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Vitamin C Tea  by Ruth Hidalgo


      We all know that vitamin C is good for us, that it boosts the immune system and prevents infections, but vitamin C does so much more! Today as we spotlight our Vitamin C Tea, we are going to look at how it benefits children specifically because it is Children’s Month at Herbs4You!

So what ELSE does Vitamin C do for children?  It helps their gums stay healthy, and strengthens their blood vessels, which minimizes bruising from falls and scrapes that children are more susceptible to as they play.  Vitamin C also helps cuts and wounds heal quickly and helps with iron absorption in the blood.  Children do not need a lot of vitamin C to get their daily dose, and most can get it from popular foods high in the vitamin, which is the recommended way.  Vitamin C supplements are not the best way for children to get their Vitamin C.  The cool thing is, our Vitamin C Tea is a way to get vitamin C as a food and not a supplement!


How Much Vitamin C Tea Should My Child Drink?

This depends on the age and size of the child.  This chart is an average estimation. If your child is larger or smaller than average, adjust dose accordingly.

Age Serving
1-2 1/8 cup
3-6 1/4 cup
7-11 1/2 cup
12+ 1 cup

Do not exceed more than 4 servings a day. If your child is sick, take small sips every 15-30 minute intervals. 


  • Hibiscus

  • Lemongrass

  • Orange Peel

  • Ginger Root 

  • Stevia

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We Love Children!

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Juice+ is a great way to get the nutrition that we lack from our diet.  To prevent disease, we are supposed to eat 9-13 servings of fruit and vegetables, yet many of us have a hard time doing this.  Juice+ fills the gap. Contact us for more information.
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