Volume 66  Number  12 December 2020 

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This monthly newsletter is to keep the brothers, families and friends of Santa Barbara Lodge No. 192, Scottish Rite Valley of Santa Barbara, York Rite Knights Templar Commandery No. 30 and Royal Arch Chapter Corinthian No. 51, and Santa Barbara Shrine Club up to date on the interesting and informative events of our extended Masonic family. Contact us at the  Santa Barbara Masonic Center office: (805) 966-4502, 16 E. Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2707.
Our December theme is "Goodwill" or "Good Will". You can read uses of both ways in this issue. 

The cover is the Masonry at Work staff and contributors Holiday Season whish to you, our readers.

The Santa Barbara Valley of Scottish Rite participation in the California-wide communication of all twenty-nine Scottish Rite degrees was impressive. See the articles from the Valley participants.

Thanks to WM Pippin for his service leading Santa Barbara Lodge No. 192 and to Bro. Veres for accepting the leadership baton from Bro. Pippin. See the installation information.

Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!

Bruce Rick, Editor and Publisher
Andy Pippin, Finance







SAT-THU  MAY 15-20 2021   GRAND YORK RITE SESSIONS - 9:00 am Visalia  



SAT-THU  MAY 14-19 2022   GRAND YORK RITE SESSIONS - 9:00 am Visalia   


Welcome Santa to the Santa Barbara Masonic Center! 
Please wait for the buzz.

Hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving and now the last Month of the Year!

When you return to the building you will see new entry cameras  and if you come to the lobby, you might find an interesting St. Nick item there. 

From Alphonso and myself, have a great December and Christmas.  See you next year.

Scott Wenz
Temple Manager


        Masonic Properties of Santa Barbara Inc. Board for 2020

                                         Maurice Sourmany, President
                                         Jeff Matson, Vice-President 
                                         Tom Ellis, Secretary
                                         Mark Spurlock-Brown, Treasurer
                                         David Bates, Member-At-Large
Santa Barbara Masonic Lodge No. 192
Trestle Board
Tue Dec 1st – Stated Meeting.  7:30pm.  Zoom id: 892 8362 3780 (passcode: SB192)     https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89283623780?pwd=MjVNbGFNRDhzMFZENnphVGgzS2d3Zz09
Tue Dec 15th – Installation Practice.  7:00pm to 8:00pm.  Zoom id: 674 359 1727  (passcode: SB192)

Tue Dec 17th – Annual Installation of Officers.  7:30pm to 9:00pm.  Zoom id: 674 359 1727  (passcode: SB192)
Lodge 192
Third Degree Anniversary
Robert   Lehman Jr.   12/08    Yrs. 37
Pedro   De La Cruz   12/08     9
Dustin   Ealand   12/14   16
Raul   Anon   12/19   30
Elliott   Dell   12/21    18
Lodge 192
Nikolay   Seraphim   12/04
James   Nail   12/08
Alexander   Black   12/08
Roy   Zbinden   12/17
Thomas   Von Sternberg   12/22
Michael   Lee   12/23
Howard   Cantor   12/24
Bruce   Rick   12/30

Oldest Living Member of  Santa Barbara Lodge No. 192 
John Ben Brown - is 100 years old.
Santa Barbara Lodge No. 192 Officers-elect         for 2021

Wor. Master        Chris Veres
Sr. Warden          Mark Spurlock-Brown
Jr. Warden          TBD 
Treasurer            Rod Castillo
Sec.                     Nevin Chamberlain, PM
Chaplain             Bob Burtness
Sr. Deacon         TBD
Jr. Deacon          Ernie Sandoval
Marshal               Calvin Petersen, PM
Sr. Steward         David Bates
Jr. Steward         Kent Van Donge
Tiler                     Raul Anon, PM
From the East - Station of the Worshipful Master 

Andrew Pippin
 Greetings, Salutations… and Farewells:

The only constant is change.  That change can be as subtle as the changing seasons or happen in the blink of an eye.  Sometimes you don’t comprehend the change.  My life changed forever in 2000 when I entered the doors of the Lodge room for the very first time – I just didn’t know it at the time.  In contrast, my life completely changed later that year within the last 15-seconds of an afternoon motorcycle ride through the Montecito hills.

Masonically speaking, December is a typically a time of reflection.  As a Master, you reflect on the year you led the lodge.  Did you accomplish what you set out to do?  What went right?  What went wrong?  What would you do differently?  What are the short- and long-term consequences of your actions?  But not only should I consider the question “Was I a good Master?”, but also “Was I a good person?”

