Secretaries' Scoop

Edition 17  (25/05/2015 - 31/5/2015)
Upcoming Dates
Sunday, 31st - Club Coach Coordinator Course
Sunday, 31st - Saints Membership Offer Club Competition Closes
Sunday, 31st - Shock Doctor Instagram Competition winner announced
Saturday, 6th - Metro Champs Round 2 
Sunday, 7th - U13 Interleague Carnival
Monday, 8th - Metro Champs Round 3
Field umpire appointments
We are pleased to advise that after 6 rounds of football, there has only been one (1) game that has not had a field umpire appointed and confirmed - there has been some last minute withdrawals due to injury and illness but, as we all know, that can't be controlled. This means we have a 99.999% field umpire appointment rate.
Boundary umpire appointments
There have been some concerns expressed re: boundary umpire appointments at the older competition levels.
Please be assured that the Umpiring Department does appoint boundary umpires from Under 17 down, but sometimes there are not the umpires available for a given game time or venue.

Often the feedback received from Clubs, and noticed on game day, is highlighted and passed on to umpires in our weekly newsletter.
Rather than send Clubs another weekly email, we are inviting you to access newsletters - and see what is being communicated to umpires - as and when you require.
Newsletters are located in the Umpires menu on the website.
Behaviour Ratings
Rather than focus on the work that still needs to be done in terms of match day behaviour, we need to also acknowledge that some Clubs/teams are doing a really good job of -
   - Ensuring team benches are operating within the laws
   - Operating match day venues seamlessly
   - 'Nipping poor [spectator behaviour] in the bud' - an ongoing challenge for teams/Clubs
THANK YOU to all who are making the effort to educate their teams on the rules and match day requirements, and ensure that they are being enforced.

Round 6
  Good Fair Poor
Officials 92% 6% 2%
Spectators 92% 6% 2%
Players 82% 17% 1%
Round 1 AFL Vic Metro Junior Championships Interleague Results
Under 14 Division 1 - Final score:
South Metro Stars: 12.8.80
Essendon District Football League: 7.8.50

Under 14 Division 2 - Final score: 
South Metro Stars: 8.9.57 
Essendon District Football League: 6.10.46

Under 15 Division 1 - Final score:
South Metro Stars: 5.8.38
Essendon District Football League: 4.14.38

Under 15 Division 2 - Final score: 
South Metro Stars: 5.8.38
Essendon District Football League: 4.7.31

Under 16 Youth Girls - Final score: 
South Metro Stars: 1.0.6
Yarra Junior Football League: 20.20.140
St Kilda FC Membership Posters - CLUB COMPETITION ENDS MAY 30th! 
WIN – the SMJFL club that signs up the most SMJFL Members by the end of May 2015 will receive an exclusive tour of the Linen House Centre and a training session run by SFC coaching staff. 
Currently there are two clubs who have put in huge efforts, and their numbers are tied for the most registed SMJFL Saints Members! It's so close that thee clubs are tied for second
There are A3 promotional posters available at the SMJFL office. These are perfect to place around the club rooms and canteen area, for the remaining promotional period! Please find an electronic copy and related images on the Secretaries' Corner. 
Flash your Shock Doctor smile for your chance to win! 
Another chance for you members to win, brought to you by our Preferred Partner for Mouthguards - Shock Doctor Australia!! It could be as simple as an easy "regram" from @smjfl instgram page, this could put your club into hot contention for a training session with Luke Ball! 
The competition winner is announced on May 31st so start the conversation at your club and get your members on board. An easy way to increase online mentions of your club as well as a chance to win. 

Grants Opportunity 
The SMJFL has been made aware of a number of grant opportunities for which your club may be eligible to apply for. Please visit the relevant websites as the SMJFL does not run this process. 
Helen MacPherson Smith Trust Grants - closes Thursday 28 May.
Inger Rice Foundation Grants - for more information call 0438 897 993. 
Check out - Community Grants Guru for more opportunities for your club.