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Keep waking up,
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Keep Waking Up...
You know when you’re brainstorming a list of something, after about 10 or so, the instruction is to “keep going”? The point of the instruction is to move you past the superficial, the typical layers and conversation you have with yourself. To go beyond what you settle for and your comfort zones.
At that point, we begin to tap into something deeper. The surprising and unexpected arrives. Imagination kicks in. Something you didn’t remember you knew comes clear. The epiphanies change you. 
A few weeks into this historic time in our lives, we’re going past 10. We’ve been expelled out of our ruts into a new world that we are all creating together. Past the initial disorder, loss, past the initial challenge, the closet sorting, the garden planting, the ecstasy of quietness, and initial opportunities…we’re going deeper. 
Keep waking up! You’re on a roll. 
Try this: choose something you have decided to create this year. It could be an income goal, a health intention, a writing goal, scaling your company, a project, a remodel, a relationship. Make a list of all the benefits of succeeding at it. 
When you come to a pause, whether that’s 10 or 25, keep going. There’s a richness there for you and others that you haven’t thought of; that will inspire and empower your intention. That require you to become greater than you are. That help you let go of what you thought were impediments, or any small-ness-es you didn’t realize you were holding onto. 
Include what you are likely to learn along the way; what possibilities and opportunities become available to you, the ways it happens that are right for you. Whatever your intention, it’s bigger than you at the moment and wants to remind you of something you’ve forgotten about yourself.
In every phase of life, vitality, and action, man's highest aspiration should be to advance himself to a higher level, to make himself better mentally and physically. ~ D.D. Palmer, 1910
“Every moment of one's existence one is growing into more or retreating into less. One is always living a little more or dying a little bit. ~Norman Mailer
We are here to grow. Whether a dis-ease is in an individual body or in the body of humanity, each of us is a cell with an opportunity to be part of our greater vitality. To synthesize what we have learned and experienced so far in Corona Time, be it through rest, sickness, time with family, being outside, solitude, or working more.
We’ve taken it all in and now it’s time to retool, to make something new, into a coherent whole. To take our rest and purchases, our adventures and zoom calls, our organization and creations, our stresses and our walks. To see the benefits to ourselves and others. To synthesize and make room for more as we emerge in the coming weeks and months, as if we planned this. Because in some way, as we know in the quantum world, we did. And we continue to. It’s our reality to create, individually and collectively.
Keep waking up. It’s working. You’re on a roll.©

Here's to more of You in the world, 


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"So much has changed in so little time. I appreciate you so much, Shelley."

~ Christine Reino, Mortgage Lender
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