Restorative Nature Practice™ with Lonner Holden
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with Lonner Holden

Saturday, February 18th
 Blackstone Canyon,
Marinwood, Marin County
1:00 to 3:00 pm

"Mini Wakoni!"
Lakota for "Water is Life!"
The Lessons of Standing Rock
Water Protectors

(rain or shine - hopefully rain!)

* * *
"We are the people of the water. When we walk, we walk as water, with the water, for the water."
Lakota Elder

I will share some of the wisdom offered this past Saturday at a special gathering of native elders reporting on their experience at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

In the presence of Blackstone Canyon's quicksilver cascades:

We will play with, explore with our senses, wonder about together, and learn to see more clearly the presence of water in our lives and its absolute value for life.

We will take water fully into our senses, our knowledge, assimilate its wisdom as our wisdom, celebrate its gift and sing to it one of the songs shared at the gathering.

The deep sense of peace and belonging which we can find so easily in nature is the birthright of every person.

Come and join in communal sensory reflection and celebration of water.

Say "Yes!" to the Native Elder's invitation, and become an empowered Water Protector in your community.
All outings are contemplative and include less than a mile on easy terrain.

* Highway 101 from north or south to Marinwood exit (north of San Rafael)
* Drive West on Miller Creek Road 1/2 mile

* Right on Las Gallinas
* Left on Blackstone
* Left on Valleystone
* Park at open space entrance, where we will meet
WHEN: Third Saturday of the month (usually).
WHERE: Marin County. Monthly Wander outdoor locations and activities vary due to activity requirements and weather.
COST: $10 - $25 Donation
RSVP: Specific location confirmed in reply to your RSVP.
BRING: Wear weather-appropriate clothes and footwear, snack, water, sunscreen, journal & pen.
INFORMATION: Contact Lonner Holden (415)474-4108
NOTE: Dates & locations subject to change.  RSVP recommended to allow last minute updates.

Vive! Nature Wanders™ (Using Restorative Nature Practice™) are available and can be customized for your group, organization retreat or event in your area upon request.

CLASSES/EVENTS: Winter/Spring 2017
Vive! Nature Wanders™ Marin County:  March 18th

Marin County Tracking Club Point Reyes, last Sunday of the month (usually)

Into the Wild Journeys: Grand Canyon; October 20 - 30, 2017

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Lonner Holden:
Being a Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure practitioner for 24 years has helped me understand the innate healing potential of the body and the whole person.  I was mentored in early life by the natural elements and animals of the wilderness. With Animal Track & Sign certification, my knowledge of dance, trail running, yoga, meditation, body awareness disciplines and indigenous nature connection practices, I bring nature mentoring and a lifetime of nature awareness to Vive! Nature Wander™ urban and wilderness treks to enhance vitality, health and well-being.

"Thinking about trees as living beings in our environment and lives – has increased my awareness and relationship to them in a real way."  V.H.

Comments from the Stanford department staff retreat in September:  

"Thank you Lonner for a wonderful staff development experience! [You were] warm, engaging, connected and great leadership."  C.P.

"Cool to imagine nature out there looking back at me." D.Y.

"[This] experience has taught me to pause more, listen more, breathe more deeply in nature and how I can take the time, even in small snippets, throughout the day." V.C.

"[The] early childhood landscape sensory meditation... is a great activity to demonstrate how thinking about an environment in a focused way is very much like truly going there in reality." C.S.

"You reminded me of a part of myself that has been dormant. I am excited to reconnect with nature." J.

"Thank you Lonner for taking me back to my roots! You've inspired me to get out more..." C.C.

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