Hi <<Name>>
Are you at a tipping point in your business?
Ready to be inspired, to break through your transition, and liberate what you no longer need?

Are you thinking through 2016 and in your creative process?
Does the environment you're in no longer support where you're headed?
Do you love the mystical and the practical?
Would you love to refresh, recalibrate and clarify your passions?
Hang out in the company of caring, imaginative,
visionary entrepreneurs and professionals like yourself.



Some of you wrote to say you missed the email for the early bird registration. Add in a few serendipitous glitches along the way and the result is your opportunity.

We have a new location at
Skamania Cove Resort in Stevenson, WA!

I am offering an additional opportunity for the extra-early bird registration for the last 3 spots through Wednesday December 2, 12 midnight  Pacific.


Register Here!

Come sink into the beautiful and casual comfort of Skamania Cove Resort, away from your normal environs, while you craft ‘what is’ into your what’s-next.

In the last retreat, participants gained clarity on their new way forward, liberated what held them still, gained the internal 'permission' for a bold creative step, set promotions in motion, increased their confidence, and left feeling renewed in their trust and enthusiasm that they are 'on target.'

Be refreshed, nourished and inspired by the Columbia River Gorge. We'll be riverside at Skamania Coves Resort with a hot tub, fire place, fire pit, and art galleries, restaurants, and Christmas festivities in Stevenson, Washington.

Soak in the majesty, the beauty, the synergy of like-minds, nature, play, and guided creative and transformative time while you immerse yourself in the business you love and that wants you most.

We live in a world now where our 'security'--and our deepest happiness--is sourced from our willingness to live our true nature and most unique purpose. Ground yourself into yours.

Sample Schedule:


7:00 – 9:30 Free time for strolling by the river, yoga, exercise, personal meditation, coffee, and conversation with fellow creative alchemists

8:30 - 10:00 Breakfast

10:00 Workshop

12:00 Play and Free time

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Workshop

4:00 Nature/Freetime

5:30 Appetizers by the fire


Please note: This is a sample schedule for Saturday. Activities and workshop time will change according to the group’s needs and weather to maximize a personalized experience and opportunities to be outside by the fire, playing, and interaction that catalyzes your intentions. Each retreat is unique.
We'll begin with hearty lunch on Friday at 1:00, have workshop and free time, evening "appetizers" and goodies (which are filling). Then your evening is free for conversation, the hot tub, reading, walking, or whatever you choose.


Hosted By...

December 4th & 5th
Friday 1:00 noon to 7:00p.m.
Saturday 9:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.



Join entrepreneurs like yourself who:

  • Value building their business (of one or many) as wholehearted as it is prosperous
  • Are inspired to ride the leading edge of their lives
  • Are drawn to organic and intuitive strategy
  • Are pioneering AND would love to meet more of their tribe
  • Know that the business and life you love and that love you back are created from your inner world.
  • Love the synergy of high-magic that melds intellect and heart with people like yourself.
You may be at a crossroads of success, ready to craft your next adventure, be inspired, and discern/dissolve what’s no longer needed. Or as successful as you’ve been something isn’t working anymore. You may feel empty, exhausted, out of rhythm, bored, or just want to do it differently.

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Engage brain transforming and meditative practices for creating the business you love and that loves you back.
  • Deepen your relationship to your intuition
  • Move beyond control, striving, limitations, and linear goal setting as a way of creating
  • Leap frog your skills in using the subtleties of change collaborating on your behalf
  • Create a new relationship with your dreams to form and navigate your constantly evolving business
  • Experience and learn the principles of Creative Alchemy for ongoing mastery
  • Learn to interact with creativity and resistance for unleashing your creative process.
  • Craft your life and livelihood wholeheartedly and prosperously.
  • Liberation. Always. Experience energy technologies as I engage collectively and individually for liberating your true nature from identities no longer useful, ways of creating, beliefs, griefs, the in-between, patterns, and completed phases. When we want to create something new, we must ‘make room.’
  • Spend time in nature and simply let it do its magic.
  • Be nourished and moved by beauty, like-minds and hearts, great food and accommodations, guided instruction, peacefulness, and relaxation.
  • Play and relax.

Overnight Accommodation options are as follows:

  • There are two guest cottages. One with 1 king, one queen and a queen sleeper sofa plus two full baths. The second with 1 king, 1 queen and a full size sleeper sofa and 1 bath. There is one bed room and the sleeper sofas remaining.
  • Our meeting space will be in the living room of one of the houses, next to the fire.
  • We are right next to the river for shoreline strolling.
  • Friday lunch, Saturday breakfast and snacks/appetizers are provided. Friday and Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner or additional.
Step into Creative Possibility here!

3 spaces remaining. Is one of them yours?

 Accommodations are first come first serve. There are up to 8 overnight accommodations with full baths, depending whether you choose single or double occupancy. 


$888 After December 2nd.
There are no refunds available for this retreat. Jump in!