Gentlemeow's Club & Other Updates!
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The Gentlemeow's Club. Bring on the cat parties!

Crumbs & Whiskers is launching ‘The Gentlemeow’s Club’ - An exclusive club for our VIPs (aka you) with access to tons of fun cat cafe perks and surprises! Why? Because we love you. 

Okay, perk #1? EARLY access to the cat cafe! This means that reservations to the cat cafe will open to you before they open to the public! (Psst…in cities with existing cat cafes like Oakland and NYC, the wait to get a reservation is a few months long.) GET EXCITED.


As a current VIP, you don’t have to do anything. You are automatically part of the club. But if you have any friends who would want to get in, they can sign up on the website until Sunday, February 8. 

Want to learn more about The Gentlemeow's Club? Check it out!

Quick other updates:

  • Opening: We’re feeling pretty freaking good about a summer opening.
  • Fundraising Campaign: Going live in the next couple of weeks! Everything is ready to go, but we are waiting to release the campaign for a few good reasons. We’ll explain later.
  • Location: We have our eyes set on a property, but a legally binding document has not been signed yet, so we are not allowed to share right now. But stay tuned…the announcement is coming soon!
  • Outstanding needs: We still need a real estate lawyer to spend an hour or so looking over our lease contract. If you know anyone, shoot us their info!

Happy February!




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