Secretaries' Scoop

Edition 12 (18/04/2015 - 24/4/2015)
Upcoming Dates
Wednesday, 29th - Club Umpire Accreditation
Monday 4th - Sunday 10th - Brain Week

Wednesday, 14th - Tribunal Advocate Training
SMJFL/AFL Vic Coaching Academy
After failing to get the required numbers for the SMJFL/AFL Vic Coaching Academy earlier this year, now that we've settled into the season, we'd like to offer up this opportunity again. Dates will obviously need to be adjusted if we get the enough applications but the original details can be found in this 
memo from league General Manager, Jake McCauley and AFL Victoria Regional Development Manager, Gary Brown and an original timeline of the program can be found by clicking here.
Click here to register by the 10th of May.
Volunteer Club Umpire Accreditation Session - Final session - Wed 29th April
We are pleased to advise that there will be an additional (and final) Volunteer Club Umpire Accreditation session held next Wednesday, 29th April 2015 (6.15 - 8.15pm).
Note: This session will be held at Moorleigh Reserve, 99 Bignell Rd, East Bentleigh.
Please advise all Club Umpires in your Club who, as yet, have been unable to attend, and ask them to register their attendance by clicking here (or the registration link is also on the Club Umpires page on the SMJFL website - in Club Admin).
Club Umpire Uniform Collection
Club umpire uniforms are now available for collection from the SMJFL office. Volunteer Clubs umpires are now required to wear the SMJFL Volunteer Umpire shirt for all games officiated from Round 2.
Interleague Player Feedback (Opposition Coaches)
To assist with the selection of the 2015 SMJFL Interleague teams, club coaches are asked to provide any feedback regarding OPPOSITION players by completing an online form. Links to this form will also be placed on the Coaching section of the SMJFL website which is now available under Club Admin.
This is an opportunity for coaches to have their say on the selection of interelague teams so please ensure this information is passed on to all U13. U14, U15 boys and U15 and U18 Girls coaches.
The Robert Connor Dawes Fund - Collection Tins
Thank you to all who have expressed interest in placing a collection tin around their club. Please click here to fill in an order form for collection tins, or additional materials. To get the tins into canteens as soon as possible, please complete the form before Friday 1st May.
Club Volunteer Umpire - Competition Match Report (CMR) Submission
 An important part of the Volunteer Club Umpire role is the completion of the CMR and submitting this document on the SMJFL website (Club admin > Club Umpires) BY 9PM of the day the game was played (Sunday).
Each Monday morning the league will post a list of missing CMRs on Secretaries' Corner. Any CMRs that are still missing by 12pm on Tuesday will result in a fine being issued to the home club.
Behaviour Rating
In 2015, a new component of the CMR is the rating of the behavior of team officials, spectators and every match played. Each week, the League will release to Clubs the results of these ratings. More detailed information will be provided to clubs at various times throughout the season or on request.
Round 1
- great start but lets work towards 100% "good"!
Newspaper Article - Kicking Behinds, parental pressure losing kids
Click here for another excellent article in the paper over the weekend. The league suggests sending this out to all parents and/or posting up around the club rooms.
Mercy Rule - Score Adjustments
As per By-Law  19.7, the official winning margin under 11 to under 13 and under 15 girls shall be no more than 60 points.
In the past scores have been adjusted early in the week by the league. However, please note, to assist the league with the re-grading process scores will not be adjusted until after round 4.
At this point scores will be adjusted for the first 4 rounds then early each week going forward.
Coaches Meetings Survey 
Please distribute to your whole coaching mailing list - please note all those coaches that RSVP'd will have been emailed directly. A reminder/ follow up communication would go a long way. Thank you. 
Footy Card Xchange has been launched
This is your chance to spread the word and support this wonderful business started from the ideas of two young footballers, Caleb & Riley. Their dads have worked hard to establish this service for football card trading fanatics and are even giving a kick back to clubs. For every $29.95 membership bought, $10 goes to the nominated club.
lease not Footy Card Xchange may contact your club secretary in the coming week to answer quesries about the Preferred Partnership and discuss promotion opportunties. 
Reminder - Incident Officer
As per the recommendation from the Match Day Behaviour Working Party, each club is asked to provide details of the main contact for any incidents that might occur throughout the season. Ideally this person is not the President or the Secretary of the club.
Once this information has been collected, the SMJFL will populate Footyweb so the contacts are included in the club contact list available on Secretaries' Corner. Each person listed will also be emailed out a copy of each club's Incident Officer who will be the first contact point for any issues between clubs.
Please click here to provide information ASAP.
Parking at Hurlingham Park (East Brighton Vampires)
A number of people were fined for illegal parking at Hurlingham Park during round 1. Please ensure that all teams are aware that cars must not be parked on the grass strip that separates the side raod and Nepean Hwy. More details information can be found here.
By-Law Reminders
Team officials - wearing of bibs
Please remind team officials that (with the cold and wet weather) bibs must be worn on the OUTSIDE of jackets and coats. Team official bibs need to be visible at all times.