Winter 2016
The best time to hit the weights hard is when
you don't have as many practices and games to
contend with.

As the season winds down or finishes up, it's important to start transitioning into a more dedicated strength and conditioning program for pitching.

The hard work you put in NOW will pay big dividends throughout the spring as you continue to get stronger, throw harder, and build a more powerful arm and body for the regular season.
There are a number of ways in which hitters can work to improve their offensive performance during the winter months. It’s not just about visiting the gym and staying in shape, it’s about incorporating drills that can help in enhancing your technique at the plate. Here are a few drills to help improve any hitter’s offensive performance while waiting for the warmer weather to arrive.

Using a Batting Tee

The key to good hitting mechanics is all about muscle memory. When working to improve batting technique, it’s important to follow the same exact stance, setup and follow-through with each swing. In working with a batting tee, any hitter can concentrate on repeating the same swing again and again to develop the same batting motion with each swing. Good mechanics leads to a solid plate approach, and by committing to the same swing through muscle memory will automatically help a hitter in the long run.  Without actually hitting a ball, a batting tee can be effectively used in a gym to work on swing mechanics.

Hands Inside the Ball:
Wall Drill (see link below)

This drill incorporates the use of a bat and a wall. The hitter should position himself close enough to a wall where an extended swing causes the bat to hit the wall. The hitter should then learn to take a swing without hitting the wall. This works in helping keep the hands in on an inside pitch at the point of contact. A fence works great for this drill as well.

Simply Using a Mirror

It may sound silly, but practicing your swing in front of a mirror can yield great benefits. As mentioned above, muscle memory is an important component to developing a sound and effective swing. By practicing a swing in front of a mirror, hitters can quickly find flaws and work to correct them. Once the swing has been corrected and the hitter can take the same swing over and over again in front of them, they can move on to tee work and eventually to work in the batting cages.

All of these tips are designed to help hitters keep sharp during the winter months. Without the benefit of space, these drills can help in improving offensive performance without playing in a single game. A more prepared hitter will have an edge once the season starts if they’ve worked on honing their skills during the winter months.
Wall Drill

Dates To Remember

January 7th:
Maine Woods Baseball new website launch.
See news section below for more details.

February 2nd:
Next league meeting.

April 2nd, 9th and 16th: 9AM to 11AM
Tentative dates and time for preseason workouts at Coastal Performance in Brunswick.


Players may be enjoying a long winter's nap, but there seems to be no off-season for the managers and board members. We are already busy planning for 2016, so we have a few changes to mention as we look forward to this season. The biggest changes have been with the league governing board. Jim Kneebone (President), Glenn Rogers (Treasurer) and John Coray (Scribe) were instrumental in the development of our league as we grew from four teams to six, but they felt it was time to step aside and give others a chance to get involved and offer a fresh perspective. Luckily we have some eager individuals ready and willing to jump right in. Ben Johnson (President), Mike Courts (Treasurer) and Jeff Yopp (Scribe) will be welcome additions to the league board as we make plans for next season and Glenn Rogers (Social Chairman) will help keep things loose. Another change of note is the ongoing transition from a Maine Woods 45-only league to a league with a second age division (Maine Woods 60), as well as a fledgling fall league. Maine Woods 60 has had some growing pains, but it is alive, growing and making big plans for this season. Also showing great promise was the addition of the Fall League in 2015, in which teams played games at The Ball Park in Old Orchard Beach. As you can see, we are more than just Maine Woods 45 now, which leads us to our next change. In an effort to keep the league organized and up-to-date, we thought it was time for a new website. Maine Woods Baseball will encompass all the divisions of the league and give us an upgraded and necessary online presence. Rather than explaining all the changes and additions to the new website, I suggest you visit and check it out for yourself. You can also access the new site using any existing Maine Woods 45 bookmark or link.  As I said, a lot is going on in the league despite the weather and season. Check out the new site, and start dreaming of spring.


Are You A Sedentary Athlete?

What kind of an athlete are you? Unless you are a professional athlete who gets paid to train all day long, you may be considered a "sedentary athlete." The average recreational athlete today actually engages in less activity than the non-athletes of the past. How can this be? Consider that most of us today move far less in our day-to-day lives than our parents and grandparents did even though they probably never went to the gym, had a personal trainer or took Crossfit classes.

The average "sedentary athlete" of today may be training and doing more intense workouts, but outside of time at the gym, they may move very little during a regular day, as compared to previous generations. If your typical day consists of driving to work, sitting at a desk, driving to the gym, exercising an hour, driving home and sitting in front of a screen, you are likely living a sedentary lifestyle.

Statistics show that the average person sits a whopping seven to nine hours a day. Other studies show that, even if you are fit, or exercise an hour a day, long periods of inactivity and sitting are bad for your health. The more a person sits, the higher the risk of a variety of ailments and even early death. So even if you exercise regularly, it's important to find ways to simply move more each day.

Five Tips for "Sedentary Athletes"

1. Move More Each Day: Invest in a stand-up workstation or simply get creative with boxes, books and a counter top. Find a way to stand up while working on the computer. Stand during meetings, on phone calls or walk to your co-workers to talk rather than email or messaging them. Invite people to walking meetings. Get up every hour to do a few push ups,  jumping jacks or a stretch routine. Get creative and just get up more often.

2. Design an Active Commute: Bike to work, walk to work, park farther away, walk to the next bus stop. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. Make Social Time Active: Instead of going for drinks, dinner and happy hour with friends, take a walk, play tennis, play Frisbee, go dancing. Be creative and catch up with friends during some activity rather than while just sitting.

4. Do More Chores Manually: Get a push mower, rake, broom, and shovel and hang up all your gas and electric-powdered yard and house tools.

5. Drive Less: Decide to give up your car a couple of days each week and commute. Run errands and visit friends on foot, or bike, or mix public transit with self-propelled transit.
Elizabeth Quinn Sports Medicine Expert
About Health - Sports Medicine
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"You should enter a ballpark the way you enter a church."

Bill 'Spaceman' Lee

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