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  Filling Up With Fun

Did you know that many European countries have 3-5 week mandatory “holidays” where the countries pretty much shut down except for the tourist industry? Did you know that only 38% of Americans use all of their vacation time?... What’s wrong with this picture?

heart and sunflowersAs part of my push for this year’s theme of “Love and Laughter”, I want to remind you to engage in some good and intentional fun—not just taking the annual beach trip or going to the pool, but instilling a daily mission to laugh, play, and relax more. You know you want more of these…. Fess up! But it’s up to you to add these important elements of life into your daily experience. The article below titled A Confession of Fun: How Play Enhances Soul Health will hopefully inspire a bit more of that good ol’ fun into your own daily routine.

Speaking of fun… take a look at my video describing Soul Health Travel, my newest way to help enhance your overall wellness, and also my article regarding transformational travel that was recently featured in the Natural Triad magazine.

I will be spending the summer months relaxing a bit myself, but also planning for upcoming workshops and classes for the fall and winter months. Don’t forget to check out the link to the Southeastern Spiritual Conference, where I will be doing a three-part afternoon workshop and also offering an evening discussion/meditation. Stay tuned for more information on other future offerings.

In the meantime, I wish you a nourishing summer of fabulous fun and leisure!

              In shared light,             

           Katherine T. Kelly
          Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 A Confession of Fun:
How Play Enhances Soul Health

I’m embarrassed to admit what you’re about to read….. I forgot the importance of play. Literally and figuratively.

Joy is sunshine for your soul.Years ago, I said that my first book would be about adult play. From early in my life, I observed that the adults around me didn’t have enough fun. They balked at the idea of being goofy, avoided laughing just for the sake of laughing, and undoubtedly worked far more than they played. Somehow we got the idea that we were lazy or irresponsible if we allowed joy into our lives. Instead, we’ve instilled guilt into those who choose to enjoy fun and leisure and came to believe that those who “indulge” in too many joyful activities are behaving badly through such reckless use of time.

This awareness stimulated my mission to write a book about how adults need to have more fun in order to live more radiant lives. I did presentations in graduate school about the importance of play, I bought Play Doh and Slinkys for workshop participants, and I read all of the research I could find on the positive benefit of fun and leisure on our physical and emotional health. I did what I could at the time to illuminate the fact that fun was a key aspect of our everyday experience as humans—one that is healthy and also second nature for anyone experiencing the human condition.

Then I got busy. And I got stressed. Life took over, and throughout the completion of graduate school as well as in the early years of my career, the notion of sending the message of fun got lost… just like in most adults. I forgot my mission.

Even when I was creating my “whole” health model, the fun and leisure 
branch of health was overlooked until I had a conversation with a client about the different aspects of wellness. In the middle of the session, it dawned on me that the branch that I had once so strongly endorsed had been swept to the shadows. Right at that moment, I realized why the system felt incomplete, and soon after the final link of the soul’s influence on each aspect of our existence clicked as well. Our soul—the voice of our inner truth—rules our lives so much that it seemed inadequate to call the model anything other than The Soul Health Model. Fun completed the model and raised it to the level of evolution instead of remaining an inessential element of the human condition.

Fun feeds our soul, and no one can convince me that the healthiest person on earth omits this essential ingredient from their lives. In fact, I would go as far as to say that humor saves lives. Research is clear that laughter decreases stress, helps us fight illness, improves our outlook on life, and much more.  

Without the nourishment of fun, our souls can starve, wither, and most definitely lose that radiance that is an inherent right for all of us. But with healthy and frequent doses of this elixir of life, we can remain buoyant even when life tries to dunk us under.

I’m curious—have you forgotten fun? What do you do for to play? What feeds your soul? Are you lacking humor? How do you use laughter to lighten even the heaviest situation? When was the last time you intentionally scheduled fun into your life?

I would love to hear from you and also hear any specific stories of the use of laughter that show the powerful healing that can take place when you have allowed yourself a good dose. Email me at I plan to compile a list of “reminders” for others who have forgotten their own way down the fun and leisure path.
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Southeastern Spiritual Conference
June 10-14
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 Heart Challenge

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It's a Jungle Out There!It's a Jungle Out There:
Humor and Wisdom for Living and Loving Life

by Meiji Stewart
Illustrated by David Blaisdell

For those quote and cartoon lovers out there, this is fun little find! I've had this book in my waiting room as long as I've been in private practice. The pages are bent, the cover is worn, and the number of laughs it has brought cannot be counted. This book offers simple words of wisdom through the quotes of many, but with fun cartoons and images that are sure to give you a chuckle. Sometimes we need something to trigger our joy and this little book won't disappoint you.
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