Issue 146  August 24, 2015
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Children's Nutrition

As we've been considering children's health this month, we must address their nutritional needs. Since they are growing, children need much more nutrition than adults, and what they take now will greatly impact their health as they get older. It is nearly impossible for children to get all the nutrition they desperately need without supplementing.
There are many nutritional products out there, the difficulty is finding the right one for you and your family.  Some nutritional products are excellent, others are fairly good, then there are those that are cheap and of poor quality. Another group of products are those that have great advertising, but are a real rip off–so buyer beware!
It can be a hassle trying to find what would be best for your children and your pocketbook, so here are some pointers, and information on some top quality products that we recommend. Of course, they're good for adults as well.
  • Whole food nutrition is best. The body absorbs and utilizes plant sources better than rocks and chemicals.
  • Make sure your child gets adequate calcium, remember their bones and body are growing. Some signs of needing calcium are: nosebleeds, easy bruising, cavities, painful teething as a baby, (varicose veins for women), muscle cramps.
  • Heathly fats/oils are necessary for healthy brain development, especially for children as their brain is still developing.
  • Make sure the source is good.
  • Stay away from artificial colors, flavor, and sweeteners.
  • Get something that is high in antioxidants.
Our Family's Choice
One thing our family uses regularly to assure proper nutrition is Juice Plus+.  Let me tell you why.

Juice Plus+ is concentrated nutrition in a capsule. Vegetables and fruits are vine-ripened, picked, then juiced right at the farm. The juice is then low heat dehydrated into powdered and encapsulated. With any type of diet, whether it is Weston Price, Paleo, Hallelujah, Eat to Live, etc., they all agree on one important issue, that is: Eat your Fruits and Vegetables! It is recommended that we consume 9-13 servings of fruit and vegetables each and every day, how do we do?  Our family eats healthy, yet we have a hard time getting in nine servings. For example, here's our typical day:  
  • Breakfast - 1 orange, 3 dates, some strawberries a glass  of raw goat milk, maybe some yoghurt = 2 servings fruit
  • Lunch  -  2 big pieces of lettuce, 5 baby carrots, 2 slices of bread with butter, maybe 1/2 advocado or 1/2 cup of squash, some nuts, or eggs = 3 servings veggies
  • Supper - Salad, brown rice, some chicken, 1/2 cup green beans, a glass of kombucha, sweet potato with butter = 3 servings of veggies
  • Total for the day = 8 servings of fruits and vegetables
This is why our family takes Juice Plus+. It Fills the gap!

Clinical Research
Juice Plus+ is the most clinically researched nutritional product of its kind on the market today world-wide. There are more than 30 Juice Plus+ research studies that have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world.
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Children Eat for FREE!
I would encourage anyone and everyone to take Juice Plus+ because of its benefits, but there's also another reason why this company and product is so amazing. Children actually eat for FREE! By participating in a Child's Health Study, every adult that gets Juice Plus+, may sponser one child, and that child will get Juice Plus+ for Free. Juice Plus is  affordable, economical, and time-saving.  In fact, if you bought the vegetables and fruits from the average grocery store, and juiced them yourself, it would cost you around $8-$12 a day, to get what is in Juice Plus+.  However, with Juice Plus+ the cost is only about $1.49 a day!!

Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or would like to start your Juice Plus+. To learn more or to order online go to: To enter the Child Health Study, please contact me as it is not available on-line.

Don't forget to take advantage of the FREE child muscle-testing this month of August. See below for details.

For Your Health!
Amy Willis, Your Local Herbalist
August 24
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Juice PLUS+

The most clinically researched nutritional product in the world!

Check out these products for the health of your children!

Kid-E-Calc Extract

Blood Dirt

Kid's Immune Booster

Kid-e-Dry Extract
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Healthy Tidbit: Vitamin Punch

1 quart fruit juice (I use apple or cranberry mix)
1 cup Youngevity Cheri-Mins™

1/4 cup lemon juice

Mix all of these in a 1/2-gallon container and fill with water. You will  be surprised how fast the children drink this delicious and nutritious punch!

We've got some made for you to try this week!
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"Loving Children" Special
Free Muscle-Testing
During the month of August, Amy will do FREE basic* muscle-testing for children up through age 14. Limited to 3 per family. Additional testing costs may apply.
Please call or email to set an appointment.
A tea children love!  Vitamin C Tea

SALE! 3 oz./$3.60 (reg. $4.50)
Vitamin C Tea is a combination of herbs that are high in vitamin C, with a pleasant taste that can be enjoyed either cold or hot.
Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, rose hips, lemon grass, orange peel, stevia, and ginger.
Another tea children love!  Nourishing Tea

SALE! 3 oz./$3.60 (reg. $4.50)
Nourishing Tea is a pleasing mixture of herbs that are high in nutritious value. The tea is great for growing children, pregnant and nursing mothers, teens, the elderly, and anyone needing extra nourishment.

Ingredients: Alfalfa, red raspberry leaf, nettle, oatstraw, and peppermint.
Snooze Tincture

40% OFF SALE! 2 oz./$9.90 (reg. $16.50)
Our snooze tincture is a combination of herbs that are both good for you, calming, and safe even for young children.

Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Catnip, Chamomile Flowers, Passion Flower, Oatstraw, hops mixed in a base of glycerin.
Kids Immune Booster

40% OFF SALE! 2 oz./$9.90 (reg. $16.50)
A great mixture of 9 herbs that strengthen the immune system.  This formula is geared towards children.
Ingredients:  Echinacea, Red Clover Tops, Elderberry,  Yarrow Leaf, Cherry Bark, Rosehips, Catnip, Licorice, Ginger in a base of food grade alcohol and glycerin.
Youngevity Cheri-Mins™

40% OFF SALE! 32 oz./$19.60 (reg. $28.00)
Kids love the natural cherry flavor of Cheri Mins™ and with more than 90 essential nutrients including at least 60 key minerals 13 vitamins 18 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids it’s the perfect foundation for good health.
Wholistic Botanicals Multi-Vitamin Gummy

40% OFF SALE! 90 count/$15.20 (reg. $19.00)
Children of all ages are eager to take these great-tasting soft raspberry gummies. This product is packed full of whole foods and is the most natural multi-vitamin gummy in the market place today.

Ingredients: Organic topioca syrup, evaporated sugar cane syrup, water, pectin, citric acid, natural flavors from plant extract (Strawberry), natural colors ( Black carrot), Blueberry fruit, Cranberry fruit, Broccoli flower, Asparagus stems, Carrot root, Acai fruit, Pomegranate fruit extract, Wheat grass, barley grass, Alfalfa, White Grape, Apple, Pear, Pineaple, Cherry, Vegetable oil, (Coconut) & carnauba wax.
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