Secretaries' Scoop

Edition 15  (10/05/2015 - 17/5/2015)
Upcoming Dates
Thursday, 14th - Tribunal Advocate Training
Thursday, 21st - Volunteers Information Session
Saturday, 30th - Saints Membership Offer Club Competition Closes
The Robert Connor Dawes Fund collection tins for canteens still available. Please contact Zoe Driver ( for further information.
This week is AFL Community Umpiring Round and SMJFL umpires are participating in a number of initiatives such as -
  • 4 umpires will be attending AFL Umpire training
  • 4 umpires will be walking on to Etihad Stadium with the game day umpires at the Friday Night game - Essendon v Nth Melbourne. A very exciting experience. Watch out for them.
  • In additional to this we have 3 AFL Umpires attending SMJFL Umpire training this week. Chris Donlon, Nick Brown & Ian Burrows will all be in attendance.
Please make a special effort this week to make our umpires feel welcomed and appreciated. They work hard to make matches as fair and enjoyable for players as possible BUT they are human and will make mistakes.
Racial Vilification Policy
The SMJFL would like to take this opportunity to remind all clubs of the AFL Victoria Racial Vilification Policy which forms part of our By-Laws. To watch the AFL’s Vilification Education Resource click here.
Bonus Reading - "WHY KIDS QUIT SPORT" 
This interesting article covers a handful of the top reasons kids drop out of sport as they approach their later years. A quick link to put in your newsletters and educate parents around what their child may be thinking after their game. 
It makes mention of the loss of 'fun', loss of ownership of the experience, low playing time, being afraid to make mistakes, and the feeling of being respected. 
Cakes By Sweethearts

An industry leader in cakes, slices and other baked goods, proudly made just like you would at home! Owners Anton and Darren are SMJFL locals, and already involved in junior football from a personal angle, now they are providing their delicious products to the players & parents of all SMJFL Clubs. Please see the updated Partners Program on the Secretaries Corner for  more details, visit their website to read their full story and check out their full product range. Please be aware that club Secretaries will be contacted by Anton (co-owner) to discuss the upcoming season and opportunities for your club to stock their products in your canteen(s). 
Information Session - Volunteers : Finding them and keeping them! 
Glen Eira City Council’s Community Development team has organised an information session “Volunteers – Finding them and keeping them” presented by Fiona O’Leary of Volunteering Victoria. This session is ideal for groups or organisations that want to find volunteers; grow their volunteer base; and learn how to keep them. For details please see the attached flyer
            Date:      Thursday 21 May
            Time:      7pm to 9pm
            Venue:   Glen Eira Town Hall – Caulfield Cup Room
            Cost:      $5
Coaching Resources
Have you told your coaches about the Coaches' Box? This is the area on the website dedicated to all the resources they need, and any they would like to see. Please make take time to reinforce to your volunteers that all questions, queries and complaints need to come from a club Secretary or President. SMJFL do not have the resources to field calls from all 400 coaches and any game day officials. 
Copy and past the link into an email to let them know!
St Kilda FC Membership Posters - CLUB COMPETITION ENDS MAY 30th! 
You have just over 2 weeks before the winner is announcedWIN – the SMJFL club that signs up the most SMJFL Members by the end of May 2015 will receive an exclusive tour of the Linen House Centre and a training session run by SFC coaching staff. 
There has been significant uptake of this offer from SMJFL clubs and a few reminders around your home ground, your club could be touring the Linen House centre and training under the guidance of St Kilda coaching staff. 
There are A3 promotional posters available at the SMJFL office. These are perfect to place around the club rooms and canteen area, for the remaining promotional period! Please find an electronic copy and related images on the Secretaries' Corner.
Behaviour Ratings
Ratings, and viewed game behaviour, was slightly better than in round 3 but, unfortunately, the behaviour of some teams officials (Team Managers, Coaches, Runners, etc.) was disappointing. Please remember that we are the adults - and the children model our behaviour. Choosing not to shake hands with an umpire because you didn't like some of the calls, or dismissing the requests of League Officials to comply with match day rules, does not demonstrate to players or to spectators the values we hold as a League and football community.
Round 4
  Good Fair Poor
Officials 92% 7% 2%
Spectators 91% 8% 2%
Players 85% 15% 1%
A big thanks to all clubs for getting fixture feedback in within the required timelines.
As per previous communication, round 6 fixture feedback is due in by 1pm tomorrow (Fri, 15th May) so fixtures can be released prior to the weekend.
When will remaining fixtures be released? That is a great question! Ideally we'd love to get a draft of remaining round out to all clubs by the end of next week. However, this really depends on behaviour standards this weekend! The less issues we have to deal with next week the sooner we can get to the fixtures!
Team Bench Reminders
Please communicate with your teams:
  • Max. four (4) bibbed team officials on the bench - the Team Manager is NOT permitted in the bench area
  • Officials must REMAIN IN the benched area - not wander along the boundary line. This includes the Trainer.
  • Bibs must be WORN ON THE OUTSIDE of coats & jackets
  • WATER CARRIERS must be located a min. thirty (30) metres away from the team bench.
Team Managers - By-laws
Please ensure that all Team Managers have a copy of the current SMJFL By-laws and Team Managers' Handbook on hand at each match.
Information is contained in these documents which will assist in the (unfortunate) event that injury stops the game, reduced player numbers, etc.