Issue 138  June 29, 2015
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Life is busy, and in the summer it seems to be even busier. Stress can build up and our health will be affected. There is a simple and very effective way to get our stress released. It is called Body Stress Release.  

Body Stress Release (BSR) is a non-therapeutic, complementary health profession which assists the body to release stored tension which becomes “locked” into the physical structure when the body fails to adapt to stress. These stresses may be mechanical, chemical or mental/emotional. Through BSR, the body’s ability to maintain and heal itself is enhanced.

When the body is subjected to stress overload, instead of the stress being dissipated out of the system, it becomes “locked” into the body. This “body stress” manifests as lines of tension at specific points, which may bring about postural distortions, pain, stiffness, or numbness. The impact on the nervous system disturbs the body’s lines of communication, thereby undermining efficiency of function.

Benefits of Body Stress Release
Health can be defined as 100% of the body's cells functioning at 100% efficiency, 100% of the time, and not merely just the absence of pain, disease, or symptoms. BSR assists the body to unlock stored tension, restoring communication via the nervous system for the body to self-heal. Once the body stress has been released, there is improved muscle tone, reduction in compression to nerves and circulation, and thus relief from pain and stiffness. The effects may be swift and dramatic or may take place gradually over a series of consultations, as tightened muscles relax at deeper levels.
The majority of people initially consult a BSR practitioner for relief from pain and to improve flexibility. Examples include: lower back ache and stiffness, leg or abdominal pain, upper back and shoulder ache, neck pain and headaches. However BSR's purpose is not concerned merely with pain relief, but with enhancing the body's communication (promoting self-healing) and co-ordination (assimilation, respiration, and elimination) thereby promoting health. Thus after BSR there is usually a general upgrading of function and clients experience improvement or relief from a wide range of ailments.

Case Studies:
Lower Back, Mid Back and Neck Stress

Dianne* (10) could not sit still in class, nor were her marks very good. A BSR assesment detected body stress in the lower-back, mid-back and neck, which came as a surprise as she never complained to her parents about this. After some months of BSR, her marks improved and she was no longer the class troublemaker. Her body stress had caused her to constantly feel irritated and uneasy, leading to her feeling distracted most of the time. She did not verbalize this, as it was her normal state of being.

A 42 year old woman with intense lower back pain was scheduled for surgery (L5 – S1 laminectomy). After five sessions of BSR she was free of pain. Over the following 13 years, she experienced only mild pain from time to time which was relieved by BSR a few times a year.

Calf Pain Causing Immobility
48 year old Julian* was experiencing such intense calf pain that he was unable to walk. He was not aware of any pain in his lower back. A week of traction in hospital had not eased the problem. After the first BSR session his lower back became very painful as feeling was restored to numbed nerves. The calf pain was unchanged. After the second session three days later the pain withdrew from his calves and was felt in the hips and lower back. After further releases five days later, the pain in the lover back began to lessen. The final session was three days after that. Within two weeks Julian* was pain-free and was able to return to work.

Numbness and Pins-and-Needles
Landry* (42) complained of numbness in his arms, pins and needles in his fingers, and weakness of the hands. Body stress was released in his neck over three sessions. He reported that full sensation and strength had returned to his arms a week later.

Chest Pains and Breathlessness
After cutting his lawn with a heavy mower, Walter* (40) experienced sudden severe chest pain and breathlessness. The condition continued for two weeks, although medical tests were all negative. After body stress was released in the sternum and rib area his pain withdrew and did not recur.

Neck and Shoulders
A 42 year old man with a history of whiplash had been experiencing increased arm and hand numbness and weakness for three months in spite of intensive physiotherapy. After six sessions of BSR full use of his arms and hands was restored.

A girl of 10 years of age suffered from constant neck pain with restricted rotation. All tests at the Children’s hospital were negative. After two sessions of BSR, the pain and swelling withdrew and full mobility was restored.

Read more case studies, including help for gynecological conditions, babies and children issues such as bed-wetting and constant crying, and more on our website. 


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Body Stress Release is coming July 13-18!
Adults: $65 per session
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The Body Stress Release process takes about 35 minutes. Generally, three consultations are carried out one or two days apart. This may be sufficient in those cases where the body stress is mild. In the case of severe or long-standing body stress, a further sessions will be necessary.  The number and frequency will depend on the body’s response. Thereafter, clients are advised to be assessed for body stress three to four times a year for health maintenance.
  • BSR is a gentle approach that is safe and suitable for people of all ages, from new-born babies to the aged, in all states of health.
  • BSR is a distinct health care profession and does not resemble other modalities. It does not involve massage, manipulation, machines, or medication.
  • BSR is a complementary technique that assists the body in its’ own healing process and brings effective relief against all forms of tension, pain and discomfort.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Body Stress Release is not a diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. It is concerned only with locating and releasing stored tension, so that the body is assisted in its’ innate ability to maintain and heal itself.
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