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The past sometimes repeats itself
Like phantom pains
Give them the attention they deserve
Which is the wisdom you have now
From a past that no longer exists;
Receive whatever it has left to offer you,
including passing on by.



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Phantoms forward...

What have been the themes in Corona Time for you? What happened for you toward the beginning? Are you noticing more along that same theme now? Does it relate to a big theme in your life? Relationship? A sense of self? House? Receiving? Grief? Hiring an assistant? Belonging? More space? Trusting in your future? Family? Healing? Wealth? 
As the societal emerging starts and stops and goes forward again, you may likewise experience nuances of personal issues and patterns you thought you were free of brushing through. I like to call them phantom pains. 
Oftentimes amputees have what are called phantom pains when they feel pain in a part of a limb they no longer have. What’s moving now in many lives are phantom pains. Areas where you’ve done a lot of personal evolution, transformation and there is a very important nuance of the same thing moving through now to propel you forward.
Phantom pains to an amputee aren’t there to remind them of the sorrow of what they’ve lost, but that they are a whole person. Their body remembers the value of toes just as you are to remember the value of your past without living there any longer.

Phantom pains in our lives are like speedbumps that slow us down and get our attention. If we barrel over them, they rattle us and the landing can hurt. If we take the time to slow down and pay attention, we glide over, relatively speaking, and gain something more.
Possibly much more, because you are willing to see a past that has prepared you for this moment of propulsion, this next phase of life, and is now seeking completion. This is a very important moment. Don’t get lost or caught in the feeling of something repeating itself or that you have somehow failed. 
Keep moving over and beyond the speedbump. It’s here to guide you to a much richer, bigger, deeper place. 
Are old structures in your life dissolving? Do you find similar issues coming up in a relationship, yet you’re speaking to it from your new self? Has a new business opportunity arrived from a seemingly old direction, yet you’re in a new place to receive it? Is an area of your body acting up again yet with a new message of completion? Is it time to hire someone new to support your move forward? Have you been challenged to trust your intuition? Is it on fire like never before?
Notice the internal and external structures you still need to let go of, those that need building, and those you’ve built and are ready to support you for where you’re going. This is not the time to get fed up. It’s the time to take care of yourself, slow down and glide over the speedbump; or grab the cup of water in the race and find your pace for the next leg of the run. 
The power is in you. Support is ready for you. Use the tools you’ve developed, or find new ones and more support, to connect with yourself and receive what it has to offer you or know whether to pass on by. 

Here's to more of You in the world, 


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