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Edition 27  (17/8/15 - 23/8/15)
Upcoming Dates
Monday, 24th - Leadership Award Nominations Due (extended)
Sunday, 13th - Presentation Day
Wednesday, 30th - Life Member No
minations Due
Grand Final Digital Downloads
Red Onion Creative are the proud Digital Partners of the SMJFL and will again be capturing all the exciting action of the 2015 Grand Finals in HD. 
As per the Club Fees document, clubs will be invoiced $420 + GST for each winning team. You'll note that the Club Fees document stated each team would then receive 25 downloads but we've been able to secure 30 downloads at no extra cost.
Winning Team Manager's will receive Red Vision branded vouchers on the day which be used for your players and families to visit to redeem their copy.  The files are downloadable and can be played on your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone and represent a wonderful memento of the great day.

If your club does not want us to give out the vouchers to winning teams on the day and would like to manage this process yourself please email Jake ( no later than 12pm this Friday.

Any additional copies will be able to be downloaded from for $15 per match.

The Red Vision Digital Download system provides clubs with:
  • HD vision within 7 days of the match
  • Online access for players/families/coaches with no need to sell hard copies via DVD
  • Match vision complete with exciting graphics and scoreboards
  • No fuss system with no management requirements from the club
Premiership Medallions
Each winning team has been allocated 30 medallions for presentation after Grand Finals.
Player & Coach Surveys
Please encourage players and coaches to fill out the following surveys. The feedback received is vital for the ongoing improvement of the SMJFL.
U14-U17 Players
Female Players
Unisex Amenities Guidelines
The Victorian State Government has recently released funding to support the development of female friendly change rooms at sporting pavilions. Given the significant increase in female players and umpires in our game, this is a great opportunity for clubs to acquire funding to support the development of appropriate facilities. In order to assist clubs in determining ‘best practice’ in catering for female umpires and players, the AFL has released an addendum to its Preferred Facility Guidelines with a focus on Unisex Amenities.
The Unisex Amenities Guidelines are available on the AFL Victoria website.
The State Government funding guidelines and application forms are available here.
Break the glass ceiling petition - please sign
Click here for an important message sent on behalf of the league Chairman and the Mayor of Bayside. This is further to the recent front page newspaper articles in The Leader Newspaper.
The league is asking for your Club’s support by sending this to all of your members. Even if your Club is not located within Bayside, the league’s support of this petition will have flow-on effects for other Councils within the SMJFL region.
The online petition takes less than 1 minute to complete, so please ensure that this is forwarded on to all club members. Thank you in advance for your support. Click here for a direct link to the petition.

Yellow Cards - Important Reminder
Please remind all players that a second yellow card throughout the season will result in at least a one match automatic suspension. Best for everyone to be on their best behaviour this weekend so no one missing out on a Grand Final!
Please return any RCD Fund collection tins that you have placed around your club.
McDonald's Signage
As part of our partnership with McDonald's, you would have been offered player participation vouchers in exchange for a McDonald's banner to be displayed throughout the season. Please have a look around your club rooms and return banners to SMJFL ASAP.
Life Membership Nominations
Nominations for Life Membership are now open and must be submitted to Jake ( no later than Wednesday, 30th September.
Behaviour Ratings
Semi Finals
  Good Fair Poor
Officials 91.3% 7.9% .8%
Spectators 89.7% 8.7% 1.6%
Players 88.9% 10.3% .8%
Good luck to all teams in finals!