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English Coaching Certification 2022
It’s a busy spring, as we gear up toward the first of two English coach certification evaluations in June.
Lunging Demonstrations. Coach evaluators will demonstrate the longing techniques needed for Rider Levels 5 and 6, and then model lunge lessons as they need to be taught in the English Instructor and Competition Coach evaluation. Everyone is welcome to attend, not just coaching candidates. Please register beforehand – no admissions taken at the door.
April 23rd – Geary Hill Stables, Valerie Phelan, 1:00 – 3:00 pm
April 24th – Moncton Area, Donna McInnis, 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Deadline: Extended to April 21st  
Details and registration form can be found here
Preparation Clinics
Two weekends are on offer for English Instructor and Comp Coach prep. Each weekend will follow the format of a real evaluation, with lessons being assigned and taught under saddle, on the lunge, in the stable, and over fences for those who wish. Attendance for both full days is required and numbers are limited. We’ve reached out to everyone who has indicated interest but if we’re missed you, you can find details here.  
April 30/May 1 and May 7th & 8th. Both weekends will be held in the greater Fredericton area. Venues depend on numbers, needs, and weather.
The June evaluation will happen on June 4th and 5th , and we already have committed participants. Those waiting for the October evaluation will be able to take advantage of more prep clinics being held throughout the summer months, as will individual mentoring for those who are interested.
If you have any questions about coach certification or the upcoming activities, please contact us at
AVC Visits – Reminder
The Atlantic Veterinary College has scheduled the following visits to Fredericton (in-clinic) during winter/spring 2022. Moncton (on-site) visits will be either scheduled on an as needed basis or added on to a Fredericton visit as time allows.
• April 26-28, 2020 Dr. MacMillan
• May 17-19, 2022 Dr. MacMillan
You can book an appointment directly by calling us at AVC @ 1-844-566-0992. Please provide all necessary background information and indicate if you have been working with a DAAF veterinarian.
NBDAAF veterinarians will continue to provide routine and emergency general practitioner services per usual.
Deadline – Youth Bursaries!
It’s time! Applications for one of the TEN $500 bursaries available this year are due in to the NBEA office by November 22nd. Young riders between the ages of 14 and 18 are encouraged to check the requirements and apply.
New Brunswick Pony Club riders may be eligible for an NBEA Bursary too! We will accept a Pony Club level OR an EC Rider Level as one of the requirements. If you have any Pony Club level and you meet the other criteria, please apply.
More details and application forms can be found on our Youth Bursary 2022 webpage.
Safe Sport Policies
Dozens of hours have been spent by members of the NBEA Board of Directors on reviewing, updated, and creating a new set of policies surrounding Safe Sport. All seven policies were approved and adopted at the last Board meeting on March 27th.
This hard work met requirements from both the national level (EC) and the provincial Safe Sport branch. The resulting policies have been closely vetted by the director of Safe Sport, Jamie Shanks. Several EC policies have been adopted by the NBEA in the past as well.
The policies apply to all NBEA members. To see the final versions, please visit our Governance webpage.
Safe Sport Requirements for EC Sport Licence Holders Extended


New for competitors in EC-sanctioned shows this year, senior sport licence holders are required to complete two mandatory Safe Sport courses - "EC Concussion Awareness" and "Fostering Healthy Equestrian Environments". They are free if you have purchased your EC sport licence.
Originally, the deadline to have taken these free courses was March 31st.  However, as the site experienced technical difficulties in the middle of last month, the deadline has been extended to April 30th.
To access the courses:
  1. Log into your MyEC portal
  2. On the left-side toolbar, click on "Access ECampus".
  3. Under the "Catalog" tab, click on "E Learning", then scroll to find "EC Concussion Awareness" and "Fostering Healthy Environments"
There will be a 30-day grace period for the completion of the two Safe Sport courses for Sport License holders renewing their license after April 30, 2022. If you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out to or call toll-free: 1-866-282-8395.
Membership Services Expand
Our online membership purchasing system, HorseReg, is about to take on new partners. Soon, you will be able to add your Horse Trials New Brunswick and/or your Dressage New Brunswick memberships to your cart when you renew your NBEA. Wheels are turning as we speak and HorseReg is working with HTNB and DNB now to get those capabilities up and running. You will also be able to log in and purchase those memberships separately whenever you need them, just like you can do for your Ride & Drive registration. Soon, provincial memberships will be a one-stop shop!
Equestrian Coaching Theory
Recently, the NBEA welcomed Master Learning Facilitator and western coaching evaluator Helen Smith of Halifax to Fredericton. Helen spent a weekend teaching aspiring and current instructors and coaches the Equestrian Coaching Theory course.
This workshop takes participants through activities that help them learn to plan and implement teaching sessions and programs, and analyse performance of their students. The additional module, “Making Ethical Decisions”, was also delivered to those who hadn’t already taken this training.
It was an information-packed weekend, and Valerie Phelan also participated as part of her training to become a Facilitator of the theory course herself.
The Maritime Quarter Horse Association is delighted to bring the Equine Review back for 2022.
May 14th and 15th, 2022
Princess Louise Park
MQHA Equine Review is an annual equestrian event that brings together the Maritime Province's to celebrate, educate, compete and shop under one roof. Multiple vendors, services, breed clubs, clinics and competitions are packed into two days of non-stop action. This event is open to the public at an admission charge of $5.00...this fee allows you to audit all clinics. The Maritime Quarter Horse Association is your Host of this great event along with many amazing sponsors that make it possible to bring to our event top clinicians from the USA and Local.
Special clinician: Jeff Temple
Other clinics and demos will take place throughout the weekend.
This year’s Review also includes a Youth Tack Exchange
Equine Review Website
Equine Review Facebook page
Another reminder: The MQHA’s first competition at the PLP goes July 1- 4th.
Where does it all go?
The NBEA spends a lot of time writing and mailing cheques. A huge percentage of the yearly budget goes directly into the hands of members, like you!