The fraternity of Past Masters is formed by a group of Masons that have chosen to sacrifice a portion of their life for twelve months (sometimes longer).  Part of the stress of being a Master is making sure you have capable leadership following you.  I’m glad to say that I knew Chris would be up for the important task of leading the lodge back when he nailed the Senior Deacon’s work in the Second Degree.  Over the past three years I have seen his confidence grow.  He truly understands that the Master needs to temper his passions and keep his emotions within boundaries.  Chris, you are going to be a great Master.

I wish this year’s officer corps could have done more.  The friendships formed between officers is something that I treasure – no matter which group.  I used to put 1,000 to 1,500 miles on my car every month attending events.  I really only do it for the friendships I have discovered.  But since March, I’ve filled my gas tank up twice (and my car doesn’t have especially good mileage).  This is why I got so involved in Masonry – the people.

It can be risky to mention people who helped you through the year, as you risk forgetting somebody that performed some essential task for you.  But, I most definitely need to thank my wife who has been at my side for my Masonic Journey. She actually had lots of plans to help me once she retired (in October).  Maybe next time.  (Hopefully she won’t read this.)  But that can’t happen until I complete my Cryptic journey.

This year it is hard to write the farewell message.  After hiding in my office for the last nine months, I feel a little disconnected from the world.  This, too, will pass.  Like many other people, I need to remember the Marine slogan: “Improvise, adapt, and overcome.”
But keep in mind the words of the modern philosopher, Ferris Bueller, who said: “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


Because of all the phishing attempts being sent in email, most email tools will change the URLs and send you to a “spam checker” instead.  Unfortunately, this tends to break the link that will take you directly to the meeting.

Don’t worry!  You don’t need the link to get to the meeting!!! Just go to the main Zoom site (at https://zoom.us/ ) and click on “Join a Meeting” in the upper right.  Type in the meeting number and, when prompted, the password (it is always “SB192”).  As Emiril would say “Boom!”, you are in the meeting.

Until we meet again, may peace be within thy walls.

Andy Pippin, PM
Master, Santa Barbara Lodge, #192
  E: andy@ajpippin.us
  C: (805) 886-5926

From the West - Station of the Senior Warden

Chris Veres
Brethren, Greetings from the West!
I hope the coming Holidays find you safely and merrily spreading some cheer.  It's been a strange, exhausting 2020 indeed- with more than its share of trials and tribulations.  With such a dark year drawing to its close, I think it's appropriate to remember why this season was celebrated by cultures all over the northern hemisphere before any modern religious practices were appended: the Winter Solstice.  As the amount of daily sunlight dwindled to its lowest point (generally around Dec.21st), ancient peoples remembered that the promise of spring lay just around the corner and looked forward to celebrating the renewal of growth and life and light.  If times seems dark or bleak to you, remember that it is Nature's decree that no darkness lasts forever, and that time, patience, and perseverance can accomplish all things.  May the Light grow within you.

As for lodge business, the next event on our docket is the virtual Stated Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 1st.  See Worshipful Pippin's email for login details.  We have an opening for next year's Junior Warden, so if you or anyone you know is willing to serve in that chair, please let me or Wor. Pippin know asap. 

Thursday, Dec. 17th at 7:30pm will be our virtual Annual Installation, where next year's officers will officially assume their roles.  Zoom details will be sent out in early December.  It will be our first every virtual installation, and I know that's unusual or comfortable for some of us, but please make every effort to log on and show next year's officers some support and to hear the newly installed Grand Master Weiss speak.  The roster of incoming officers is:

Master- Chris Veres
Senior Warden- Mark Spurlock-Brown
Junior Warden- TBD
Treasurer- Rod Castillo
Secretary- Wor. Nevin Chamberlain
Asst. Secretary- Wor. Jeff Matson
Chaplain- Robert Burtness
Senior Deacon- Alexander Black
Junior Deacon- Ernie Sandoval
Senior Steward- David Bates
Junior Steward- Kurt Russell
Tiler- Wor. Raul Anon

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can, via Zoom or in person, as soon as is safely possible.  I miss you all very much!
- Chris
From the South - Station of the Junior Warden

Mark Spurlock-Brown

Greetings from the South,

It's not exactly clear that life is going to follow the same pattern. 

We may be going into another quiet month for the lodge, but it's important to remember that even if the lodge isn't meeting regularly, your Masonic family is there for you.  If you need anything, please reach out to your Brothers or MERT directly. as a reminder the MERT number is 805-272-0141.

