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Welcome to the 1st edition of the newsletter (Jan 2015)

Across Europe, Public Employment Services (PES) and their employees are facing fundamental challenges to the design and delivery of efficient and effective services. Most are in the process of developing new approaches towards combatting rising unemployment and demographic change. PES have been actively broadening the scope (and depth) of services offered face-to-face and/or online to clients. In this context, new solutions are required to feed into the transformation of PES and to inform and support the professional identity of PES practitioners and managers. In May 2014, the European Commission introduced formal regulation for PES Co-operation
The official launch of the Public Employment Services Network (a new cooperation structure helping Member States further coordinate their policies and actions against unemployment and reinforcing the European economic governance framework) took place on 23rd September 2014. The PES Network 'Work Programme 2015' was agreed by the Network Board on 1st December 2014. More detailed plans and priorities will feature in our second edition Newsletter.
... so watch this space!
What is EmployID? European Public Employment Services (PES) and its employees are facing fundamental challenges to the delivery of efficient and effective services and need to change their strategies to combat rising unemployment and demographic change. EmployID, a four-year EC Framework 7 funded development project (2014-2018) designed to find innovative solutions that support practitioner learning and professional identity transformation. Find out what are the objectives and the main activities we are implementing to achieve this goal. [ + ]
Labour market information (LMI) is what PES want.
The effective use of ICT and labour market intelligence and  information (LMI) in PES is crucial.   The first phase of the user engagement process gave a clear steer to the project team for immediate development activities. Close working links with PES resulted in a clear message that will impact on how EmployID proceeds. Efficient use of technologies to provide accessible labour market information and new forms of engagement with employers, practitioners and individual clients presents new opportunities for 'proof of concept' and innovative approaches [ + ]
Our latest publications
  • Reflection as Support for Career Adaptability: A Concept for Reflective Learning in Public Administration
  • The Role of Facilitation in Technology-Enhanced Learning for Public Employment Services
  • Designing for knowledge maturing: from knowledge-driven software to supporting the facilitation of knowledge development
  • Introducing learning innovation in public employment services. What role can facilitation play?

Public Employment Services are core stakeholder in EmployID. Continue to read what are some of the issues faced by real Public Employment Practitioners that the EmployID aims to tackle... [ + ]
On October 10, 2014, Professor Jenny Bimrose, Warwick University Institute for Employment Research (IER), England presented a keynote address focusing on EmployID at the Irish Research Council (New Foundations Scheme). The conference aim was to support Limerick’s regeneration initiatives’ for unemployed citizens through partnership building and collaboration. Professor Alan Brown, Warwick University Institute for Employment Research (IER) and Dr Deirdre Hughes, Pontydsygu contributed to the workshop seminars. Full details of the conference proceedings can be downloaded here.
EmployID invited German-speaking associate partners to the first associate partner meeting in Karlsruhe. Eleven members have engaged in discussions along the learning scenarios that we have created from the outcome of our workshops, interviews and meetings with different stakeholders and experts.
The exchange was mutually inspiring, and we've been able to kick off joint activities, such as working on the coaching & facilitation competence framework. And we're looking forward to welcoming all members to our next associate partner meeting on October 16, 2015 in London (we´ll keep you informed).
The second edition of the EmployID newsletter will be available in Spring 2015.
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