Issue 115       January 19, 2015
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It sure is great to have the warm weather. Today, I want to talk about a very serious condition that many suffer from.

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the respiratory passages, which become filled with mucus, making it difficult to breath. Frequently, there is shortness of breath and the patient fears that he may choke to death. The severe attacks usually occur at night or early morning. Other symptoms include wheezing and dry coughing.  Asthma is considered an auto-immune disease, meaning that the body is attacking itself. This affliction is also believed to be due to hypersensitivity to inhaled or ingested substances such as, odors, pollen, dust, smoke, foods, etc.

There is no easy cure for Asthma. One must be very diligent when dealing with this disease, but there are several things that one can do to obtain relief from the symptoms of this debilitating disease. The corresponding organ to the lungs are the intestines. Often in the case of asthma, there will be problems with the bowels, so these must be addressed. Here are some helps.
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  • Water – Chronic dehydration is said to be linked to bronchoconstriction. One should drink at least ½  their body weight in ounces, ex.  140 lbs = 70 oz. of water. 
  • Magnesium –  Magnesium helps keep smooth muscle fibers relax and some have found help for their asthma by supplementing with it. 
  • Avoid gluten and eat a whole food diet -  There are those who claim that the Paleolithic diet helps with asthma. The diet consists of fresh fruit, vegetables, animal protein, olive oil, butter, and nuts.
  • Do a cleanse – Whenever there is a chronic condition, a cleanse is very important. 
  • Support the bowels -  Make sure to have two-three bowel movements a day. 
  • Calm the immune system – Since it is considered an auto-immune disease, we need to address this. Use the Immune Ease formula. 
  • Hot showers or hot tub – Hot baths are especially beneficial in producing perspiration and opening up the airways. You may add essential oils to the bath water.
  • Clean air – This is very important, so keep your house well ventilated, especially the sleeping room. Sleeping with the window open is a great option, or have a good air purification system.
  • Herbs – There are many herbs that are helpful for  asthma. You may take one or mix two or more of the following herbs: lobelia, coltsfoot, mullein, horehound, popular, vervain, boneweed chickweed, lungwort, skunk cabbage, masterwort, thyme, blue cohosh, pleurisy root, black cohosh, cayenne, bloodroot.
  • Essential oils – There are several essential oils that can help Asthma. 
  • Antioxidants - Building the immune system by taking antioxidants is a must. We recommend Juice Plus, as this is affordable, easy to take, and has clinically proven results.
For  further help, please contact me to set up an appointment.

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Feb. 28, 2015
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Healthy Tidbit: Asthma Attack

In the case of an asthma attack, Dr. Christopher tells of a very effective remedy to bring out the phelm.
  • Give patient 1 cup of warm peppermint tea.
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  • Make sure to gather several pans and buckets for the patient will start to vomit. It may take a while for him to throw up all the phlegm. 
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Resources: Back to Eden  by  Dr. Jethro Kloss, pp. 268-270
School of Natural Healing ,  Dr. John Christopher,  pp. 2-4
Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living,  Sandra K Livingston Ellis, M.H.,  pp. 265-268
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