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June, 2015
BY Lonner Holden

Summer Solstice:  The Light in the Stone

Fire: The Energy of the Sun     When asked  by a third grader, “What is fire?”,  the great philosopher and innovator, Buckminister Fuller replied, “Fire is the energy of the Sun unwinding from a tree.”  Notice the winding of a tree trunk in a spiral along its length reflecting the tree’s following of the Sun through the seasons. Solar energy is being stored in it that, as with a wound-up spring, will someday be released.

The Light in the Stone     We drill into the Earth for crude oil - the left-over carbon-rich goo of ancient forests cached deep beneath miles of stone - all stored energy of the Sun. The global economy is dependent on the fire we unwind from these ancient trees - on the light we draw from the stone.

 Red Blood Cells     We are sustained by iron in our red blood cells that oxygen bonds to. Microscopic fires rage as every oxygen atom ignites catalyzing some metabolic function.

Chlorophyll     Chlorophyll accounts for the greenery of plants as they reflect the green wavelengths of the spectrum while absorbing the red fire of the Sun. Chlorophyll absorbs solar energy which, though the process of photosynthesis, transforms light energy into sugars to be stored in plant tissue.

Humans and Trees     Red blood cell molecules and chlorophyll cell molecules are nearly identical in chemical structure, differing only by the red blood cell molecule having iron at its center and the chlorophyll molecule having magnesium at its center.  The magnesium captures carbon dioxide, required for photosynthesis where oxygen is the waste product; the iron captures oxygen for oxygenation, where carbon dioxide is the waste product. In this interdependent way, humans and trees are much more similar chemically to one another than they are different.

Everything Eats Sunlight     Almost every living thing eats sunlight in varying degrees of density. Plants collect light and store the energy in plant tissue as sugars, fats, proteins and enzymes. Herbivores eat the plants, storing and transforming these building blocks of tissue into variations of them, like muscle and organs. Predators eat the herbivores repeating the variation process - for instance, new enzymes are synthesized in their tissues.  The predators die and scavengers and microbes eat the predator carrion. In the end the system is a giant, dynamic battery storing the fire of the Sun in a myriad of tissues and releasing it. Built into the system are both the capacity to build up tissue with amino acids and minerals and to break down tissue with enzymes and oxygenation. In this way, bone is really just very dense sunlight. Bones turn to dust and the calcium nourishes plants. ‘Round and ‘round it goes.

Solar Energy Transformed     So imagine how dynamic the bio-chemical activity of a tree is on the longest day of the year.  A lot of solar energy is being transformed into usable food energy to feed a huge and very complex biological system.

Honor One Tree      I recall a politician years ago who stated, “If you’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen ‘em all.” I don’t think he meant that in the context of how one tree represents the entire system that sustains life on Earth.  To honor one tree completely - or even one cell of algae (which actually contributes the majority of oxygen to the biosphere) - is to recognize the longest day of the year for what it really is - that the forests and gardens of this planet together create a huge solar battery that is chocked full of life-sustaining solar energy during the summer.

Roots, Shoots, Leaves     Imagine your body being just a bunch of plants in a different form. It doesn’t have roots and shoots and leaves, but in one way or another, it actually is made of roots and shoots and leaves, regardless of your diet.

Your Life Energy     Just as the light of the Sun is in nearly everything, this light is also everywhere inside of you. How is your inner light seeking to connect with the light outside of you - with the light of the dawn or the light in another’s smile?  How is this light moving through you, perhaps breaking through rigid, stony layers of old restricting habits and beliefs, encouraging you to be as free, adaptable and supple as a vine reaching for the Sun, bringing the source of life energy down to the Earth to be shared with others through your gifts? How does your life energy unwind from you, nourishing this world - your world?


  • Where does the energy in this meal come from?
  • When I feel generous, where do I feel that in my body?
  • What do I feel most deeply fulfilled by and in what ways do I share that with others? How may I feel inhibited to experience that as well as share it?
  • Notice how many shades of green there are in my environment.
  • Notice when another person does something for me and how I feel like responding.
  • Bring my attention to where the light is coming from at any time of the day.
  • Notice what makes me feel the most energized.
  • Practice refining a familiar skill daily for a week with more focus on doing it a little better.
  • Find a new recipe that includes carbohydrates, fats, proteins and enzymes.
  • Offer quality, raw greens food to someone who has less.

  • Place the right hand in the center of the right groin (in line with the knee cap) while touching the center of the right arch with the left hand. (Reverse hands for left side.) This assists the proper functioning of vascular fire.
  • Hold your little fingers, one-at-a-time for five minutes each.
  • Give yourself a big hug, touching the outer edge of your left shoulder blade with the right hand and the outer edge of your right shoulder blade with the left hand.
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  • What is the largest tree in your neighborhood? Study it, roughly calculating the solar collecting surface area (in square feet) of its leaves.
  • With any non-domesticated animal you see, imagine the entire food chain it is involved in. What part does it occupy? What does it eat, and what eats it?  What happens to its body when it dies?
  • Find a mature tree in your neighborhood and notice the way the trunk spirals along its length.
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NEXT MONTH: Plateau Power: Patience During Integration

  • Choose the darkest green veges at your grocery store for a raw salad.
  • Feed your garden with compost from your kitchen.


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