Issue 153  October 12, 2015
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Although our body is equipped to rid itself of toxins, because of the toxic world we live in,   to some extent we can become over-loaded with toxins. Most clients I muscle-tested, do show that they have a toxic overload. Today, we will look into this subject and discuss how we become toxic and what to do about it.

What are toxins and where do we find them?
First of all, we need to identify what toxins are. Toxins are basically that which is poisonous to our body. There are many different types of toxins and some are more toxic than others. Chemical toxins are many and come from various sources, such as our toothpaste, dental fillings, water, gasoline, petroleum by-products, synthetic carpets and upholstery, air-fresheners, cosmetics, tobacco, drugs, heavy metals and the like.

Our house may be releasing toxins from pressboard, plywood, paint, and other chemicals.  Even though we may diligently try to avoid as many chemical toxins as possible, we are continually exposed to them, and this can build up in our system and create a toxic over-load.
There are other toxins that we may not realize as they have been classified as “food” or safe for consumption. Here are a few of them: sugar, alcohol, MSG, GMO foods, most processed foods, nitrates, artificial colors and flavors.
Auto-toxication happens when there are organisms in our body that are producing toxins of their own. Parasites are more common than we realize. There are many different types of parasites and when they live in our body, they are not only eating off of us, they are excreting their wastes into our body!  Yes, I mean they are “pooping” in us, and this makes us toxic.

What's the solution? 
The solution is simple. We need to cleanse our body from these toxins.

Vacuum Cleanse is the one product that seems to do the job of ridding the body of toxins including heavy metals. The active ingredients are bentonite clay and charcoal. Along with its other ingredients, this combination readily absorbs heavy metals and over 2000 drug residues and other toxins. Like its name, Vacuum Cleanse actually “vacuums” up the wastes and toxins in our body.

Coriander/Cilantro is an herb which helps detoxify heavy metals. Coriander oil has shown to be one of the most potent natural chelators of toxic metals known, and it aids in removal of mercury, cadmium, aluminum and lead from the body!

Kelp contains a chemical called sodium alginate, which is known to prevent absorption of radioactive strontium 90, a by-product of nuclear power. It does not remove toxins already in our body, but does keep us from absorbing more.

Chlorella is
a super food that has a well-documented history of helping the body remove heavy metals and toxins like dioxin. It is high in chlorophyll which plays a big part in its ability to detox the body.

Heavy Mineral Bugleweed is a great combination from Dr.Christopher's that helps the body eliminate heavy metals and toxins.  [See below] 
I recommend everyone to do the
Vacuum Cleanse at least once a year. Those who are exposed to a lot of toxins should do it more often. I trust this has helped you.

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Healthy Tidbit: Bentonite Clay Bath
Taking a bath in Bentonite Clay is said to draw out heavy metals and toxins from our body, right through the skin.  The more toxic a person is the darker and slimmier the clay will be after you are done with the bath.

Directions: Draw a bath with warm water and add 2-2.5 lbs. of Bentonite Clay*. Soak in the bath and apply the clay to your glands (neck, armpits, back of knees, etc) to help pull out heavy metals. Soak in the clay for at least 20 minutes, preferably 1 hour.
Leave the clay and bath water in the tub over night, or for two hours. The clay will have settled to the bottom. Drain the water out and when empty, use paper towels to wipe the clay out of the tub.  Notice what color it is.  The darker it is or even streaked black, then you will be sure that the clay did its job pulling out heavy metals!

* Bentonite Clay Powder is made up of a high number of tiny platelets with negative electrical charges on their flat surfaces and positive charges on their edges. When bentonite clay absorbs water it swells up to anywhere from double to triple its size; in other words, it is stretched open like a highly porous sponge. When bentonite clay is taken into one’s body, metals and toxins are drawn into the ‘sponge’ through electrical attraction and bonding.
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Resources: The Healing Herbs by Michael Castleman,  pp. 230-231
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