Issue 143  August 3, 2015
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Summer is sure going fast. It is already August, which means "get ready for school". During the month of August, we will be focusing on children and their health. Having healthy children is a great blessing, and at Herbs4You we want to help you help your children. This month we have our annual FREE muscle-testing for children, so be sure to check about that. We also have some great products for children on sale this month.
Children's Health
Today, I would like to speak on two advanced methods of corrected healing for conditions that we often feel we just have to live with: NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR) and Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC).
From birth through our childhood, on into the teen years, and adult life, we experience various injuries, falls, and accidents that our body does not fully recover from. Many of these are or become structural and manifest themselves in various ways affecting our quality of life. Children born early or from a difficult birth, often have considerable structural damage mainly in the cranial, which also affects the spinal column, and the entire body and its systems. If this foundational issue is not addressed, they will go on into adulthood with major structural problems that will affect them for life with ill health. NCR  has helped many children correct foundational structural problems that turned their health around.
NeuroCranial Restructuring is the newest and most powerful therapy in physical medicine. NCR is a cumulative manipulation process involving controlled release of the body's connective tissue and meningeal tensions, resulting from traumas, to unwind the body and its bony structures and return it to its original and optimal design. NCR utilizes careful analysis of the body's patterns of balance to determine the precise areas of the skull needing to be unlocked during each day's treatment. More information may be found online at:
Advanced Biostructural Correction is real and immediate posture correction. One of the first things to note is that the body will stay upright by itself without significant muscular effort. ABC unwinds twisted and locked frames, giving pain relief and/or elimination of pain. As a result, a person will breathe deeper and fuller. This is the best type of care when no other profession has been able to help. Much information and videos are available on the website:
At Herbs4You, we are excited to offer NCR/ABC treatment. Dr. Ben Eversage from Maine will be here August 12-15. He does Advanced Biostructural Correction along with the NeuroCranial Restructuring.  The NCR deals primarily with the head, whereas, the ABC deals and corrects the rest of the spine. It's a perfect match. Dr. Eversage is considered to be the second most experienced NCR practitioner in the world. To date, he has been in 15 states and done over 40,000 procedures.  

As a one time special offer, Dr. Eversage has agreed to do a FREE evaluation for your child, to see if he would benefit from NCR and ABC. This is a VERY special offer, so if your child has ANY health issues (as listed below), or if there were problems at birth, you definitely want to take advantage of this wonderful offer. (Please note this will only be during the time Dr. Eversage will be here in Sioux Falls, which is August 12-15.)

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NeuroCranial Restructuring
"Medicine and natural healing treat the body as if it were HEADLESS. Unfortunately,
your skull shape controls your mental abilities, personality, and many of your diseases."

August 12-15
NCR with ABC  consists of 4 procedures done 4 days in a row.
Cost: Adults - $600; Children - $350

NCR creates incremental, cumulative, permanent sturctural changes to reverse the effects of traumatic events on the body, such as birth trauma, accidents, falls, sports injuries, medical procedures, severe emotional and biochemical traumas, braces, and more. NCR helps the following conditions and more, because they all have either a structural cause or a significant structural component:
Acute and chronic ostitis media
Alzheimer's disease
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Anxiety and nervousness
Arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism
Attention deficit disorder
Bipolar disorder
Brain surgery
Cerebral palsy
Chronic fatigue
Double vision
Down syndrome
Ear infections
head injuries
Kyphyosis (hunchback)
Learning disabilities
Lou Gehrig's disease
Low energy
Lymphatic toxins   
Manic depression
Military spine
Multiple sclerosis
Muscle spasms
Neck pain
Obsessive compulsive discorder
Orthodonitc stress
Parkinson's disease
Poor concentration
Relationship difficulties
Scoliosis and spiral spine
Shoulder and neck pain
Sinus disorders and sinusitis
Sleep apnea
Teeth grinding
Vertigo and balance problems
Wrinkles - facial reconstruction without surgery