From the Secretary

Nevin Chamberlain
    COVID 19 is back in the news with renewed vigor and Masonic activity is still restricted to a virtual way of doing things. Grand Lodge has sent the dues notices out as part of the iMember 2.0 revision of the membership program. More on this later.

  Since Masonic activity is restricted, I will tell you what interesting mail that I receive. I heard from some outfit called “Pirate Staffing” in Oxnard; “alpine Capital Research”; Amerifab-Bedding Summer sale: National Hospital Supply, and Allied Appliance. Jack Azar received mail from “Food Safety Educators”. Jack has not been working at the Masonic Temple for decades.

    Glen Neikirk received mail from some outfit called “Square Terminal”, and mail was addressed to Chuck Williams from Microsoft OTR Business sale. Even though Chuck passed away over a year ago, he receives mail regularly.

    Another person who receives mail almost monthly is John Woodruff. John moved to Bakersfield some time ago, but he received an ad for sale of outdoor furniture from “By the Yard”.

      I almost forgot. I received a letter from Alvan Adams who is an inmate at Mule Creek State Prison at Ione, California.  He claims to be a Past Master of Opportunity Lodge #740 in Hawthorne, California. Bro. Adams is soliciting money to buy clothing, food, vitamins etc., and says that there is an account set up to receive donations. He wants us to read this letter at our stated meeting. I will put this one on hold. 

    People think that Santa Barbara Lodge is a business, and with this in mind, I received mail from Anthem Insurance for a Small Business Health Plan.  I also get requests to talk to the President, or the person who is in charge of some aspect of a business. When I tell them that we are not a business, but a fraternal organization, there is some level of irritation from the caller. To some people, the word “Lodge” means that we are a place to stay for a night and so I get requests to rent a room.

    As promised, here is the way to proceed to pay dues. Grand Lodge has mailed dues notices to everybody. You can send your check to me at Santa Barbara Lodge, 16 E. Carrillo Street, 93101, or send your check to Grand Lodge. If you decide to pay online, Grand Lodge will send me the money monthly. The new system does not require the Secretary to issue a dues receipt as members can access their receipt through their "2.0 portal". If you want a receipt, I can create one and send it to you.

    I want to acknowledge the contributions of our Temple Manager, Scott Wenz, in celebrating each season and holiday. Scott decorates our building with the appropriate banners, signs, and memorabilia, including banners draped over the balcony. Deep inside his heart he is a sentimental fellow and I appreciate it.

    I hope that COVID allowed you to celebrate Thanksgiving and that your Christmas will be happy and satisfying.

                                                                 Nevin Chamberlain, Secretary

Visit our Santa Barbara Valley website
Santa Barbara Valley Trestle Board

Wed     2        Zoom meeting/chat 7:00 pm. Scottish Rite S. B. Valley 


Meeting ID: 896 4454 7560 

Fri        4        RiteCare meeting with Foundation 4:00 pm.
                      PR and General Secretary meeting with SGIG., 5:30 pm.

Sat        5        Foundation meeting to include Sean Simms 32°, Andrew Pippin 32° KCCH, Don Goldberg 32° KCCH, Floyd Griffin 33° and Maurice Sourmany 33°.

Wed          9       Valley Stated meeting via Zoom 7:00pm. Use the same Zoom link used in the December 2 meeting.
Wed          16       Zoom meeting/Chat
7:00 pm Use the same Zoom link used in the December 2 meeting.

Thu            17       RiteCare Board Meeting 6:00 pm by Zoom

Wed           23        Zoom Meeting/Chat
7:00 pm. Use the same Zoom link used in the December 2 meeting.

Fri               25       Merry Christmas!

Wed           30        Zoom Meeting/Chat
7:00 pm. Use the same Zoom link used in the December 2 meeting.

Fri                 1       Happy New Year! 

Zoom meetings are reoccurring so the dial  in number, ID and password are the  same each week.

If you have the Zoom App, then just open the app, push “Join Meeting “ give the ID 896 4454 7560 then it will ask for the  password 8aOY*k, that should get you in.

This will be used each week:
Join Zoom Meeting 


Meeting ID: 896 4454 7560 

  Santa Barbara Valley Officers-elect                            for 2021

           S.G.I.G. Appointments
Personal Rep.      Maurice Sourmany, 33°
Treasurer              Scott Wenz, KCCH
Gen'l Secretary    Floyd Griffin, 33°
     Personal Rep. Appointments
Asst. Pers. Rep.   J C. Knapp, 33°
Asst. Pers. Rep    Andy Pippin, KCCH
Asst. Pers. Rep    Ron Ritter, 33°
                Elected Officers
Venerable Mstr.   Peter Champion, KCCH
Wise Master         Rust Kern, 32°
Cmdr.                    Charles Kears,32° 
Mstr. of Kadosh   Robert Sachs,32°
From the Personal Representative to the Sovereign Grand Inspector General of California

Ill. Maurice Sourmany, 33°

Brethren and Friends,

2020 is almost over and what a year it's been!

