Vicarious Grief - When it all Falls Apart Summary + Wearing Well-being - 2 part series Oct-Nov
HMN-LL Event Summary September, 2015
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In September we considered the well-being of workers by exploring the issue of vicarious grief in the workplace.  Our organisations are not immune from grief.  When grief derived from the workplace causes distress, trauma, loss or angst, it frequently becomes a collective experience.  Unfortunately grief presents difficult and often painful situations which many managers and leaders feel unprepared for or unable to cope with.  How can we manage shared grief in the workplace is a humanistic matter for management, leadership and peer support.  You can find a summary of the ideas and discussions at that event by following this link -

In September and October we have an exciting ‘www’ two-part series which explores Wearing (where in?) Well-being in the Workplace (‘www’) through the concepts of Mindfulness (October 15) and Heedfulness (November 12)

The series seeks to provoke discussion and share information about how and where we should focus our attention to ensure the well-being and enrichment of ourselves and others in the workplace.  The sessions will raise questions and explore ideas about what do we need to do and what support, guidance, opportunities and challenges do we face in achieving a balanced and appropriate focus between what keeps us engaged at work and happy and what or peers need to feel valued and considered. 

The concepts have a range of interpretations and definitions but for the purposes of our discussions we will explore mindfulness as a perspective that provokes us to be aware of ourselves, our experiences, activities and responsibilities in a fully present and considered way such that our efforts and attentions are appropriate, balanced and insightful way.  Heedfulness provides a perspective to consider the others more fully, to be aware of others as unique individuals who shoulder their own experiences, activities and responsibilities in ways we can’t really appreciate.  Each person has a world in their head and heedfulness reminds us to be aware of the complexity and richness available through an appreciation of the perspectives and experiences of others.  
Please send this summary to your friends and colleagues - workplace well-being is worth talking about!     

The goal of HMN-LL meetings is to cultivate a forum for lead thinkers who are prepared to challenge and question the dominant paradigms of management, leadership and organisations.  By sharing professional experiences and insights about key workplace issues we seek to generate ideas and opportunities for humanistic initiatives, strategies and actions that enhance individual well-being and enrich collective work environments.  

Lisa Daniel – Coordinator, Humanistic Management Network SA.  Find us on LinkedIn 
Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Sarah McGregor (Leadership Lab) if you have any questions or ideas for future conversations or speakers, or if you would like to have a conversation hosted at or for your organisation.
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