Extreme GMO-Marketing Deception Play at Codex

By Katherine Carroll, NHF Executive Director

November 20, 2018
Laira De La Vega, NHF Public Relations Director interviews  Scott Tips (NHF) President
When you buy organic, you hope it really IS organic. NHF already fights at Codex in China to get pesticide residues out of “organic” produce. In a similar vein, now Scott Tips, NHF President and head of delegation at the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) in Berlin, which meets the week after Thanksgiving, will defend YOUR right to know what is in your food. NHF demands label transparency.

In an unprecedented move, the greatest label-deception is being attempted. Big corporate interests and their pet government “regulators” will try to sneak GMOs in under a “bio” label. (The word “bio” or “life” is generally recognized as “organic” in France, Belgium, and most of the EU.) Biofortification just SOUNDS healthy. Talk about using a loaded word…. So, while biofortification doesn’t mean organic but simply fortified, you certainly wouldn’t expect any fortification designed to increase nutritional value or assimilation to include GMO fortification, would you? Well, the original plan at Codex was to exclude GMOs, but some of the Codex players had other ideas in mind and that is why there will be a big battle at the upcoming meeting.

NHF took YOUR Voice to Codex in advance, submitting our position, exercising our right to provide written statements and science to Codex, and taking a stand against GMO foods being allowed under a biofortification label.  Please read and let us know your thoughts by emailing The VITAL submission is here:
Scott Tips preparing Codex arguments.
NHF will submit other Codex comments and present arguments (called “interventions”) at the CCNFSDU meeting itself, all while many of you are having an extended Thanksgiving with family. Watch our social media (Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo channels) for real-time exclusive news from NHF coming from behind the closed doors where there are typically NO reporters apart from NHF. The health of you and your loved ones depends on NHF presence at Codex. We aren’t called the “Conscience of Codex” for nothing. Our only agenda is a HEALTHY YOU and the 7 billion other individuals on the Planet, not whether we can make money off of people’s ill health as seems to be the agenda of all too many at Codex.

NHF Public Relations Director, Laira De La Vega, interviewed Scott Tips November 18th detailing NHF history and accomplishments as well as upcoming work, including the Berlin “Nutrition” meeting. Be sure to watch the whole video. There is valuable history you’ll want to understand as well as work upcoming you will want to be aware and involved in.

Thanks to the faithful support of NHF members and those who receive NHF email communications such as our last invitation to contribute, NHF is funded for battle at Codex in Berlin. We don’t receive funding from anyone but members and fans. You came through and we will certainly come through for you as well!

If you missed your chance to contribute, NHF has Codex meetings in China, Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR) and Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA) to attend in Spring 2019 AND THESE ARE NOT FUNDED YET nor are meetings in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and more. With your help and support, we will be at all of those Codex meetings and more to fight for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  We have much to be thankful for from our faithful members and supporters such as you.

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