    ♦  Rider Level funding: every rider who achieves English Rider level 4 and up receives funding, from $50 to $100. Every rider who achieves western level 3 or 4 receives $50. In 2021, that totalled $2800.
    ♦  Youth Bursaries: $5000
    ♦  Ride and Drive prizes: $3500
    ♦  Pony Club grants: $1500 for achievement of D1
    ♦  Coach Certification Incentive Funding: $500 to each newly certified instructor or coach
     ♦  Long Term Equestrian Development program: $30 000
     ♦  Competitions – $15 000
                    •  Officials funding for all sanctioned shows that meet biosecurity standards
                    •  Funding for competitions that use new stewards
                    •  NBEA Bronze Championships, including free show entries those who competed at prior shows in the season
                    •  Year-end awards
     ♦  Travel & team funding for regional championships in previous years: $12 000
That's nearly $70,000. In addition, there are special initiatives each year aimed at education, recreation, and/or athlete, coach, and officials’ development.

As far as we can determine, the NBEA programs put more money directly into the hands of members than any other PTSO. Considering our size, that’s impressive! 
Foshay 2022
Dates for the series of the Foshay series of eventing competitions have changed slightly since last month’s newsletter. Please adjust your calendars.
Take a look at this overview of the HTNB fun clinic series (check out the names of the clinics!):
With clinics offered at Brae Fearann, Peekaboo Corner, Foshay South and Foshay International, get out on our local cross-country courses to practice with Certified Clinicians before competing at the same venues!
“FOUR mounted clinics focused on introducing and developing riders in the various aspects of eventing (dressage, stadium jumping, cross-country, and derby) and preparing them for competition. Clinics are designed to help riders develop solid skills in their division (Starter, Pre-Entry, Entry, Pre-Training, Training+) with a goal of advancing through to the next division by the end of the season. A maximum of 20 riders for each clinic will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and you can register individually as well”
Cost if you sign up for all 4 is $400. Receive $200 back if you attend at least one EC combined test, derby, or horse trial!
Tentative schedule:
May 15 - Combined Test - Foshay Jemseg (Starter-Prelim) (if flooded - Foshay South)
June 5 - Combined Test - Foshay Jemseg (Starter-Prelim)
June 11 – Combined Derby - Brae Fearann (Pre-Entry – Pre-Training)
July 24 - Combined Test - Foshay Jemseg (Starter to Prelim)
July 30 – Combined Derby - Brae Fearann (Pre-Entry – Training)
August 7 - Combined Derby - Foshay Jemseg (Starter to Prelim)
September 4 - Foshay Horse Trial – Foshay Jemseg (Starter to Prelim)
October 9 - Foshay Horse Trial – Foshay Jemseg (Starter-Prelim)
The series also includes a free, bonus, unmounted session on nutrition with Sonita Pouliot, registered holistic nutritionist. Check out the link above for details.
ZONE 2 News

This year is the Valley Horse & Saddle Club 50th anniversary!  Part of the celebrations included a contest to design the 50th anniversary logo. This was won by Lisa Booth.  A $50.00 gift certificate from North Stream Farm Tack Shop was the prize, and this was generously donated by Ken Tompkins. 
A dedicated Facebook page has been launched for the anniversary as well.

