The Invisible Observer is a newsletter created by Scale Free Network, art-science collaborative.
Scale Free Network – Art-Science Collaborative
Issue No.11 — September 2016
The Invisible Observer is a newsletter created by Scale Free Network.
It focuses on our exploration of invisible microscopic worlds and collaborative adventures in the world of art, science, education and publishing.
Briony & Robyn

The Invisible War: Book Launch at the Royal Society of Victoria

What happens when you combine bacteria, colouring-in, graphic novels, nineteenth century Royal Societies, a radio celebrity, World War One, a harp, nurses, 8 platters of organic snacks, a former Victorian premier, dress-up costumes, 3 wheels of stinky french cheese, a panel discussion, 24 bottles of Remedy Kombucha, scientists, artists, viruses & dystentery...?
You get the official book launch of The Invisible War!!
More photos at our dedicated project page, courtesy of the legendary Theresa Harrison Photography.


Standing up for coral...

Many people believe that ecosystems like rivers, forests and reefs should have the same legal rights as humans. The Small Friends team held a free all-ages workshop in Collingwood to read our coral storybook (Zobi and the Zoox) and discuss the legal rights of the Great Barrier Reef as a part of the broader RONA (Rights OF Nature) movement.

Participants created a coral-inspired watercolour painting-postcard, and then wrote a message about protecting the reef which we posted to the Minister for Environment & Energy Josh Frydenberg.


Stories on Tour
Around Victoria in 10 days
Over two successive weeks around regional Victoria Aviva and Gregory facilitated a series of workshops for over 600 primary school children drawing on The Squid, the Vibrio & the Moon.

The session began with a story reading, followed by a discussion about the story with the school children. Then in alternating groups – the children played the Partner/Predator/Prey food web game and also created beautiful water-colour paintings of squid, seals, lizardfish, protozoa and bioluminescent Vibrio bacteria.


Microscope Drawing
  Art + Science = Holiday fun

Know any parents needing stuff for their children to do in Melbourne or Northern NSW this Sept/Oct holidays?

(September 27 - 28)
Gregory, Briony & Aviva will present all-day holiday art-science workshops at the Royal Society of Victoria for children ages 6-12. Bookings here.
(October 5 -7)
Jacqui will be running a series of free Microscope Drawing Laboratories in Mullumbimby, NSW. More information here

Scattered about…in their overturned war-machines…were the Martians – DEAD! – slain by the putrefactive and disease bacteria against which their systems were unprepared. There are no bacteria in Mars, and directly these invaders arrived, directly they drank and fed, our microscopic allies began to work their overthrow. Already when I watched them they were irrevocably doomed, dying and rotting even as they went to and fro.

 The War of the Worlds, H.G.Wells, 1895.
Scale Free Network – Art-Science Collaborative
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