Who would ever have thought that we would live our lives via zoom? We have had to stay home, wear masks, practice social distancing, have businesses close because of the COVID-19. Through all this, we still have been able to contact each other through zoom, face time, and by phone.

Instead of progressing forward we went backward and Santa Barbara County is back in the purple tier. We all need to take this COVID-19 much more seriously. Hopefully, by summer, the new vaccines will prove to be effective and we will be in a better place. Please practice social distancing and wear your masks. Enough said about this pandemic.

We had our virtual zoom California Orient-wide Reunion on Friday, November 6, and Saturday, November 7. Our Valley had three candidates out of the fifty-eight who registered. Our 22° Team consisted of Illustrious JC. Knapp 33° and Robert Sachs 32°. JC, put the presentation and slides of the 22°, Royal Order of the Axe, together, and Robert read the communication and also gave the obligation for this degree.

A lot of time and effort went into putting this together for us, and the other Valleys also put in the time for their degrees. Our degree was special because Robert Sachs got to obligate his son, Jebeth, who was right next to him throughout the twenty-nine degrees. 

Congratulations to our three newest Masters of the Royal Secret, Don Lee Allen 32°, Craig Zimmerman 32°, and Jebeth Sachs 32°. We know you will become active as soon as we are once again able to meet. Now join us at our zoom meetings and introduce yourselves to the rest of our Valley.

At the November stated meeting, we voted to pay our bills. Following the election of officers and no other business, we closed the regular meeting and opened the annual corporate meeting to elect the new officers for five year terms. It was voted that the transactions of the officers of the corporation for 2020 were okay and the new officers for five-year terms were voted on and by unanimous vote were voted in. They are Illustrious Maurice Sourmany 33°, Secretary, Illustrious Floyd Griffin 33°, Treasurer, Honorable Scott Wenz 32° KCCH and corporate Board members Illustrious Ron Ritter 33°, and Honorable Andrew Pippin 32° KCCH. Our investments have done very well despite the ups and downs of the stock market. For the quarter we were up 4.31% and for the year 13.10%. Our corporation is in very good shape financially.
On December 4, all the RiteCare chairmen will be zooming in for a conference with the California RiteCare Foundation starting at 4:00 pm. At 5:30 pm all the PR’s and General Secretaries will have a zoom meeting with our SGIG, Most Worshipful and Illustrious Frank Loui 33°. On Saturday the 5, there will be a Foundation meeting with Honorable Andrew Pippin 32° KCCH, our Foundation representative, and Don Goldberg 32° KCCH, our delegate to the Foundation, Sean Simms 32°, Illustrious Floyd Griffin 33° and I will also attend the meeting. 

Mary and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May the new year bring us all health and happiness and an end to this pandemic.

The Orator's Corner

Robert Sachs, 32°

‘Tis the Season
by Orator Bob Sachs
     “Peace on Earth. Good Will Towards Men.”
       As one nears the Thanksgiving, the winter holidays, and New Year’s celebrations, this sentiment calls upon our “better angels” in the time of year where the light of day is at its shortest and begins to re-emerge.  The diminishing of the light and the colder days and nights direct our energies inwards and we reflect on what is important in our lives and what really matters.  And in quietude of the seasonal darkness, it is not hard to recognize that our lives are more joyful when we live in a peaceful world.

 And the best way to ensure that that wish becomes real is to reach out family, friends, and those in need with kindness, compassion, and charity.

     But, let’s go further.  Let’s break down this seasonal slogan and put it in the context of our Masonic lessons.

     “Peace on Earth.”
     How do we achieve lasting or sustainable peace in a world which ebbs and flows between times that are serene and times that bring great pain and distress?  No doubt, in a time of environmental chaos, a pandemic, and the vitriol in the political landscape, we are collectively going through such challenging times.

