Issue 214    December 19, 2016

  Merry Christmas

When I think of Christmas, I often think of Candy Canes.  Here is the story.

The Legend of The Candy Cane

According to the legend of the candy cane, this candy was first created back in the 18th century. At that time, in certain areas of Europe, there was said to be a ban on public displays of Christianity. Christians were oppressed and no Bibles or crosses could be owned at the time. One candy maker found this distressing and wished he could share the love of Jesus and  joy of Christmas with the rest of the world. He  prayed to find a way that he could offer local children a Christmas gift that would allow him to communicate the Real story of Christmas. 

His prayer led to an idea--The Candy Cane.

  • The Shepherd's Staff: He chose to make the candy cane in the shape of a shepherd’s staff. Jesus is the shepherd. (Psalm 23; John 10).
  • The Letter J for Jesus:Not only was the candy cane in the shape of a staff, but when held upside down, it formed a “J,” which stands for Jesus.
  • White: The Candy Maker started with White to represent the holiness, and purity of Jesus, who was sinless (I John 1:7).
  • He is A Rock: The candy maker chose hard candy for the candy cane, which was done to remind children that Jesus was our “rock,” dependable and strong (Psalm 31:3).
  • By His Stripes: Wide red stripe were to representative of the crucifixion and the blood Jesus shed for our sins.
  • 3 Small Stripes: The 3 small stripes represent the Trinity
  • Sweet Fragrance of Christ: Peppermint was the flavor that the candy maker chose. Peppermint was very similar to hyssop, which was used for sacrifice and purification in the Old Testament, reminding us that Jesus is the Sacrifice. It also reminds us of the spices brought by the Wise Men when they came to visit Jesus (Psalm 51:7, John 10:29, Matthew 2:11).
  • Broken For Us: When the candy cane is eaten, it is often broken, which the candy maker meant as a reminder that when Jesus was crucified, his body was broken (I Cor. 11:24).
  • Love of Christ: The candy cane was also made to be given as a gift, representing the love of Jesus when he gave us the gift of salvation.
Have a Merry Christmas.
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