HGBA March 17 Newsletter

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Dear Member

A leaflet entitled ‘Introducing Your Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan’ is currently being delivered to all Harpenden residents.
The  leaflet incorporates a well thought-out survey about the future of Harpenden.
It has been produced by Harpenden Town Council who are being advised by Nexus Planning.

The Harpenden Green Belt Association urges you to complete the hard copy survey the Town Council has sent you and to return it in the pre-paid envelope.
Other members of your household may wish to ‘have their say’ online at
We would particularly encourage younger members of the household to make their views known, as they have not tended to respond to previous consultations in large numbers.
The closing date for responding is 10 April 2017. 
Some of the critical issues that face Harpenden’s residents are to be found in the Harpenden Green Belt Association’s newsletters. For example in this newsletter.
St Albans District Council has spent the last three years producing a draft Strategic Local Plan which The Planning Inspectorate has, somewhat unsurprisingly in our view, found inadequate.

The two parties are now contestants in the High Court.
The completion of a Neighbourhood Plan by end-2017, produced with the full involvement of Harpenden residents and with the help of Nexus Planning, will be of great interest to The Planning Inspectorate.
Planning inspectors are professional and  independent. They  will pay great attention to a reasoned Neighbourhood Plan which has sought the views of residents and which is based on facts and not political wrangling.
If your District Council fails in the High Court, the door will be just that bit more open for developers to submit speculative proposals which may well be self-serving rather than in the interests of Harpenden residents.
So please do complete the Town Council’s survey.

Thank you.

David Rankin
The Harpenden Green Belt Association

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