     In keeping with what we hear in the Holy Scriptures, Freemasonry reminds us in our First Degree of our intimate relationship with all of creation.  We are stewards first and that thought should be in our minds foremost when we think of our sewing and reaping in nature’s bounty and confronting the vicissitudes of sickness, poverty, and warfare that arise as reminders of the fragileness of human life.  When our appetites encourage us to exceed what nature can provide and leads to imbalance, we must “circumscribe our desires” to help in the restoring of a sustainable, thriving nature.  When we move our own actions and support changes that overcome the habitual tendency of greed, nature responds and a very grounded Peace becomes evident.
     “Good Will Towards Men.”
     In former days, referring to “men,” was intended to mean all people, men and women.  But, with the obvious disadvantages women have had to endure, it became more acceptable to refer to “mankind.”  But with “mankind” one could also ask, “why not ‘womankind?” And so, the term “humankind” has become more ubiquitously accepted.  Indeed, this is more inclusive.”  

     So, what does it mean to extend “good will” towards all humankind?

    “Good will” can be interpreted as us extending good feelings and trying to correct or make amends in a way that promotes a healing between parties – something that often comes up at holiday and special landmark times.

     “Good will” can also imply that the will we extend to work with or change circumstances arises from our efforts to summon the qualities we associate with us in our “smooth ashlar” potential.

       So in “good will” we go forward and expend our “good will” for the benefit of all concerned, here exemplified in the phrase “towards all humankind.”

     With this intention and effort, we, in Freemasonry, speak of those who can best work and best agree - which is to say in a positive way that we also recognize the truth ihat we can’t always work with everyone, nor agree with them.  Why? Because we each suffer from varying degrees of confusion, attachments to our own preferences, and get defensive with those who do not see the world our way.  These three – known as the Three Poisons in Buddhist philosophy - get in the way of civility, a potent force in easing tensions and mending fences. Understanding this, Masons embark upon a moral education through allegorical lessons, contemplation, meditation, and prayer. Our inner labor is to smooth the rough ashlar tendencies expressed in the Three Poisons and their companion negative emotional states of pride, jealousy, excessive desire, reflexive reaction, avarice, and hatred.  The Scottish Rite mandates also encourages us to confront these poisons seen in their cultural, social, and political guise as ignorance, fanaticism, and tyranny.  Our goal?  We do our best to build a worldly edifice where the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hiram of Tyre, and the beauty envisioned by Hiram Abif brings inspiration and greater light into our daily lives.

     We first become a Mason in our hearts.  I think at some point, this thought dawns upon us all.  I see Freemasonry as the personification of what Buddhists describe as our inherent loving nature.  Thus, what Freemasonry sees as the ideals we see in good men made better is that which the Supreme Grand architect has already endowed us with.  And our Masonic journey is the process of awakening that leads to a very logical conclusion - that when we circumscribe our desires and labor with all the tools Freemasonry makes available to us, “Peace on Earth” is best achieved when we extend good will towards all humankind.  We start with our own transformation, the support and care of our families, the communities in which our families thrive, and finally, our entire earth and all of the nature that makes us possible to eat, drink, and be merry, i.e. to CELEBRATE! 

      In such a state of moral uprightness and knowing better the purpose for which our Great Creator has spake us into this existence, we selflessly extend these opportunities to all who share our desire to celebrate every moment in Peace on Earth.

Furthermore, the greatest joy we shall see in our Masonic journey is when the efforts we extend will also kindle a spark in another to also learn, then know, and act upon that loving nature, that good will which beats in every breast. 

      Happy Holidays!

Valley Membership Achievement Project (VMAP)
                     Santa Barbara Valley Communicates the 22°                                                 at the Orient of California Reunion
Brethren and Friends,

We just finished up the first virtual Scottish Rite degrees for the Orient of California.  

Our Personal Representative to the S.G.I.G., Ill. Maurice Sourmany, 33°, introduced the 22nd degree, Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus. “Sympathy with the great laboring classes, respect for labor itself, and resolution to do some good work in our day and generation, these are the lessons of this Degree, and they are purely Masonic.

Masonry has made a workingman and his associates the Heroes of her principal legend, and himself the companion of Kings. The idea is as simple and true as it is sublime. From first to last, Masonry is work. It venerates the Grand Architect of the Universe. It commemorates the building of a Temple. Its principal emblems are the working tools of Masons and Artisans. It preserves the name of the first worker in brass and iron as one of its passwords. When the Brethren meet together, they are at labor. The Master is the overseer who sets the craft to work and gives them proper instruction. "Masonry is the apotheosis of WORK”. (Albert Pike, 1915)  

Our degree was very well presented by Robert Sachs, 32°, who had the privilege of obligating his son, Jabeth, in person.

Our other candidates, Craig Zimmerman and Donald Allen, were watching, like the rest of us, from afar.

