM     Listening Circle in the Sanctuary


Find the March calendar on our website


Sunday Greeters & Coffee Hosts



3/1  Dave A & Lisa B

3/8  Sara T & Faye F

3/15  Meg W & Monica W

3/22  Kim J & John H

3/29  Dave H & Maria H


3/1  Donna D & Michael D


3/15  Michol F & Mike R

3/22  Geoff B & Ellen P

3/29  Alex R & Marcia R

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