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Herbal First Aid   by Sue Froschheuser 


      One thing is for sure, a well-stocked First Aid Kit is a handy thing to have when you need it. As much as we love summer, it also invites sunburn, bites, cuts, abrasions, scrapes and even the unexpected.  At Herbs4You we carry a handy-sized Herbal First Aid Kit stocked with products to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it!

Our kit contains: Burn-Aid Salve, Cure-All Salve, Liniment, Cayenne, Summer Herbal First-Aid Handbook, gauze pads, Band-Aids, Ace wrap, medical tape, cotton balls, and Q-Tips. There is room in the kit to add your own touches such as a thermometer, scissors, tweezers, or anything else to customize it to your preference. Our First Aid Kits are on sale until the end of the month! The 4th of July may be in our rear view mirror, but there is plenty of summer left to enjoy!

CURE-ALL SALVE: This salve seems to live up to its name. It is easy to use and works very well on abrasions, bruises, cuts and scrapes. It is also effective for eczema and can be used on insect bites. Several of the herbs are antiseptic and will disinfect as well as heal, such as goldenseal and myrrh. Herbs like plantain draw out poisons and is a known remedy for insect bites. This product also contains self-heal, comfrey, olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil and vitamin E.

LINIMENT: This liniment was developed by the pioneer herbalist, Dr. Jethro Kloss, and can be used for many ailments such as painful swellings, bruises, boils, skin eruptions of any kind, athlete's foot, and arthritis. If you have a headache, apply the liniment to the temples, back of neck and forehead. For a toothache, apply the affected area and all around the gum and outside of jaw if necessary. Ingredients: White Oak Bark, Comfrey leaf, Myrrh gum, Goldenseal, and Cayenne in an alcohol base.

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Information Meeting

Date: July 23rd
Time: presentation at 7:00 pm 
free sessions start at 6:30 pm
Place:  629 S Minnesota ave
     conference room

Guest Speaker:  Lynell Hage, RN
      Lynell worked as a registered Nurse (RN) in Oncology and Intensive Care for several years.  By observing the pain and suffering of patients during end of life, this inspired her to search for integrative means to help the body regain health and balance.
      This led her to discover less invasive, more holistic methods, and in 2008, Lynell became a Certified Lifestyle Educator, and in 2014 a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She even had the privilege to train under  Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the father of functional medicine.  Now, Lynell runs a functional medicine practice in Bloomington, MN. 

    When the BEMER came to the United States, Lynell saw it as a great opportunity to help her clients.  She is a leader in the company and has been teaching classes and holding seminars for several years.  We are privileged to have Lynell Hage come and do a presentation for us.
Everyone who comes will get a FREE session on the BEMER!

Come & Bring a Friend!
Free  Mind & Body Wellness

This Special is good through:
June 21 - July 26

Laura Brudvig
will be doing FREE Mind & Body Wellness consultation* on
Fridays from 1 - 5:30 pm. 

Herbs4You will now be OPEN on FRIDAYS.
1 - 5:30 PM

Call to schedule your appointment now!
*This is a 30 minute consultation.

September 25-28

 Dr. Eversage will be coming to Herbs4You to perform NCR (NeuroCranial Restructuring) and ABC (Advanced Biostructural Correction).  We are now taking appointments. For more information:  visit our blog post.

BEMER for Health
At Herbs4You, we offer the BEMER for your Health and Vitality.  It only takes about 10 minutes, so come on over and experience the BEMER Benefit.
$15 per session or 
$100 for 10 sessions

with purchase of a discount card.
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Mind & Body Wellness

 Mind-Body Wellness Consultation addresses the mental, emotional, and physical layers to what is preventing you from achieving health and vitality. 

30 min consult - $35
1 hour consult - $60

Juice+  =  Superior Nutrition
Juice+ is a great way to get the nutrition that we lack from our diet.  To prevent disease, we are supposed to eat 9-13 servings of fruit and vegetables, yet many of us have a hard time doing this.  Juice+ fills the gap. Contact us for more information.
SALE 20% OFF!  $3.60
Hearty Berry Delight 3 oz (reg. $4.50)
A delicious tea that helps strengthen the heart, cleanses the blood, and boosts the immune system. It is high in vitamin C, and great for prevention and fighting the flu.
Ingredients: Hibiscus Blossoms, Hawthorn Berries, Elderberries, Red Clover Blossoms, Citrus peel, Stevia Herb.
View this product on our website
SALE 20% OFF!  $3.60
Indian Lemonade  3 oz (reg. $4.50)
Wonderful lemon flavor with valuable nutritious herbs. Sumac is the main herb in this tea, and it was used as a drink by Native Americans. This tea is high in Vitamin C and is great hot or cold. Children enjoy it also!
Ingredients: Sumac Berries, Hibiscus Flowers, Lemongrass, Ginger Root, Lemon Peel, Stevia Herb.
View this product on our website         
SALE 20% OFF!  $7.60
CureAll Salve 2 oz (reg. $9.50)
This salve is proving to be a true Cure All. Great for abrasions, bruises, burns, cuts, and scrapes. Several herbs are antiseptic and will disinfect as well as heal.
Ingredients: heal all, comfrey, plantain, yarrow, chickweed, myrrh, golden seal, olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, Vit. E oil.
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SALE 20% OFF!   $26.00
First-Aid Kit  (reg. $32.50)
This kit contains all natural products and is a great way to take care of all the cuts, burns, bruises, and bites that happen in spring and summer.
Contents: BurnAid Salve, Cayenne Tincture, CureAll Salve, Liniment, Sunburn Spray, Herbal First Aid Handbook, Instant Cold Pack, Gauze Pads, Band-Aids, Butterfly Band-Aids, Standard Medical Tape, Ace Wrap, Cotton Balls, Q-Tips 
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