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Producer's Letter

Read our latest Producer's Letter (link) including details on what's coming next, Patch 1.123, MTX, and much, much more! 

Grab Bag

The Grab Bag returns to the Herald, bi-weekly! Read our first of 2017 here and latest Grab Bag here.

You can send any questions you have for our Grab Bags through our submission form!

Patch 1.122C


As stated in the recent Producer’s Letter, this patch is focused on drawing back some of the pet and Necromancer changes from 1.122B. These adjustments should bring down the impact of pets on especially smaller-scale fights while the Necromancer changes are targeted at both the large and small scale. 

In tandem with the pet changes and as mentioned in the Producer's Letter as well, Light Tanks will have their pet procs removed this version. This removal is designed to focus in on the Light Tank role as dangerous frontline damage dealers and to draw away from their current role as major frontline interrupters. We would prefer focusing in on melee hybrids and support in that frontline interrupt role in upcoming versions. 

Since we are dealing with several pet-related and Light Tank role changes already, we've gone ahead and adjusted many of the pet-proccing weapons as well, replacing many of their pet-procs with other, less game-changing abilities this version. This is a first, small step towards the overarching goal of reducing the power of many of the item /uses and procs as well as also making the above Light Tank changes more comprehensive.

While we think these adjustments address much of your feedback on these issues, we realize that more adjustments will be needed overall and especially on classes that haven’t been touched this patch. We fully expect to address those in the upcoming 1.123 patch and beyond.

In addition to the class and item changes, another focus of this patch was adding some much requested quality of life features to the 1.122B and earlier RvR changes such as a UI display for Buggane’s Obelisk ownership and current status of the dynamic population bonus, adding a teleport directly to relic towns, and more! Finally, many requested bug fixes are also included such as fixes for a mouse cursor control issue, other characters disappearing occasionally, and more!


John Thornhill
Dark Age of Camelot


Full notes for Patch 1.122C can be found here

Our new PvE campaign, A Dragon's Curse, launched with Patch 1.122C. Check out the prologue ingame now!


There is an un...easy tension stirring in Albion. Commander Selan and her companions, King Constantine’s chosen heroes, have been given authority over this unusual phenomenon. There is quite the uproar occurring near Albion’s grand church. Find Commander Selan and speak to her!


Roshak has been assigned to investigate the distrubance in Malmohous by King Eirik and is ruminating on who should lead the expedition. Theso, leader of an unruly band of treasure hunters and scoundrels known as the Frozen Torch, is now leading the forefront to find lost Midgard relics. The only way to stop these treasures from falling into the wrong hands is to find them first, and that’s just what Sigrun of the Shield of Valhalla, a sect of Valkyries and other soldiers loyal to Midgard’s ancestry, plans to do. Visit Roshak in the Assembly Hall and then find Sigrun and Theso arguing near the Burial Grounds in Jordheim.


The Veil has become unstable, and we’ve dispatched Hibernian Magi to try and quell the disruption. On top of that, a Glimmerling has ventured from Sheeroe Hills and has come to Tir Na Nog seeking an alliance in regards to the unstable rift. The Glimmer working with Hibernia is a rare occurrence indeed, and is worth at least hearing out this messenger. Our Tailtiu allies have escorted the Glimmer here, and Supreme Eldritch Cystilla has been assigned to oversee the matter at the rift's entrance.


The Rites of Spring

Springtime is upon us again, and with the warmth and renewed bloom of the landscape an ancient menace will soon return!

The deceptively cuddly Harbinger of Spring will find its way onto Ellan Vannin soon. The Kings of the Realms have placed a bounty on this beast for any who wish to drive the menace out of their lands and to collect the coveted Gem of the Harbinger!

The Rites of Spring event will run from Friday, April 14th through Monday, April 24th.


A selection of ingame shots from around the frontiers.

Camelot in the News

Kotaku reporter Robert Zak recently spent some time in Dark Age of Camelot and has written a funny and charming article on DAoC and his adventures.

My approach to exploring MMOs has so far been infused with a fair bit of slightly wanky critical distance: I’ve been fascinated far more by the passion of the communities, and hearing about what they love in these games, rather than getting massively immersed in the worlds myself. But I have to admit that taking part in a nocturnal siege in Dark Age of Camelot, where trebuchets, catapults and a thousand spells barraged the heavily-fortified keep of an infamously stubborn and defensive Midgardian general, was utterly riveting. Maybe there is yet some magic to this strange world...

Read Robert's full article on Kotaku 

Tips n Tricks

Main Assist Macro.

Create a macro to aid in assisting by typing the following: /macro MA /macro X /assist %t

This will make a button that says [MA], place that on a Qbar that isn't used.
Now Target the player that is the assigned Main Assist and press that [MA] button, this makes a button that says [X], now put that button on your qbar next to your styles and when you hit it you will be assisting the target you had when you created the [x].

This is a reusable one click MA macro, all you have to do is target the Main Assist and hit [MA] and the [x] it makes, is your assist button.

