Secretaries' Scoop

Edition 13 (27/04/2015 - 3/5/2015)
Upcoming Dates
Monday 4th - Sunday 10th - Brain Week

Sunday 10th - BCNA Pink Sports Day (& Mothers' Day!)

Wednesday, 14th - Tribunal Advocate Training
Re-grading & Fixture Timelines
The SMJFL has been keeping a close eye on the results over the first 3 weeks of the season and will continue to monitor things for round 4 prior to re-grading teams for round 5. If you have any teams you’d like us to consider re-grading please submit via the following online form no later than 9am this Sunday morning:
Clubs are asked to ensure all results are submitted ASAP after round 4 games to help with the timing of the re-grading process.
Fixture Timelines
All requests will be looked at on the Sunday night after round 4. Depending on the number of re-gradings that need to be done, ideally we would like to be able to provide a draft fixture by 9am Monday morning. If this is the case an email will be sent to all Secretaries confirming a draft has been published and requesting any feedback by 12pm, Monday 11th May.
However, if there are a lot of changes to be made a draft fixture will not be sent rather the final fixture published straight to the SMJFL website.
BrainWeek - Round 3 - What's your club doing?
SMJFL would love to receive any information about events being held at your club. Going grey in May? Send through any photos or information about your fundraising efforts for the opportunity to be featured on our website and social media. Contact with any brain matters! 
By-Law Reminders
After conducting a number of club visits over the first two rounds, we would like to remind clubs of the following:
  • A stretcher must be provided for each ground and must be visible and easily accessable
  • Umpire Escorts must be performing the role of Interchange Steward
  • A team bench area must be marked for all grounds (including modified rules)
  • Team Manager's are not allowed in the coaches' box/team bench area
  • Goal Umpires are not permitted to coach and/or barrack for either team
  • Best players and goal kickers are NOT to be entered for U8s and U9s. Scores are to be entered as 0-0-0 v 0-0-0 so games count to a player's record. (Fines will be issued from round 3 onwards)
Club Umpire Uniform Collection
Volunteer Clubs umpires are now required to wear the SMJFL Volunteer Umpire shirt for all games officiated this season. Clubs that are yet to collect their order are: Dingley JFC, East Sandringham JFC, Highett JFC, and Prahran JFC. Please contact SMJFL on 9553 5985 to arrange a collection time and ensure there is a staff member in the office. 
Club Volunteer Umpire - Competition Match Report (CMR) Submission
An important part of the Volunteer Club Umpire role is the completion of the CMR and submitting this document on the SMJFL website (Club admin > Club Umpires) BY 9PM of the day the game was played (Sunday).
Please note: Only one (1) CMR needs to be submitted per match. It must be completed by the Volunteer Club Umpire - not the Team Manager. Where the Club Umpires cannot agree as to whom will complete the match report, the responsibility falls to the home Club Umpire.
Each Monday morning the league will post a list of missing CMRs on Secretaries' Corner. Any CMRs that are still missing by 12pm on Tuesday will result in a fine being issued to the home club.
Colbrow Medics First Aid & CPR Training
Colbrow Medics will be running First Aid training sessions starting next week. Click here for further details.
Behaviour Rating
A total of 10 "poor" ratings were made by umpires at matches in Round 2. This was especially disappointing given the promising start to the season last week. 
Players arguing with umpires was particularly prevalent and coaches are reminded that it is their responsibility to "nip [this behaviour] in the bud" before the season progresses any further.
Spectators behaviour has also been disappointing. And, again, we remind Clubs that it is the responsibility of the Umpire Escort to manage this behaviour.

Round 2 
  Good Fair Poor
Officials 93% 7% 0.4%
Spectators 92% 7% 1%
Players 84% 13% 3%
Umpire feedback 
As in previous seasons, the Umpiring Department welcomes constructive feedback from teams in relation to umpire performance.
We limit the feedback to team officials (Coaches and Team Manager) and Club officials, as parent feedback should be directed to Clubs - who can take matters further if required.
Clubs are reminded that we are a Junior league, with junior (learning) umpires and comments should be framed in that context.
The Club feedback form is located in the Umpires menu on the SMJFL Website.
Prahran JFC - Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal
Prahran Junior Football Club is seeking the support of all fellow SMJFL clubs in a collection for the Red Cross “Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal” this Sunday 3 May.   

All PJFC players and their families will be 'rattling a tin’ for the Red Cross at all home and away games.  Please help us support victims of the earthquake by donating to this very worthwhile cause.  Even you canteen change can make a difference!
All donations to this Red Cross appeal will go directly to providing humanitarian support to people affected by this disaster, including:
  • emergency relief and recovery assistance
  • water and sanitation, shelter, health, protection, livelihoods, community safety and resilience initiatives
  • sending specialist aid workers to assist in initial assessments, relief, recovery and longer-term disaster management operations
  • supporting Red Cross to prepare for, scale up and deliver relief and recovery services. 
 For further information about the appeal
please go to: