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  Passage of Time


heart in snowTime flies, and it definitely feels like this year was a blur through its many twists and turns. Pretty much everyone I know experienced major life changes in the last twelve months, and I’m sure we all hope for smoother waters in 2016.  

My focus for 2015 was “Love and Laughter”, and I’m hoping that you can honestly say you have incorporated more of both into your life. The biggest challenge in times of change is to remain loving while also keeping a sense of humor—not an easy task under difficult circumstances. But our overall health clearly benefits from our commitment to integrate these important values into day-to-day living.

Our evolution relies on our ability to weather the storms of life—the tests of the human condition. And there’s no better time than the present to take a look at what we need to leave behind so that we can move forward on our soul’s path to radiant health. With this in mind, the article below, titled “Clarity with Closure” will help you assess what you can learn from the events of the year while also preparing to take yourself to new heights in 2016.

In the next few weeks, you will get a sneak preview of what’s to come in 2016—and let me just say that I’m SO EXCITED to reveal the many ways that you can join me on the path to radiant living! My 2016 schedule is full of opportunities to learn more about how to better care for yourself—and your soul— and I’m looking forward to serving as your guide to optimal health.

In the meantime, I would love for you to join me next Monday for the monthly Soul Health Study/ Discussion Group at the Soul Health Center. This month’s talk and meditation will include methods of “Cleansing the Soul” to allow you to end the year with closure from anything that has hindered your growth and evolution. Click here for more information.

Wishing you a wonderful end of the year, complete with love, laughter, and anticipation for what 2016 will bring!

        In shared light,            

           Katherine T. Kelly
          Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 Clarity With Closure

Many people know that I call myself “Closure Queen”. I look for every opportunity to assess what I call the golden nuggets nuggets of goldof growth— the things that I’m supposed to learn from the twists and turns of life so that I can appreciate how the human condition is seasoning my soul along the way. This year offered many opportunities for evolution, and because I’m still gleaning what I can from my experiences, I am very well aware that I have more to learn about how this thing called life really works.

The winter months invite us to hunker down, reflect, and settle in to assimilate our experiences so that our evolution can take place, often without an awareness that this is even occurring. Becoming conscious of this process not only enhances our growth, but also facilitates our evolution far beyond what it would be if we didn’t work to be aware of these essential times of development.

The following steps outline my end-of-year ritual for conscious evolution which will guide you through your own closure process:

  1. Take time to list the major events of this year, noting what happened, how you felt, what changed as a result of these events, and of course, what you think you were supposed to learn from your experiences. Doing this life review allows you to more consciously explore and affirm your growth, while making the effort to evaluate further areas of exploration.

  2. Ponder how different you would be if these events didn’t happen, and take time to be grateful for the growth you experienced, regardless of the challenges you faced. By acknowledging our evolution—particularly in difficult times—we feel more empowered, rather than victimized, by the events of life. This way, we realize that these events happen to enhance and facilitate our evolution, instead of taking something away or delaying our growth.  

  1. Release what no longer serves you. I hold an annual ritual of “cleaning out” what no longer fits or serves my overall well-being. I literally go through all drawers, closets, boxes, books, etc. to release the items that I no longer want or just don’t fit who I am anymore. I also read through old journals, thinking about what habits, behaviors, thoughts, ideas, and sometimes even the people who no longer serve my highest good.Then I burn and discard these journals and notes to formally release the old energies that they hold.  

  1. Set an evolutionary “theme” that you can work on through the upcoming year. New Year’s resolutions don’t stick, so I encourage people to set a “theme” or two for the upcoming year that represents how you want to grow and evolve in the months to come. A theme for the year might be that you want to have more fun or be more adventuresome. Many activities can be undertaken to incorporate both of these themes into your life, without the pressure or burden of hitting some arbitrary goal that won’t necessarily change your life.  

  1. Share your thoughts with others. It’s always better to have a buddy system when trying to instill long-lasting change. You can check in with one another to hold each other accountable, but also discuss roadblocks, points of learning, and other aspects of your year’s evolution.  

Your evolution is in your hands.  As we wind down the year, make a commitment to do your own life review so that you can ensure your radiant soul health for 2016. You won’t regret the time invested, and you will guarantee your ongoing growth.

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January 19, 2016
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