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Brain Trauma Reprogramming Therapy 
by Laura Brudvig


     There is a famous equation that Einstein spoke about: E=MC^2. Most of us know that this has significance, but what does it mean? This equation says that energy is equal to mass times the speed of light (squared). In more simple terms, this is an attempt to figure out an object's energy, and this can be done by taking its mass times the speed of light.

Objects on earth do not just stay stagnant. Energy gains momentum. For example, when you are driving in your car, you do not just stop if you were to slam on your breaks going 100 mph. Your body would continue to move forward because it has gained momentum. This is why we have seat-belts to keep you from flying out the windshield. Even just the passing of time while living on this earth creates a momentum. This is why we multiply the mass of an object times the speed of light squared.

So what does this have to do with anything you might be asking? These concepts are not only to be applied to material things, but to the human body. The cells that make up every part of the body are governed by this, just like all things on earth. Therefore, we can better understand what the body is doing by looking closely at the energy of the cells.

What makes us alive? We may have every organ, tissue, and gland, but what makes them move and become animated? Our heart continues to pump blood, our blood vessels continue to constrict to get that blood to every cell in the body, our lungs continue to breathe, but what is causing these cells to behave in this way? It is the energy in the cells that causes them to perform certain functions. This is bioenergetics, or the study of energy in the cells that make up living systems. 

Einstein also said, "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle." The field is the energy field that dictates how the particles behave. Every cell in our body is dictated by our energy field. This means that the energy within us, which is our thoughts and emotions, animate every cell in our body. This energy gains a momentum over time, and when this momentum is of a negative trajectory, this leads to disease formation. Any negative symptom we experience is telling us that the energy in those cells have gained such a harmful momentum that it is now starting to cause problems. These problems, if they go unaddressed, can even lead to the formation of a physical mass.

Many alternative practitioners hold to the theory that our emotional makeup does contribute to the formation of cancer and other diseases. Interestingly, cancer cells have a chaotic energy that has deviated from its natural pattern. The body struggles to fight off and kill these cells because they have gained such a powerful momentum. We don't need to inject chemicals in the body or kill them with harmful radiation when we can change the energy that is governing these cells. When we change the thoughts and emotions that are controlling these cells, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, we can assist the body in healing itself. 

At Herbs4You, we are introducing a NEW service called Brain Trauma Reprogramming Therapy (BTRT). This service helps identify those thoughts and emotions that are programming the cells to behave in a negative way. Our cells deviate from their natural programming when we experience a trauma of some sort. Our energy becomes chaotic or negative because our thoughts and emotions have now been altered in a negative way by the trauma. When we address our deeper thoughts and emotions, our cells can return to their normal functioning.

BTRT is based off of the latest advancements in healthcare, but has been around for thousands of years before the age of modern medicine. Before we had doctors, we had "healers" who understood the close connection between our mind, body, and soul. We are seeing a return to this holistic approach to health, and we are committed to making these services available to everyone here at Herbs4You.

See below for more information on BTRT.

We are here to help YOU!
Laura Brudvig, MA, NCC, IHAP, LC

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September 16 - October 25

Access to businesses may be restricted during this time. You can still enter the Herbs4You parking lot off of 14th street near the First Premier Bank entrance.
 Herbs4You is now offering
 Brain Trauma Reprogramming Therapy (BTRT)

Laura Brudvig is a National Certified Counselor, Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner, and Life Coach. She is trained in recognizing trauma in the brain and how the brain responds to the trauma. Using tools learned throughout her 10 years of experience in the fields of mainstream mental health and holistic healing, she is able to help process the trauma so the brain can recover, leading to improved mental and physical health.

We are offering an introductory package including a 30 minute Mind-Body Wellness Consultation along with a 60 minute BTRT Session. During the consultation, you gain a better understanding of how the brain has responded to the trauma. The BTRT session is then spent reprogramming this response, and reversing the damage done from the trauma. 

Regular Pricing:                          Sale Pricing:
MBW Consult: $35                      MBW Consult: FREE
BTRT Session: $95                     BTRT Session: $75
Total Value: $130       
BTRT can help adults and children with:
  • Addictions
  • Fears/Phobias
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Relationship problems
  • Conduct and behavioral problems
  • Stress Reduction
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
    And much more!
This package is on sale through October 31st
 Mind-Body Wellness Consultation

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about their experience doing a Mind-Body Wellness Consultation:
Dianne says, "It was great, very informative. She was very respectable, gentle, and kind. Very interesting how she could pull up information that I never thought about, how the past, even our childhood, affects our whole life growing up. Would like to have a consultation again!!"

C.T. states, "I really enjoyed the consultation and found a lot of truth quickly in the analysis. Well worth the time!"

Schedule a session and experience for yourself the difference that a holistic approach to mental and emotional health can provide!
~We also work with families and couples!~
MBW 30 min Consult: $35
MBW 60 min Consult: $60

October 2-5

 Dr. Eversage will be coming to Herbs4You to perform NCR (NeuroCranial Restructuring) and ABC (Advanced Biostructural Correction).  We are now taking appointments. For more information:  visit our blog post.

BEMER for Health
At Herbs4You, we offer the BEMER for your Health and Vitality.  It only takes about 10 minutes, so come on over and experience the BEMER Benefit.
$15 per session or 
$100 for 10 sessions

with purchase of a discount card.
Learn more on our website.

Mind & Body Wellness

 Mind-Body Wellness Consultation addresses the mental, emotional, and physical layers to what is preventing you from achieving health and vitality. 

30 min consult - $35
1 hour consult - $60

Juice+  =  Superior Nutrition
Juice+ is a great way to get the nutrition that we lack from our diet.  To prevent disease, we are supposed to eat 9-13 servings of fruit and vegetables, yet many of us have a hard time doing this.  Juice+ fills the gap. Contact us for more information.
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Stress Less Tea 3oz (reg. $4.50)
The herbs in this tea have historically helped to relieve mild depression and stress, and aid the circulatory, immune, glandular, digestive, and respiratory systems. Ingredients: Red Raspberry Leaf, Passion Flower, Rose Hips, Peppermint, Eleuthero, St. John's Wort, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Ginkgo, Stevia Herb.
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SALE 20% OFF!  $15.60
The GREENS Powder 8oz (reg. $19.50)
Greens are considered the foremost food group for enhancing longevity. This powder is nutrient rich, and easily mixed in a smoothie or water. Ingredients: Alfalfa, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Nettle Herb, Spinach Leaf, Watercress.
View this product on our website        
SALE 20% OFF!  $15.60
Ginseng Tincture 2 oz  (reg. $19.50)
Historically, ginseng has been used to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and manage sexual dysfunction in men.
Ingredients: Panax quinquefolium root (American ginseng) in food grade alcohol.
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SALE 20% OFF!   $13.20
Iron Formula Tincture 2oz  (reg. $16.50)
This is a mixture of herbs that are naturally high in iron. 
Ingredients: Wild Crafted Yellow Dock Root, Wild Crafted Nettle Leaf, Parsley, Dandelion Leaf, and Lemon Peel in food grade alcohol. 
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