Accolades and Remembrance

In January, the former EU GOA servers Gamemaster Stephan “Sephta” Schmid passed away from illness. Sephta was mostly active on the servers Logres and Dartmoor. Many of our EU players met him at Games Convention in Leipzig, or ingame as helpful Lurikeen or Valkyn. To honour his memory and commitment to DAoC and its wonderful community, a Sephta NPC has been placed in each capital city.

If you would like to give congrats, well wishes, or remembrance to anyone please contact our Community Lead, Carol (Beibhinn), on the Postcount forums.

Community Spotlight

One of the best things about DAoC is our amazing community, the best MMO community in our opinion! This section of our newsletter aims to highlight guilds and individuals in our community, and give a little insight into the heart of the DAoC! Our first spotlight starts with the Hibernian guild:


The Federation of Hibernia

Tell us about your guild name and how it came about.
Federation of Hibernia, also known as FoH. Solic and friends moved to Hibernia which at the time was full of fractured guilds. They wanted to build a guild with a friendly name that could represent the realm to its highest capacity while harboring a fun community environment.

Tell us a bit about your guild.
My favorite part of FoH is that it is very well rounded. From new players to "old-dogs", we have many different levels of experience to tap into for resource. We have active Officers both is EU and US time zones so we can cover all of our bases on guild involvement/management. We are very hands-on with our members and the amount of help that is poured out from everyone is what makes our community stand out from the rest.

Are you part of an alliance?
FoH is part of the Armyn ab Treanid Alliance. 19 guilds and counting, the /as chat in game is always incredibly helpful. We actively run with our friends from I Heuter des Waldes I, Le Cercle Solaire, Wrath, Divine Honor, and Swamp Donkey Ninjas, to just name a few guilds. 

What is the day to day life of your guild like?
Day to day operations of FoH has a lot of activity. We host organized reoccurring public events multiple times a week with different scheduled raids a few times a month. On Mondays, you can find many of our members battling it out in Molvik. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we're generally out in NF fine tuning our "big boy" RvR skills. On Wednesdays, FoH members are storming the Otherworldly questline helping fellow Hibernia players get much desired gear for templates. Fridays are epic battlegroup xp PL sessions for anyone and everyone to join. Saturdays and Sunday generally consist of scheduled raids or just doing whatever together as a realm.

What playstyles does your guild take part in?
Aside from our shenanigans and comical relief, we have a wide range of serious players vs. casual, RvR players vs. PvP players, learners vs. teachers, etc. No matter who is online, you can find someone to group with for what your preferred taste of play is or what you need to accomplish. If someone to help isn't in game at that specific time of your need, our Officers are always available outside of game to get a planned event on the schedule. Whatever someone needs, FoH can get it done through teamwork.

Are you currently recruiting?
Oh, yes! I would have to say that we are in a constant state of recruitment. New and returning players are coming in every week and active current subscribers are hungry for the sense of community they get a glimpse of when they join our hosted events. Even when we aren't shouting in region about recruitment, we still see new members joining frequently. It's really a blossoming experience to be a part of. At any given time, someone can invite you into guild.

How does someone contact you if they wish to find out more, or apply to join? (ingame/social media/etc)
FoH markets events on multiple facets. We have our guild website where our members have access to discussion boards, events, forums, etc. We also post our events on the Regulators Alliance website. FoH utilizes the Armyn Ab Treanid Alliance facebook group to market events. There is a DAoC events page that Lilith admins as well. We are active in multiple DAoC discords with other well-known players across all three realms and we have a small presence on Any time of any day, you can find a FoH member in one way or fashion. You can often find that FoH members/Officers have DAoC specific email addresses as well. We heavily use Teamspeak3 as means for communication while in game.

Thanks to Lilith and FoH for taking the time to answer our questions!

From the desk of our German Community Admin, Lea!