And great news! The Valley Horse & Saddle Club has received a large grant that will enable them to construct a new canteen and announcers booth, refurbish the washrooms, and re -do perimeter fencing.   
A total of ten clinics will be hosted by the club over this spring and summer at their grounds in Bairdsville, (near Perth –Andover), featuring the annual week-long clinic with Helen Smith   The demand for this clinic was so high that a 2nd week long clinic is planned as well.  The clinics cover a wide range of topics, from groundwork to working equitation.   Melanie Gray will hold two special workshops focusing on ELC (Explore; Learn; Challenge).
During the week long Helen Smith clinic, July 25 – 29th, there will be a celebration for the grand opening of the new building, and a dinner for old and new VHSC members, under the tent on the club grounds.  
   Pony Club News    
The NB-PEI Pony Club Region hosted a very successful examiners clinic April 9-10 at Hampton Riding Centre.  We had 12 participants from NB, PEI and NS come to start the process to become a Pony Club Examiner, or to do some professional updating. This clinic was facilitated by Heather Touchie Blakely and Jennifer Hanson, 2 Senior Examiners for Canadian Pony Club.
The clinic was a hands-on session to explain the process of Pony Club testing, as well as demonstrations by riders at the D-C1 Pony Club levels. Thank you to our Demo Riders!

New Brunswick Draft Horse Association
Two NBDHA-sanctioned events are being planned so far:
1.) NBEX in Fredericton will be from Sunday, September 4th - Wednesday, September 7th.
2.) A fall NBDHA show will be held in Sussex from Friday, Sept 30 to Sunday, Oct 2. 
A number of county fairs are starting to release their dates. As we confirm which dates draft horse classes will be held on, we will post in our Facebook group
This month’s query comes from Anne:
I know there is a new rule for coaching at sanctioned horse shows in 2022. Can you explain it?
Thanks for your question, Anne.
As we’ve said before, Equestrian Canada has been mandated by the federal government to incorporate Safe Sport measures. One of them is the “Coach Status” program, which ensures that coaches have first aid, a criminal record check, concussion and safe sport training, and insurance. By 2025, every coach at a sanctioned show will have to be NCCP certified and have an EC Coach Licence.
As part of the transition to this end result, coaches at sanctioned shows this year must have at least a Registered Coach status. This credential ensures the person has the five requirements above. S/he may be certified or not, but the person is at least cleared for the safe sport necessities and is hopefully on the way to full certification and a Coach License.
Entry forms this year will include a line to declare your coach, or to indicate that you are self-coached. This will help officials keep track.
This is the time line for EC’s rule changes as we move the end goal in 2025:
If you have a question about coaching in New Brunswick, please contact
Equine Guelph
A brand-new Sport Horse Injury/Lameness course is being offered by Equine Guelph and instructor Dr. Brianne Henderson of Rivendell Equine Veterinary Services. This short course will run from April 25 – May 6, 2022. Participants will learn daily practices that can optimize health and performance and reduce the risk of lameness issues in their athletic horses.  Everything from early detection, footing and exercise regime can have an impact on soundness.
For more details, click on this link. NBEA members receive a 15% discount on the cost of registration.
April Dubbed Vaccination Education Month by Equine Guelph
Sanctioned shows must ask for flu and EVH (rhino) vaccinations. Equestrian Canada rules include timelines for how far out from a competition the vaccinations must be administered. Artical A519
Most sanctioned competitions in NB also require at least strangles too, plus a negative Coggins. Learn about good vaccination programs and make a plan with your vet before horses begin travelling for the 2022 season. (Even if your horse doesn't travel, some diseases are insect-borne, so he's still at risk!)
Check out all this great information on the various options for protecting your horse. Ultimately, the decision lies with you and your veterinarian.
Western Dressage

Did you know that all competitions hosted by Dressage New Brunswick offer western dressage classes?
Have you seen the tests at each level of western dressage?
Just hearing about western dressage now? Take a look at this great intro video from US Equestrian.

Equine Health Online Seminar Series

Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine presents an Equine Seminar Series. These monthly virtual talks on Zoom are presented by equine experts on important equine health and management topics. The seminars are free to attend and open to the public. 

Currently scheduled:

  • Complications of Equine Castration - April 19 6-7 p.m. EST

  • Help! My vet heard a heart murmur! What does that mean? - May 17 6-7 p.m. EST

Watch the Cornell Equine Hospital webpage for further dates and topics.

Membership Renewal
If you haven’t already, please plan to renew your NBEA membership for 2022. Don’t take the risk of handling or riding horses without the $5 million liability coverage. You could be liable should your horse cause damage or injury to a third party. Make sure your other benefits continue as well, including eligibility for funding from the NBEA and your zone, communications, and more. Click here to see the whole list!
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