All That Matters from the music, online, sports, marketing and gaming industries. A brief of the top articles that caught our attention this week at Branded. 
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All That Matters from the week of March 20-24, 2017

Click here if Spotify and record labels, Sony Music and anime, China’s hottest boyband, Singaporean car-aoke musicians and Pakistan’s music play in Australia matter to you:

Click here if the new F1, German clubs in China, the latest on Southampton FC, baseball in Japan and the Tokyo 2020 golf venue news matter to you:

Click here if Tencent’s profits, app usage in India, websites in under a minute, live broadcasting app Kuaishou and tackling Asia’s final technology frontier matter to you:

Click here if Alibaba and mobile gaming, games publisher profits of 978%, Women in Gaming, Asia’s first reality lounge and mobile eSports matter to you:

Click here if marketing in the digital age, Otterbox in China, 3PG Tigers’ move into e-commerce, adidas’ latest tech venture and Disney as Master Marketer matter to you:

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