Bob was the only presenter of any Valley that had a candidate with him on location.  It was outstanding.

All twenty-nine degrees were presented in narrative form with graphic support.  We had several Past Grand Masters actively involved, generally during the presentation of the five mandatory degrees, the 4th, 14th, 18th, 30th and 32nd.  Ill Frank Loui, 33° presented the mandatory degrees, with the obligations narrated by Past Grand Masters.
Your Valley degree team is already working on ways to improve our presentation and are giving some thought to using Lodge Room 2 as the backdrop.  Of course, that will only take place when we can get back into our Masonic buildings per the Grand Master’s direction.

The Reunion feedback was very favorable.  Members indicated that as each degree was presented, a new piece of the puzzle fit into place in their masonic journey.  

Masonry is just that, a journey for knowledge, Masonry gives each of us tools to be use in our daily lives by which to build better relationships, better lives, and better communities.  Truly, we could use some of this in our current situation.

We were informed that over 500 plus registered for this event, with 131 of them being candidates.  Now we must get our newly obligated Brethren actively involved and on the pathway to greater knowledge!

J C. Knapp, 33°, Director of the Work.

Your Valley VMAP contact is  Ill. JC. Knapp 33° at "JC. Knapp" jc@utech.net or call the Santa Barbara Valley office at (805) 965-6100.

California Orient Reunion 22° Degree Emblem
                          Reflections on a Historical Reunion 
                            by Robert Sachs,
32°, Valley Orator 
When it was announced by Ill. Frank Loui, 33°, Orient of California Sovereign Grand Inspector General (SGIG) to his Personal Representative to the Valley of Santa Barbara, Ill. Maurice Sourmany, 33°, that a virtual Scottish Rite Orient-wide Reunion was allowed and, in fact, planned for early November, a number of Brothers got to work.  

  Although our Valley had been slated to give the 22nd Degree, “Knight of the Royale Axe, or Prince of Libanus,” at the planned in-person Reunion in June 2020, and subsequently cancelled, it was decided for the virtual affair, that we should plan to offer the same 22nd Degree.

   But, rather than a team of actors following a scripted degree, a recorded Synopsis by  Ill. James Tresner 33° GC (Guthrie Valley OK), would be followed by one or two members of each Valley to Communicate the main or salient points of the degree, followed by the Obligation.  This was to be the game plan for most participating Valleys, but not ours.

     PR Maurice and Brothers Hon. Bruce Rick, 32° KCCH and Ill. JC. Knapp, 33° saw a unique opportunity.  They asked me if I would represent the Valley as the reader of both the Communication and Obligation.  Furthermore, as one of our candidates was my son, Bro. Jabeth Sachs, we could do what most Valleys could not.  As my son, Jabeth, has lived on our property since the shutdown in March, there was no risk of us being in the same room.  I could thus have my son as an in-person exemplar and offer a face-to-face Obligation. The other Valley candidates Donald Allen and Craig Zimmerman watched from their homes.

     Brother Jabeth also does amazing video work and has done this for bands, county officials, and bars wanting virtual entertainment during the pandemic.  We, therefore, set the room up with the San Luis Obispo Scottish Rite banner and stage lighting, before which we would stand when it came turn for us to be on camera for our Valley's degree.  

      Bro. JC. produced visuals for the "The Prince of Libanus” Degree and its Communication material with a bit of my assistance, using the most salient part of the degree script.  I rehearsed my part several times before we went “live” and had an opportunity to test our connection on the November 1st dry run with Brothers Ill. Mario Balbiani, 33° (P.R. Sacramento Valley) and Hon. 32° KCCH Marty Cusing (P.R. Burlingame Valley).  Meanwhile, Brother Tim Cook, 32° crafted an exquisite, well-proportioned axe jewel crowned with our Valley’s Scottish Rite pin which was hung on a ribbon.  The Axe is the symbolic emblem 22nd Degree and one was made for each member of the Santa Barbara Degree Team. The ribboned-axe  was delivered to me on the Thursday before the festivities began on Friday by biker JC.

     The Friday and Saturday of the “communication” of our Scottish Rite twenty-nine Degrees was quite moving, both for my son and me.  As a student of anachronistic weaponry and fighting, Jabeth has several classic sword types of the Middle Ages.  He sat in his chair, holding firm his sword when it came to each Obligation.  And, as a gamer, he saw how many of the characters and stories that form the themes for many games derive from our Western mythic and esoteric traditions and have been used over the years as allegories for our Degrees.

