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Instead of thinking of settling for enough,
How about stepping off the plateau 
Into the unlimited?



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Stepping off the Plateau...

During plateaus, it can look like nothing is happening when everything is happening. Plateaus gives us the opportunity to catch our breath. Survey the scene. Realize what we’ve been missing or leaving out. Integrate everything so far. Finish a cycle of transformation and step into a new future. 
It’s fitting that we would begin to emerge from Corona Time with two eclipses this month. One lunar and one solar. I’ll leave the various meanings for you to research, but the basic meaning of eclipses is easy; a transition where darkness and light meet, like a cosmic handoff; saying, okay, I’m complete with that one. Now, more light.
During a week where it is evident that upheaval is a norm for a while and shadows have emerged along with light to break down old structures, remember, we are making room for the new. Structures, thinking, consciousness, that take us to much greater places and potentials than we’ve been living in or that the old structures could support. 
While Corona Time moves through its phases, with some emerging out of sequestering, we get to ask ourselves, are we going to step into a same old concept of life—equality, rhythm, abundance, relationship, health, business, finances, kindness—or step into a new future?
“I don’t need that much,” a client said to me this week. At the same time, she is seeking to multiply her income and investments, scale her company, open to more love. Of course you don’t need much and the more abundant you feel, the less you need.
True abundance, though, has a creative energy rushing through it. It must evolve, give, willingly receive, desire more life to be expressed. The problem with the phrase, “I don’t need much,” is that it can be stifling to the creative impulse within you that has so much to accomplish as you; a rationalization that distances you from the more complete expression that life/source/the field/omnipotence/original substance wants to express as you.
How much life will you allow to be expressed through you, as you?
It reminds me of a story Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, tells of another writer who described the embracing of an idea moving through her. If she was in the garden, she would run to the house to write it down before the brilliant thought passed her by and on to another willing writer who would capture it on the page and expound upon it.
Our desires are much like that. Life sees if we will embrace them, align with them, become the writer-of-life that it is expressed through them. Or if that energy needs to move on to another willing participant in the quantum field willing to receive, create, dissolve their doubts and limitations, and become more.
So, your desires to scale your company, for the love of your life, to feel existential belonging, bliss, to win the race, to finish your book—all of it—is that life seeking expression. Then you get to transform, evolve, move, to align and connect with it in such a way that is right for you, that feels enlivening, peaceful, blissful to your energy system, body, and desired life rhythm. 
Who would you have to become, then, to align with life in this way? With your desires? To step off this Corona Time plateau and into the unlimited?
Here's to more of You in the world, 


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