Note the structural changes in the face. Especially on the top man. All five photos are of the same man. HIs face was long and narrow, to being more rounded and symmetrical.  
There are some notible signs that indicate that you would benefit by having NCR.   
  • Eyebrows not even on face; one eyebrow higher than the other
  • Eyes not even
  • One eye larger than the other
  • Eyes too close or too far apart
  • Ears not even
  • One ear sticks out more than the other
  • Narrow jaws
  • Crooked teeth (with some children NCR sometimes eliminates the need of braces)
  • Broken or crooked nose
  • Oblong or narrow skull shape
  • Head protruding forward
These are only some of the structural signs that indicate that NCR would benefit you, but if you have any of the above complaints, you may want to seriously consider NCR.
Healthy Tidbit:
Harmony Health EMR Patch

On July 20, I wrote an article on the dangers of cell phones, and also gave some information about the pong case that helps protect you from cell phone radiation. The pong cases are mainly for iphones and Samsung phones, so here is another device that is said to help protect as well. It is  called a Harmongy Health EMR Patch. It is simple and can be placed on any phone or device.

The Harmony Health EMR Patch is designed to help minimize your exposure to any any amount of radiation the brain and the body is exposed to during cell phone, Bluetooth earpiece or computer use. Studies have shown significant changes in brain activity when using a cell phone. The Harmony Health EMR Patch helps to minimize this change, providing protection for up to 16 months.

Dimensions: 3cm X 2cm (about as thick as a piece of paper)

To purchase online, go to: or

"Loving Children" Special
Free Muscle-Testing
During the month of August, Amy will do FREE basic* muscle-testing for children up through age 14. Limited to 3 per family. Additional testing costs may apply.
Please call or email to set an appointment.
A tea children love!  Vitamin C Tea

SALE! 3 oz./$3.60 (reg. $4.50)
Vitamin C Tea is a combination of herbs that are high in vitamin C, with a pleasant taste that can be enjoyed either cold or hot.
Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, rose hips, lemon grass, orange peel, stevia, and ginger.
Another tea children love!  Nourishing Tea

SALE! 3 oz./$3.60 (reg. $4.50)
Nourishing Tea is a pleasing mixture of herbs that are high in nutritious value. The tea is great for growing children, pregnant and nursing mothers, teens, the elderly, and anyone needing extra nourishment.

Ingredients: Alfalfa, red raspberry leaf, nettle, oatstraw, and peppermint.
Snooze Tincture

40% OFF SALE! 2 oz./$9.90 (reg. $16.50)
Our snooze tincture is a combination of herbs that are both good for you, calming, and safe even for young children.

Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Catnip, Chamomile Flowers, Passion Flower, Oatstraw, hops mixed in a base of glycerin.
Kids Immune Booster

40% OFF SALE! 2 oz./$9.90 (reg. $16.50)
A great mixture of 9 herbs that strengthen the immune system.  This formula is geared towards children.
Ingredients:  Echinacea, Red Clover Tops, Elderberry,  Yarrow Leaf, Cherry Bark, Rosehips, Catnip, Licorice, Ginger in a base of food grade alcohol and glycerin.
Youngevity Cheri-Mins™

40% OFF SALE! 32 oz./$19.60 (reg. $28.00)
Kids love the natural cherry flavor of Cheri Mins™ and with more than 90 essential nutrients including at least 60 key minerals 13 vitamins 18 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids it’s the perfect foundation for good health.
Wholistic Botanicals Multi-Vitamin Gummy

40% OFF SALE! 90 count/$15.20 (reg. $19.00)
Children of all ages are eager to take these great-tasting soft raspberry gummies. This product is packed full of whole foods and is the most natural multi-vitamin gummy in the market place today.

Ingredients: Organic topioca syrup, evaporated sugar cane syrup, water, pectin, citric acid, natural flavors from plant extract (Strawberry), natural colors ( Black carrot), Blueberry fruit, Cranberry fruit, Broccoli flower, Asparagus stems, Carrot root, Acai fruit, Pomegranate fruit extract, Wheat grass, barley grass, Alfalfa, White Grape, Apple, Pear, Pineaple, Cherry, Vegetable oil, (Coconut) & carnauba wax.
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