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The Special General Meeting - Results
The recent invitation to the NBEA Special General Meeting resulted in 45 people attending, either in person at the Sport NB office in Fredericton, via Zoom, or by proxy.
The purpose of the meeting was to approve some changes to the NBEA Constitution that had been developed by an NBEA committee and approved by the Board. Most of the changes were housekeeping – updating some of the membership categories and tidying up some of the language. All of these changes were approved.
The largest change was a section that removed nominations for directors at large from the floor at our AGMs, and implemented a Nomination Committee. The details for establishing the committee and a time line for its work was a new amendment.
It was a lengthy meeting in which many points of view were shared, and issues with the wording of other sections of the constitution were raised.
In the end, the motion was passed to accept the clause regarding the use of a nominating committee. As a result, a call has gone out to senior members who might be interested in serving on the Nominations Committee. If you did not receive that dedicated email or see the post on our Facebook page, check out the info and application documents for more info. Deadline is July 12th. 
Start thinking about letting your name stand to become a Director at Large for the NBEA in 2022! Details on how nominations will work will be coming out very shortly.
Other sections of the Constitution, specifically Sections 5a2 and 5a6, will be revisited and brought before the membership either at the AGM or at a second Special General Meeting for that purpose. Clarification regarding how appointed members of the Board of Directors arrive in their spots needs to be added as well.
We are sincerely grateful to all the interested people who contributed to this effort. The NBEA is constantly growing and adapting, and our Constitution needs to reflect the best possible practices for doing business in a fair and transparent way. We’re happy to have people share their concerns and ideas for change.
AVC Visits
Dr. Kathleen MacMillan and Dr. Martha Mellish from AVC have scheduled the following visits to Fredericton (in-clinic) during summer 2022.  Moncton (on-site) visits will be either scheduled on an as needed basis or added on to a Fredericton visit as time allows. 
July 19-21, 2022 Dr. Mellish
August 23-25, 2022 Dr. Mellish
September 13-15, 2022 Dr. MacMillan
You can book an appointment directly by calling us at AVC @ 1-844-566-0992Please provide all necessary background information and indicate if you have been working with a DAAF veterinarian.

We're happy to hear more people are taking advantage of this spsecialist service. If we don't use it, we'll lose it. 
First Show Funding - It’s Not Too Late
The NBEA is paying the whole tab for up to 15 riders who are trying out a sanctioned competition for the first time, and there are a few spaces left.
If you have not shown in a sanctioned dressage show, hunter/jumper show, or eventing competition of any kind, this is your year. Register with us and we’ll pay the entire cost of your entry – classes; drug, office, and levy fees; even stabling!
Check out the details and submit the registration form Choose from the full list of bronze or gold EC-sanctioned competitions found here.
Microchip ID for Horses
Dr. Kathleen MacMillan, equine veterinarian & associate professor at the Atlantic Veterinarian College, recently shared her expertise on inserting, using, and scanning microchips as ID devices for horses.
 More and more, competition associations, breed registries, and veterinary practices are requiring horses to be microchipped. This inexpensive procedure has many advantages, including protection in the case of loss, theft, illegal sale, and misrepresentation. The horse’s age and ownership history are tracked as well.
Enjoy our video with Dr. MacMillan as she introduces us to microchipping for horses.

Valley Horse & Saddle Club – 50 Years and Counting!
It’s an amazing feat that any single equestrian interest group survives for half a century, let alone thrives, but that’s the accomplishment of the Valley Horse & Saddle Club, based in Zone 2.
Formed by a group of horsemen in 1972, the club has maintained its character of warm welcome and social comradery while offering all manner of equestrian learning opportunities and competitions. The group boasts a dedicated competition facility in Bairdsville, with permanent stabling for 48 and all amenities for a comfortable stay.
Valley Horse & Saddle Club 50th Anniversary Dinner
At the club grounds, Bairdsville, NB on Thursday, July 28th
All former members and clinicians are welcome!
Cost $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for children 12 and under
You must RSVP by Tuesday, July 12th to:

Liz Sullivan

Funding...for You!
       Did you know…?
While the NBEA funds a wide range of programs, each zone in the province with an active committee has its own separate budget available to help fund athlete and organizer endeavors. This money comes as grants directly to each committee from its regional branch of Sport NB..
Your zone committee may be able to help fund:
• rider attendance at clinics and activities
• in some cases can help fund the organizers as well
• upgrading training for coaches
• coaching certification costs
• rider level testing costs
• attendance at events outside the zone, where similar training/events are not available in the zone
• coaches and candidates First Aid training
• prep or updating clinics
• mileage to become certified to do rider level testing, registration fees for seminars, etc.
• officials’ training too!
Participants must be NBEA members living in the Zone, and event clinicians or facilitators must be NCCP certified or recognized by their professional association (a vet, for example).
Take a look at our NBEA Zones page and reach out to the committee contact person at work in your zone.. In most cases, all you have to do to receive funding is to ask, by completing a simple form. Often, zones are left with thousands of dollars available for which no one applies. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to inquire!
Coach Prep Clinics for Candidates
A western coaching prep clinic is planned for September with clinician Helen Smith of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Helen is tentatively set to return a month later for a western coach evaluation. Anyone interested in western instructor certification is urged to contact Cyndy Toner at
Another English prep clinic for potential instructors and competition coaches in slated for August 8th. The location will depend on registered participants, aiming for something central to most. Clinician will be Coach Developer Valerie Phelan. Details can be found on our Coaching News 2022 webpage.
Congratulations to the recipients of Rider Levels awarded in the past month:
English Level 1
Khloe Kilpatrick 
Ava Slaunwhite
Morgan Allaby
Abby Dorcas
Ava Trail
Brenna Gallant
English Level 2
Victoria Robinson
Raya Gaddas
Sarah Nesbitt
Jenah Jones

English Level 4
Ava McKinnon     
Katy Sooley
Sam Hoar     

English Level 6
Valerie O'Hara  
Special congratulations goes out to four riders who were tested recently at Carriage Hill Equestrian Centre by evaluator Cyndy Toner. All four riders successfully acquired western Rider Level 4 – the highest western level. Congrats to:
•  Elizabeth Boisvert
•  Madelyn Levandier
•  Jennifer Corbett
•  Lily Durepos
The riders are shown in order l-r with evaluator Cyndy Toner (left).

Horse Health Check Tool from Equine Guelph
Learn to do a thorough and correct assessment of your horse’s current health using the Health Check tool from Equine Guelph. Hover over each title around the horse illustration for a quick overview, then click to start a video that demonstrates each procedure. This interactive tool is an invaluable guide to check your horse's vitals and other important points that should be carefully monitored. Also included in the resources is a beautiful poster that can be downloaded and printed for your barn.
In Memoriam

Poul Jorgensen

The NBEA wishes to extend sincere condolences to the family and friends of Poul Jorgensen. Poul served on the NBEA Board of Directors for many years, including a turn as president. He worked hard for the NB trails system and was a man with great love of family and nature. He passed away waiting for a double lung transplant. He will be missed.
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