Beginnend mit dieser Ausgabe werden unsere Newsletter nun auch immer einen Abschnitt auf Deutsch für unsere deutschsprachigen Spieler enthalten. In diesem findet ihr Informationen und Beiträge, die vor allem für die deutschsprachige Community von Interesse sind sowie eine kurze Zusammenfassung der Inhalte des jeweiligen Newsletters. Wenn ihr News habt, von denen ihr denkt, dass sie in den Newsletter gehören, lasst es unsere deutsche Community Administratorin, Shileah, über die wissen!
Brief des Produzenten
Der im Februar erschienene Brief des Produzenten blickt zurück auf die kürzlich vorgenommen Änderungen und gibt einen Ausblick auf das, was wir für DAoC in der nächsten Zeit erwarten können.
Freitags Grab Bag
Ebenfalls zurück ist die Grab Bag, in der Fragen aus der Community beantwortet werden. Die Grab Bag erscheint alle zwei Wochen. Die erste Ausgabe nach der Pause beantwortet Fragen zur optischen Anzeige von aktiven Fähigkeiten, die Handhabung von Feedback, Verfügbarkeit von Gegenständen, den verfallenen Festungen sowie zum Stand von Supporter-Klassen. Klickt hier, um den Artikel zu lesen!
Kommende Events
Ostern steht vor der Tür und damit auch wieder die traditionelle Dark Age of Camelot-Karnickeljagd! Vom 14. bis 24. April 2017 geht es auf Ellan Vannin dem wehrhaften Langohr an den Kragen. Alle Informationen zum Mümmelmann-Massaker werden natürlich vorher auf dem Camelot Herald und der deutschen DAoC-Info-Newsseite veröffentlicht werden, also haltet die Augen offen, um die Details nicht zu verpassen!
Glückwünsche und Gedenken
Im Januar mussten wir uns schweren Herzens von Stephan „Sephta“ Schmid verabschieden, einem unserer ehemaligen Gamemaster auf den EU-Servern von GOA. Sephta war vor allem auf den Servern Lorges und Dartmoor aktiv, wo er mit der Hilfe der Volunteer-Gilden Helfer von Logres bzw. Helfer von Dartmoor unzählige Male vielen Spielern zur Hilfe kam und oft für Gespräche und Diskussionen zur Verfügung stand. Dieses Jahr nun hat Sephta den Kampf gegen eine Erkrankung verloren. Seine Liebe galt insbesondere dem kleinen Volk der Lurikeen sowie den Valkyn. Zu seinen Ehren findet ihr in jeder Hauptstadt einen NPC, der seinen Gamemaster-Charakteren nachempfunden war.
Deutsche Informationen und Ressourcen
Lange Zeit war es schwierig, an deutschsprachige Informationen zu unserem Lieblingsspiel zu kommen und sich mit anderen deutschsprachigen Spielern außerhalb des Spiels selbst auseinanderzusetzen. Seit einer Weile könnt ihr alle Newsmeldungen, die auf dem Camelot Herald veröffentlicht werden, auf Deutsch übersetzt auf finden. Außerdem gibt es ein deutschsprachiges Unterforum auf sowie einen deutschsprachigen Unterkanal auf dem Ywain-Discord-Server Schaut vorbei und sagt Hallo!

A Look Ahead

  • Patch 1.123 is just around the corner, scheduled for late Spring!
    • Focusing on several aspects of Class Balance:
      • Shaman Cave, Druid Nature, and Cleric Smite specialization improvements
      • General improvements to the Skald and Minstrel
      • Assassin melee specialization adjustments
      • Normalizing burst damage across all Light Tanks a bit more
      • Melee and utility improvements to several hybrid classes such as Mauler, Friar, Reaver, Champion, Vampiir, Thane, and Valkyrie
      • Additional adjustments to various pet-based classes based on post-1.122C feedback!
    • Introducing our first foray into MTX with the introduction of a new mount type as well as some cosmetic variations of popular armors!
    • Item /uses and procs, along with the ability to stack multiple item-based abilities at once, will be toned down to help shift the focus of combat back to class and realm abilities instead of equipment!
  • Chapter 1 of the new campaign, A Dragon’s Curse, releases on April 4th!
  • Beware the sharp, pointy teeth of the Harbinger of Spring coming mid-April!
  • Finally, the website’s revamp continues, with an item database due out soon!

Dark Destiny

The Veil. It is endless. It is the end of all things. An orange expanse of nothing, yet…everything. We are all the Veil. We start as the Veil, and we will end as the Veil. I have learned as much by now...

Those who can harness it are deemed gods. But there are no gods here. No, just…. life. Life like you and I back home. Kings, queens, magi, slaves, beasts, and dragons. They are all here. Yes – dragons. And so it seems, after all, that we do indeed share something with those mighty terrors. We are not bound to reality. We are all the Veil. Alas, I am getting ahead of myself. Allow me to start at the beginning...continue reading


Bonds of Ice

Ice, snow, frost. Blood, war, honor. These are the minerals from which Northmen are forged. We are men made of stone. Should the fiercest foe stand before us…it matters not.

Our frostbitten axes and iron hammers will conquer any enemy. We have proven ourselves. Gjalpinulva. A dragon. What a beauty she was. Some may remember those times as dark and filled with death. No – Midgard was never more alive. The mead-halls were filled with Warriors! Skalds sang of her frozen glare! Warrior after Warrior marched into Malmohus, ready to be welcomed by the gates of Valhalla! But Gjalpinulva had a death sentence. Midgard made sure of that...continue reading


The Last Breath


They say that when you take the last breath of life, that you go to a better place. This a false promise. To them, I am what the Creator is to us. I am a being of the light, of hope, of a greater promise. I am what they once were and with their callowness, what they wish to be again.

But it is thanks to them that I am telling you this now. For even in the darkest hour of the night sky, there are infinite shining stars. So it is true with them, too, as they have proven to me. In the sea of death there is yet still a soul. This changes everything, the very foundation of us all. Perhaps the Northmen were right. Or the Elves. Or all of us, in some way. Perhaps our King is still too out there, in the darkness. Watching us, protecting us, fighting a war that we do not know exists...continue reading


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