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Return to the Kalahari Bushmen  - 
“Continuing Education of the Highest Order”


Greetings Friend,

I am inviting you to join, through your GoFundMe support, a pilgrimage filled with hope and promise for our troubled world. This March - in a few short weeks - I am returning to Botswana, Africa to co-lead, with the 8 Shields Origins Project , a unique, powerful and perhaps first-of-its kind international collaboration. 

Indigenous Elders from North America, healers, nature mentors, cultural creatives and community builders will join in a strategic insight session with the masters of nature and community connection - a community of hunter-gatherer San Bushmen of the Kalahari. The living direct descendants of our oldest human ancestors and the origins of human culture - of spirituality, science, medicine, psychology and art. Our mutual aim is to further relationships and partnerships which work towards healing our world, while supporting the Bushmen's enrichment of their culture.

In 2018 I journeyed to Botswana Africa for a cultural immersion experience with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari. I merged with my deepest ancestry. Something magical happened to me. Some call it “transformation”.

Tracking with the Bushmen awakened my inner tracker. Returning back home, I found
myself almost involuntarily connecting with the energy in an animals track with my body being pulled along an invisible channel as
I “felt” the animal. My relationship with the environment became holistic. All senses alive expanding awareness into the textures of the landscape, I moved as one with the it. I came into deep relationship with my inner, ancient hunter-gatherer.


As a healer in my Jin Shin Jyutsu (acupressure) practice something similar happened. When with a client, the previous cognitive recognition of vital pulses and “discerning” the most appropriate sequence of hand application gave way to something deeper. I felt in my body what was needed and followed the ancient healer instinct that naturally lives in my (and your) hands.

In so many other ways, my ancient, natural way of being just showed up. I feel like I “dropped in” to my deeper potential as a human being. From being with the Bushmen I “remembered” my birthright of belonging with a depth which I had never imagined or witnessed before. And I want this peace and aliveness for everyone. 

My Jin Shin Jytusu practice and VIVE! Nature Wanders™  , the Nature Embodied Leader™, Into the Wild Journeys™  Introduction to Animal Tracking for Dummies™, Nature for Families™, and Nature for Healers™ outdoor programs now all reflect this shift.   

At the Bushmen’s request, I, as part of the Origins Project, will return with gifts of Bushmen nature connection stories, enhanced knowledge of healing, and transformational processes for communities. 

You will be the recipient of this rich cultural wisdom in books, workshops, webinars and digital media celebrating Bushmen connection culture.
All received respectfully, while being sensitive to cultural appropriation.

Please take a moment to check out my short video on this trip while going to my GoFundMe page where you can find more of this meaningful story and hopefully make your donation. 

Thank you so much for considering supporting this journey. I really appreciate it.

And thank you, too, for forwarding this invitation to your networks and communities.

Remember, it takes a village!


With Blessings & Gratitude,

Lonner Holden

P.S. Please make your donation soon, as the departure date is just around the corner.

P.P.S. You may have also received an invitation to donate to the 8 Shields Origins Project GoFunMe campaign. Please know we are working toward the same goal with the same intention. Feel free to choose which campaign - or both - for your donation.

Lonner Holden is a mentor, writer and speaker on innovative nature connection programs. Blending modern science with ancient wisdom, he has developed and led programs for families, cultural creatives, organizational retreats, healers and leaders. Shaped by the wisdom of nature while growing up in rural Alaska, he brings this life-long understanding of nature as mentor, designer and healer into his program designs.
He is an acupressure practitioner of 38 years. Lonner authors his online Fast Wisdom™ Newsletter on well-being, life and nature. 
Previous clients include: Stanford University, Presidio Graduate School and Kaiser Permanente.

“As a transformational guide, Lonner is an expert at bringing people together in collaborative processes. He works with others in a deep way that produces self-awareness and connection to their own lives, others, and sense of purpose.” VIVE! Nature Wander™ participant

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