     But standing and facing each other, me reciting the Communication and Obligation and he repeating and committing to the Obligation (without the sword!)  was reminiscent of the time I had the great fortune of conferring our Blue Lodge Third Degree on him.  But, it went deeper.  It was a bonding of father and son, Brother and Brother, celebrating the path of Knighthood, work in the Scottish Rite, and in this instance, standing as Princes of Libanus.

Valley of Santa Barbara

                                       CeAOR Fall Virtual Retreat
                 by Robert Sachs, AOR Meditation Instructor

If you are interested in the Academy of Reflection and you are a 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason, contact Superintendent Larry Cook of the Academy of Formation for the Valley of Santa Barbara Orient of California (larry.cook242@gmail.com) or Robert Sachs (robertsachs2020@gmail.com

Academy of Reflection Application
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We know this is a difficult time for many people in our community, but we hope you can support us in our end of the year fundraiser. All donations received go directly to providing free speech, language and reading therapy to children in the Santa Barbara area. Please see the flyer below for details. 

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WED January 6    CORINTHIAN CHAPTER NO. 51                                           of   ROYAL ARCH MASONS
Communication Under Review 

MON  January 18    VENTURA COUNCIL NO. 15                                           of CRYPTIC MASONS
                                Communication Under Review

WED  February    3   ST. OMER COMMANDERY NO. 30                                        of KNIGHTS TEMPLAR MASONS                          Conclave Under Review
Corinthian Chapter No. 51 Officers

High Priest              Andy Pippin
King                         Jon Jorgensen                Scribe                      Maurice Sourmany
Treasurer                 Pat Lennon
Secretary                 Raul Anon

Jewel of the High Priest
We may not yet be able to meet in person, but many Lodges and even the Grand York Rite bodies are holding virtual meetings. I encourage you attend the meetings of the Lodge.



 Joseph Rudyard Kipling
Journalist, Author, Poet, Nobel Prize winner (1906)
and Freemason

by Edgar W. Fentum, PGHP, KTCH, KYGCH
He was born in Bombay now called (Mumbai) in British India on 30th December, 1865. Of his birth he in later life wrote:

‘Mother of Cities to me,
For I was born in her gate,
Between the palms and the sea,
Where the world-end steamers wait’.

His parents came from England to India where his father became a teacher and artist and was absorbed in the elite circle of British society. Rudyard did not see much of his parents, as they spent much of their time socializing. Children in that culture were seen and not heard!  He was cared for by an Ayah (India Nanny).

At the age of five he and his three-year-old sister were sent to England to live with foster parents. This was normal as English children succumbed to many diseases, prevalent in India at that time. It also gave children a chance to absorb English culture. Many Indian princes and wealthy Indians were sent to elite private schools for the same reason. He remembers his early life in India as ideal and his time with foster parents in England as insensitive and cruel. He recalls his early life experience in the ‘Light that Failed’ and in ‘Baa, Baa Black Sheep’ (1888) where he portrays being bullied by the son of their foster parents.  A short quotation depicts the two main characters Punch and Judy.  Kipling was depicted as Punch:
Not altogether, O Punch, for when young lips have drunk deep of the bitter waters of Hate, Suspicion, and Despair, all the Love in the world will not wholly take away that knowledge; though it may turn darkened eyes for a while to the light, and teach Faith where no Faith was.”
Rudyard Kipling did not attend his private boarding school in Devon, England until he was eleven as he was constantly unwell. His big disappointment was that he did not manage to pass the entrance to Oxford University. (He was pleased by being appointed a Chair as a Professor in 1906 without having a degree!).
In 1882 he returned to India where his father found him employment as an Assistant Editor of the ‘Civil and Military Gazette’. In his spare time, he began writing poems and short stories. Summers were very hot in Lahore and he spent them in Simla, located in the foothills of the Himalayas. This is where the elite of society and the Governor moved from Delhi (the Governor’s residence) to avoid the hot summer weather on the plains.
He became a Freemason in Hope and Preservation Lodge No. 782, English Constitution, at the age of twenty by a special dispensation on the 5th April, 1886. Twenty-one was the required age limit. A year later he also became a Mark Master Mason and a Royal Ark Mariner. He served as Secretary of the Lodge for two years.
He moved to Allahabad in southern India as editor of the ‘Pioneer’ Newspaper. In this capacity, he travelled extensively around India and discovered much of the background for his books, publishing Soldiers ThreeThe Story of the Gadsbys, In Black and WhiteUnder the DeodarsThe Phantom Rickshaw, and Wee Willie Winkie.

