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Suma Root
Suma, Pfaffia paniculata, is a large ground vine with a deep root system, found in the Amazon basin area. In South America, Suma is known as Para Toda, which means “for all things.” Native peoples of the Amazon region have used Suma for over 300 years for a wide variety of health purposes. It is an adaptogen, which means it has a generally healing effect on the entire body. It has also been called, "Brazilian ginseng".  Although it is not related to ginseng, how it is used and its adaptogeneic properties are similar to ginseng.

Beneficial Uses
In North American herbal medicine, Suma root is used as an adaptogenic and regenerative tonic, as well as an immunostimulant, to treat exhaustion and chronic fatigue, impotence, arthritis, anemia, diabetes, cancer, tumors, mononucleosis, high blood pressure, PMS, menopause, and hormonal disorders, and many types of stress. In his book, The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, Thomas Bartram states that Suma is used in Europe to restore nerve and glandular function, to balance the endocrine system, to strengthen the immune system, for infertility, female issues, high cholesterol, to neutralize toxins, and as a general restorative tonic after illness.

In South America, Suma root is used to heal wounds, strengthen muscles, relieve chronic pain and inflammation, balance blood sugar levels, improve sex drive, and help reduce tumors. In fact, it is used for so many healing purposes that no one really knows everything it’s used for.

Suma root has demonstrated an ability to increase immune cell production and overall immune system activity. Macrophages are large immune cells that act like garbage collectors in our body. Several studies have shown that macrophagic activity can increase when exposed to Suma. It has even been used to increase hemoglobin levels in patients with sickle cell disease.

Plant Chemicals
Suma root is high in antioxidants, has at least 19 different amino acids, a large number of electrolytes, trace minerals, zinc, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K, Pantothenic acid. It is also high in germanium, a chemical element that reacts and produces oxygen at the cellular level. This could account for why it is said to help prevent cancer and kill invading bacteria.  Another interesting factor is that it is composed of up to 11% saponins. The saponins found in Suma root have newly discovered chemicals, which have been clinically demonstrated to inhibit tumor cell melanomas and lymphomas.  Suma's main plant chemicals are: allantoin, beta-ecdysterone, beta-sitosterol, daucosterol, germanium, iron, magnesium nortriterpenoids, pantothenic aceid, pfaffic acides, pfaffosides A-F, polypodine B, saponins, silica, stigmasterol, stigmasterol-3-o-beta-d-glucoside.

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April 6-9
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April 8
Meal Prep & Planning

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Thrive Life
Meal Preparation & Planning Demonstration

April 8 at 6:30 pm
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Balancing work and family often makes it difficult to prepare good meals our family wants to eat. Not only that, but making healthy meals can be time consuming and a real challenge in our busy lives, which makes it tempting go out to eat again and again. Is there a way to satisfy my family's need for tasty and nutritious meals and my need for convenience?
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NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR)

"Medicine and natural healing treat the body as if it were HEADLESS. Unfortunately,
your skull shape controls your mental abilities, personality, and many of your diseases."
–Dr. Ben Eversage

Wednesday, April 6- Saturday, April 9
NCR with ABC consists of 4 procedures done 4 days in a row.
Cost: Adults - $600; Children - $350
  • NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR) permanently corrects damage to the brain caused by life's traumatic events be it birth trauma, infections, illnesses, accidents, falls, work injuries, medical procedures, surgeries, severe emotional trauma and biochemical damage caused by drugs.  NCR  is the newest and most powerful therapy in physical medicine. NCR is a cumulative manipulation process involving controlled release of the body's connective tissue and meningeal tensions-resulting from traumas-to unwind the body and its bony structures and return it to its original and optimal design. NCR utilizes careful analysis of the body's patterns of balance to determine the precise areas of the skull needing to be unlocked during each day's treatment. More information may be found online at:
  • Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) is real and immediate posture correction. One of the first things to note is that the body will stay upright by itself without significant muscular effort. ABC unwinds twisted and locked frames, giving pain relief and/or elimination of pain. As a result, a person will breathe deeper and fuller. This is the best type of care when no other profession has been able to help. Much information and videos are available on the website:
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This is Suma Root extract, which is naturally high in iron and helps chronic fatigue, anemia, and diabetes.
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