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February, 2016
By Lonner Holden

Spring Buds: Regeneration of Authenticity

The willow tree in my back yard desperately needs pruning. The ropey branches beaded with emerald spring buds dangle all the way to the patio deck. Occasionally, I search beyond this mini-jungle for my cat. Wading through the botanical waterfall, it  brushes up against my skin and my imagination, reminding me of how all life is regenerated from the same source. The same authenticating process is visible in every new life; in every cell generating in the newborn or regenerating in the adult as old cells are replaced to sustain life.

I am currently in the middle of a month-long detox program. The intention is to clear out toxins which inhibit new cell growth and encourage weak immune functioning and fatigue.

The program initially focuses on foods. The elimination of inflammation-causing sugars, gluten, dairy, coffee, soy, alcohol, marijuana and processed foods. The increased intake of cleansing water, toxin eliminating supplements, healthy shakes (e.g. made with nut milk, raw cacao, coconut oil, applesauce and super green powder), organic veges, unpasteurized fermented foods like miso and apple cider vinegar, dandelion tea, clean sources of protein, lymph clearing baths, deep breathing and extra rest.

Though I have in the past initiated periods where I eliminated many of the culprit foods either long term or for a month, while many were not in my habits already, this is my first foray into a deeper experience.  Wanting to benefit from the deepest cleansing I can, I am also on a full media fast, hearing news and sports highlights only from clients, friends and family. As I continue, the more I feel the toxic effects of vexatious people in my life, so I am avoiding them too, including even thinking about them. I have less tolerance of clutter in my environment, so after the laundry room the closet is next. My activities have been trimmed to what is most rewarding, like being out in nature and my work, and keeping petty chores at a minimum - even deferring my income tax preparation.

The point is to get down to the more authentic me; wash away the crud physiologically, psychologically and socially. How can I emerge in my originality when there are barriers to new cell reproduction, peace of mind clarity and creativity, truer and more loving connections with others?

The program is offered seasonally by friend and healer Anasuya Basil of Chico. The weekly conference calls include about a dozen of us.  At the end of two weeks, one participant who had had a long coffee habit expressed that he felt so much better without it and had no desire to go back to coffee at all. Some of us had fatigue and headaches for a few days as toxins began to mobilize through the blood on their way out. I even had a few days of intense emotions arise and dissipate realizing certain habitual foods I was abstaining from masked some deeper feelings. Yet, now a long-forgotten lightness is emerging in me and an inner warmth and new desire to feel connected with more consistency to what I love, who I love, nature and my resilient body. I am experiencing more insights in my work and relationships. Freer of nagging expectations, it is becoming easier to express myself and listen to others on a personal level.

Toxicity is perhaps just another name for a category of barriers to connection - to love. When your mind, emotions or body are under stress, do you feel effortlessly connected to your world and body or do you feel exhausted, defended, protective? And just think how loud the world yells constantly in your ears and flashes images before your eyes of how you are supposed to be and the choices you are supposed to make, leaving no space in your sensory field for you to organically come to that truth yourself. What love is there in all of that rigorous offense?

The source of life is always there, pushing through like spring buds.  When you allow yourself even a little time off from all the noise and junk food, even one day of solitude, do you not find yourself organically regenerating vitality and renewed desire to engage with life?

So what can you do without for a day, a week, a month that you habitually do or eat to “keep yourself going”?  Maybe you might go happier, longer and more effectively, letting something go so that original bud in you can more easily make its way out unimpeded, enlivening your world as you discover a deeper love within.

Be your own best Valentine. Let one thing go and see how you come back to yourself.


Jin Shin Jyutsu:
Liver energy is Spring energy.  It is greenness and expansive, the receiver of life energy.  Support your liver energy by:
  • Gently holding the palm side of the left middle finger with the palm side of the right thumb, with both fingers parallel, the thumb pointing towards the palm of the left hand and remaining right fingers along the back of the left middle finger.
  • Turn the left middle finger over so the palm side of the right thumb is now along the back of the length of the left middle finger with remaining right fingers along the palm side of the left middle finger.
  • Do each for five minutes, 2X/day.

Restorative Nature Practice:
Go find spring buds in your yard. Take a soft, long look at them. Contemplate all that is going on which makes them possible. They are changing imperceptibly daily. Reflect on how slowly your changes might be, yet just as remarkable over a few short weeks. Mark one bud with tape or a wire tie next to it.  Monitor its changes every day.
Fermented foods are rich with powerful enzymes which clean and rebuild tissue, strengthen immune function and assist with digestion and assimilation of nutrients. 
  • Add fermented miso to warm water (not hot which kills enzymes) as a morning drink
  • Add two tablespoons of unpasteurized, raw apple cider vinegar to water for a midday drink
  • Also:
  • Minimize stimulants like coffee 25% per week for a month
  • Reduce refined sugar by 50% per week for a month
  • Increase clean water intake by 10% per week for a month;
  • Get rid of some stuff you don't need - this affects your receptivity to nourishment in your life, too.

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Lonner Holden:
Being a Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure practitioner for 24 years has helped me understand the healing potential of the body and the whole person.  A published poet and backcountry guide educated from early life by the natural elements and animals of the Alaskan wilderness, and with Animal Track & Sign certification, my knowledge of dance, trail running, yoga, meditation, body awareness disciplines and indigenous nature connection practices, I bring poetry, nature mentoring and a lifetime of nature awareness to Vive!  Nature Wander™ urban and wilderness treks to enhance awareness, creativity, vitality, health and well-being.

VIVE!  Nature Wander™
Marin, February 13, March 12
Marin County Tracking Club,
Point Reyes: February 28, March 27

Jin Shin Jyutsu Intensive,
San Rafael, February 19 - 22

Deepening Beginner's Mind:
JIn Shin Jyutsu self-care class, San Rafael, March 5

Into the Wild Journeys:
Grand Canyon 2016
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