Online building consents are here

An easier way to apply for a building consent is now available! 
Our new online system allows you to apply for a consent, add extra information and see where your consent is in the review process. There’s no need to print off, post or come into the office (unless you would like to talk to one of our friendly team). Head online to see what it’s all about...
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Christmas is coming and so is the 'clock stop'

Christmas isn't far away anymore! 

The last date for lodgements is Tuesday 18 December 2018 and we will start accepting them again on Monday 14 January 2019.

The dates for ‘stop clock’ are Thursday 20 December 2018 to Thursday 10 January 2019.

The last day to apply for an urgent CCC this year is Tuesday 18 December 2018.

The main Council Building will be closed from Friday 21 December 2018 and reopen on Monday 7 January 2019. We will have a skeleton staff of Inspectors rostered on during this time and an appointment time can be arranged by calling 838 6677.

The pressure's on as we look for more staff

You’ll be aware we’re having some real challenges around capacity and our ability to meet service demand as Hamilton continues to grow rapidly.
We continue to recruit to support the growth of the city. While recruiting qualified staff we’ve also placed a focus on developing new trainees who will come through as trained and qualified Building Surveyors.  

Nationally, Building Inspectors and Review Officers are in short supply and although recruitment has been challenging we have managed to attract some great team members, we still have some vacant positions we need filled. We continue to advertise and look at different recruitment options including overseas candidates - if you know of anyone who would be interested in joining our team, tell them to get in touch!
While we work hard to find people, we are also:
  1. Using a number of contractors.
  2. Working with large companies and developers to find more efficient ways to deliver services with their support.
  3. We continue to review our Inspection bookings to maximise efficiencies of bookings and driving routes for inspectors out on the road.
  4. Seeking out technology solutions (although this will not be a short-term fix, there are some interesting options in the pipeline).
We understand this is frustrating and we thank you for your patience as we do our best to continue to support the amazing amount of development happening in our city!

Request for information - common trends

To help avoid your application being put on hold for additional information (request for information), these are some common items we’re coming across...

  1. Geotechnical and storm water reports indicating the requirement for Specific Engineered Design need to be accompanied by a PS1 and design from a suitably qualified person.
  2. Construction details for junctions between different Cladding types need to show compliance with manufacturers specifications or E2.

Applicants are required to determine if retaining walls are exempt works under schedule one of the Building Act or require a design to be included in your building consent. This needs to be noted accordingly on the plans submitted for consent.

Want to get your CCC application reviewed the first time?

We have two common reasons why Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) applications get rejected.
  1. Applications aren't complete - make sure you've filled in the application in full before you submit it.
  2. Owner details aren't correct - you can double check the correct owner name on the current Record of Title (Certificate of Title). 
If your CCC application is declined then you will need to reapply. Hopefully these tips will help you to get it through the first time!
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