Issue 209    November 7, 2016

Muscle testing, also called Applied Kinesiology, has been used by various health practitioners to help find food sensitivities, organ disturbances, infections, or  weakness in the body. It can also be used to determine what supplements or herbal remedies will work.

What is AK or Muscle-Testing?
The principles of AK are similar to how a lie-detector works. Lie detectors measure minute changes, such as, muscular contractions, pulse, body heat, and moisture to detect a lie. Through the skill of the technician, he is able to determine when a person is lying or telling the truth, because our body has a physiological response
Likewise, through muscular weakness, muscle-testing is able to help determine several things, such as food sensitivities, where there is weakness in the body, infections, what supplements help or hurt the body, and organ weakness. A practitioner may use different methods, and their ability may vary, but the underlying principles of AK remain similar.
Benefits of Muscle-Testing
Muscle-testing can help find underlying causes of problems that most of the time, allopathic medicine will pass over. For instance, I've had several clients show a thyroid weakness, even though blood tests were within normal range. Another example is, when a person has a hard time sleeping, the problem could be liver, thyroid, adrenal, or hormonal. Muscle-testing will help identify which of these could be the underlying cause. This can be true with frequent infections, fatigue, indigestion, intestinal pains, and such like.

Although medical doctors diagnose disease, the fact of the matter is that before we have a disease, different parts of our body are getting weak. This is where muscle-testing really helps.
What We Do
I have been using simple muscle-testing methods for over 10 years. Through muscle-testing, I have effectively found the right course of treatment to heal myself of pneumonia without antibiotics, find food sensitivities in clients, help identify thyroid and adrenal weaknesses, and much more.  At Herbs4You, I test all the major organs, glands and body systems. I also am able to muscle-test for bacteria, virus, parasites, and yeast.

If you have not yet been muscle-tested, I encourage you to call and set up your appointment.

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