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Don't let this be you.....get your root training on now!


Again congratulations for all making it to the first anugual Trans BC 6 day enduro for 2016, we got hundreds of applicants. Thank you to those that replied within 7 days and got your deposit paid within 7 day that made life so much for the rest of know who you are ;)

So next steps below is some very important information - so please READ it!

Kelowna Airport or Via Ground Transport
  • Arrival day is July 3rd 
  • Arrival location is Kelowna, BC 
  • If you are flying then arrival airport in Kelowna International Airport (YLW is the airport code) - take a look at their website to find out what airlines fly there and from what locations: Click HERE
  • We will be doing airport pickups from 10am until 5.30pm on July 3rd
  • We will be doing 1-2 downtown pickups to bring you to your accommodation, based on demand will determain the times
  • If driving there is an option to leave your vehicle at our first 2 nights accommodation (Kelowna UBC Campus) for $3.15 per day
  • Dinner and MANDATORY briefing starts at 7pm
  • If you are on the dirtbag package, then you will need to be at the briefing at the food hall at 8pm 
Departure Details
  • Buses depart from Nelson back to Kelowna from around 9am on Sunday July 10th. Its about a 5hr drive, so don’t plan any flight departures from Kelowna earlier then 4.00pm as you will need time to collect your bike bag from storage and box it up and be at the airport 1-2hrs before
  • We can drop you at the airport or back at Kelowna UBC Campus where we stayed the first few nights or downtown
  • You can choose to stay in Nelson and ride some more if you want, but then you are on your own for transport to your next destination. There will be so many more trails there that we won’t have ridden so I highly recommend taking this option if you can!
  • There are flights out of Castlegar (40mins from Nelson) that go to Vancouver and Calgary if you prefer to take that option. They do have a shuttle service to get you there from Nelson to that airport
  • Another option is to get the Kootenay Shuttle from Nelson to Spokane WA for those of you flying back to USA. We would have to see if there are enough of you to organize a special booking for this as I believe they only go on Saturdays in the Summer – please email me if you think you might like to take this option. It’s a 3.5hr bus ride from Nelson to Spokane Airport
Race Travel Insurance
Insurance is mandatory for all international competitors.  We know how hard it can be to find a travel insurance company that covers races and mountain biking. So we have found them for you!  All you need to do is call Northman Insurance (based in BC Canada) to get your policy in place. 
  • Policies for up to 10 days start at just C$38
  • You can add flight delay, lost baggage and all those other extra's if you choose
  • Anyone that lives outside of Canada can get a policy through Northman for the Trans BC race
  • Make sure you let them know you are wanting insurance for Trans BC (and mention its a Global Riding Adventures event), so they provide you with the correct info
  • Cal +1 (844) 207-7522  
  • More details can be found HERE
  • You will all need to show proof of insurance at registration if you aren't a Canadian Citizen / Permanent Resident
Entry List and Rooming List (friends)
Time to check your details and friends.  Click below for the entry list sorted Alphabetically. Check your country and category and friends.  You can also view the entry list below that is sorted based on the friends you have listed you are coming with or know.  I will do my best to but your group of friends together (or near each other) when assigning rooms for accommodation each night. Some of you listed a friends name by your friend did not list you ;)  So please let me know if I am missing a friend beside your name or secretly if you would prefer not to share with a friends name that is next to your name!!!   Also you will see a column for those sharing a 'double' bed. Many of you listed your friends under this question on the reg form but assumed you really didn't want to share a double bed with 4 of your friends!!
That's it for now.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Megan Rose
Event Manager
Trans BC 6 Day Enduro

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