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Dear Friends,

I have some fun announcements and a couple of very cool events to invite you to.... 

Video: Challenging Physical Symptoms of Awakening


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Fuego Friday

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Friday, May 1st

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Join my birthday retreat in Nicaragua!

July 11th-18th
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And now, onto the final list of our symptoms of "The Awakening". 

**Please note:  This final list may include some ideas that seem too "out there" to believe or too "woo-woo".  I encourage all to read with an open mind, and reference my previous newsletters for the full list of symptoms.  I share this final list without hesitation because I personally have experienced all 44 symptoms.  

During this process, I have often and most certainly felt frightened while adjusting to the new experiences.  My hope is that those starting to Awaken may read this newsletter and know that there is support available, and that there is nothing to fear.  Thank you.


The Awakening

More & more people are coming to me for help, almost desperately, because they are feeling an internal shift and are wanting to re-invent and re-brand themselves professionally. I love to help these people work through such an incredible process because I have gone through it myself. 

This internal shift is a call, a wake-up call, to find one’s soul purpose, and while it is a beautiful time it can also be very confusing, scary, and even physically challenging.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been presenting readers with “symptoms” of the Awakening in order to raise awareness about a phenomenom that many of us are experiencing but have yet to understand.  You can check out more symptoms below.

Happy reading, and happy self-discovery.

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33.  Amplification of the senses. Increased sensitivity.
33a. Sight: Blurry vision, shimmering objects, seeing glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects. Some report seeing formerly opaque objects as transparent. When we close our eyes, we no longer see darkness, but redness. We may also see geometric shapes or brilliant colors and pictures when eyes are closed. Colors appear more vivid — the sky might look teal or the grass an amazing green. We may see grids running across the ground. As we become more sensitive, we may see shapes or outlines in the air, especially when the room is almost dark. When our eyes are open or closed, we may see white shapes in our peripheral vision (some say these are spirit guides).
33b. Hearing: Increased or decreased hearing. Other symptoms are hearing white noise in the head, beeps, tones, music or electronic patterns.  Some hear water rushing, bees buzzing, whooshing, roaring or ringing. Others have what is called audio dyslexia– we can’t always make out what people are saying, as if we can no longer translate our own language. Some hear strange voices in dreams, as if someone is hovering near them. Our ears are adjusting to new frequencies.
33c. Enhanced senses of smell, touch, and/or taste. We may notice that we can now smell and taste chemical additives in some foods in a rather unpleasant manner. Other food may taste absolutely wonderful. For some people, these enhancements are both delightful and distracting. We may even smell the fragrance of flowers now and then.
34. Skin eruptions: Rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles. Anger produces outbreaks around the mouth and chin. We may experience dermatitis on the extremities when healing episodes from our past, as we are sloughing off toxins and bringing emotions to the surface. When there is an issue to be released and we are trying to repress it, our skin will express the issue for us until we process the emotions.
35. Episodes of intense energy which make you want to leap out of bed and into action. Followed by periods of lethargy and fatigue. The fatigue usually follows great shifts. This is a time of integration, so give into it.  Power surges:  All of a sudden we are heated from head to toe. It is a momentary sensation, but uncomfortable. In contrast, some people have felt inexplicably cold, or experience waves or currents of energy rolling through us. Energy workers may notice that the heat running through their hands has increased tremendously. This is good.
36. Seeing beings of other dimensions. The veil between dimensions is thinner, so it is not surprising. It is important that we stay in our sovereignty. We are more powerful than we can ever imagine, so we do not have to entertain fear.
37. Seeing a person’s true form or seeing loved ones with a different face.  We may see images of this person in a past life or parallel life. 
38. Invisible presences. Some of us report feeling surrounded by beings at night or having the sensation of being touched or talked to. Often we will wake with a start. Some also feel our body aura vibrating. The vibrations are caused by energetic changes after emotional clearing has taken place.
39. Communication with Spirit. Contact with angels, spirit guides, and other divine entities. Channeling. More and more people seem to be given this opportunity. Feeling inspiration and downloading information that takes form as writing, painting, ideas, communications, dance, etc.
40. Changes in prayer or meditation.  Not feeling the same sensations as before. Not having the same experience of being in contact with Spirit. Difficulty in focusing. This may happen because we may be in more instant and constant communion with Spirit now and the sensation may therefore be altered. We can adapt to this feeling as we are actually thinking and acting in partnership with Spirit most of the time now. We may find our meditation periods shorter.
41. We find a spiritual track that makes sense to us and “speaks to us” at the most profound levels. Suddenly we are gaining a perspective that we would never have considered before. We hunger to know more. We read, share with others, ask questions, and go inside to discover more about who we are and why we are here.
42. Integration: We become emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually stronger and clearer. We feel as if you are in alignment with our Higher Self.
43. Moments of joy and bliss. A deep abiding sense of peace and knowing that we are never alone.
44. Living our purpose: We know that we are finally doing what we came to this earth for. New skills and gifts are emerging, especially healing ones. Our life and work experiences are now converging and starting to make sense.  We are finally going to use them all.


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There are more symptoms to share, so please watch your inbox for my upcoming newsletters.

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