In ‘My New Cut Ashlar’ the first two verses read:
My new cut ashlar takes the light
Where crimson-blank the windows flare,
By my own work, before the night,
Great Overseer I make my prayer.
If there be good in that I wrought
Thy Hand compelled it, Master, Thine--
Where I have failed to meet Thy Thought
I know, through Thee, the blame was mine.
He left India in 1889 for London, and further travel took him to South Africa, Australia, New  Zealand and back to India.

He was married in London in 1892 and settled in Vermont U.S.A for four years. 
His first daughter was born but, sadly, Jennifer died at age six.

In Vermont the ‘Jungle Book’, together with ballads, short stories and other novels were published.

In ‘Jungle Book’, the story mentions the ‘Council Rock’. I visited what is believed to be this site in central India. 

He resigned from his Lodge in India and ended his Masonic membership that only lasted four years, but not his love of Freemasonry that is depicted in books like ‘The Man who would be King’. It was made into a movie with Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer

In ‘Kim’ he mentions that Kim wore an amulet with his father’s Grand Lodge membership certificate. There are many poems and references to Freemasonry in his literature.
Below is one verse from his poem ‘Mother Lodge’:
There was Rundle, Station Master,
An' Beazely of the Rail,
An' Ackman, Commissariat,
An' Donkin o' the Jail;
An' Blake, Conductor-Sergeant,
Our Master twice was 'e,
An' 'im that kept the Europe-shop,
Old Framjee Eduljee.
Outside-Sergeant! Sir! Salute!
Inside-" Brother ", and it doesn't
do no 'arm.
We met upon the Level an' we
parted on the Square,
An' I was Junior Deacon in my
Mother-Lodge out there!
The colloquial language in this poem is an indication that Freemasonry ignored race, color, religion, and the class snobbery that existed in India. Freemason Lodges were chartered in India in 1730 and there was some discrimination until the 1760’s against Indians becoming members. By the time Kipling became a Mason that discrimination in Freemason Lodges no longer existed.

A second daughter, Elsie was born in 1896 and in the same year the Kiplings returned to live in Devon, England. In 1887 their son John was born who was killed in WWI in 1915. Kipling did not enjoy living in Devon and eventually moved into a mansion, built in 1634, near Brighton, Sussex. Many of his later stories and books were written is Sussex including ‘Puck of Pook’s Hill’, a historical fantasy of two children wandering the Sussex countryside and discovering ancient lore.

He died on the 18th January 1936 and was buried in Westminster Abbey, London.

A poem that was impressed upon me by my father, who was a Freemason, as was his father, grandfather, great grandfather and great-great grandfather. The poem has stayed with me ever since:

by Rudyard Kipling
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by 
knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of 
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

           Ventura Council No. 15
      Cryptic Masons of California


Lynn R. Wallingford, IPM            Illustrious Master
Raymond A. Broomfield, IPM     Deputy Master
Frederick "Tiny" Potter, MPIGM Treasurer
Andrew B. Pippin, IPM                 Recorder

Cryptic Masonry in Santa Barbara

Contact Companion Andy Pippin with your questions.
St. Omer Commandery No. 30 Officers

Commander              Jon Jorgensen
Generalissimo          Raul Anon
Captain General       TBD
Treasurer                  TBD
Recorder                   Andy Pippin

Jewel of the Commander
Sir Knights,
Hope to find you and your love ones safe and healthy during the current challenging times.

As you noticed all the important meetings are now virtual, such as grand sessions.

I really hope to see you soon.


Companion Jon Jorgensen, PC 

Sir Knight Bruce Rick, PC 

Knight Templar Drawing His 
"Drawing a sword" means being prepared to say something.

If the sword is bright and shiny the words will be from good thoughts.

If the sword is tarnished the words will be of dark thoughts.

I encourage all Sir Knights to keep your personal sword bright and shiny.


S.K. Rick, PC

Christmas Observance
of York Rite Knight Templar Masons

The Knights Templar Observance of the Anniversary of the Birth of Our Blessed Savior is celebrated on Christmas Day or a day near to it in the Asylum of the Commandery or a site temporarily named as the Asylum. Sir Knights and their families and friends are always invited to this public ceremony. Sir Knights around the world conduct their own observance with the same program.

Here in California, an invitation is extended to the Most Worshipful Grand Master, the Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Most Illustrious Grand Master, and Right Eminent Grand Commander of the California jurisdiction.  Each one of these together with the representative of the Most Eminent Grand Master of the Grand Encampment, Knights Templar, USA, will give responses to the toasts. Wine usually used to give the Toasts to those five.

A table arrangement with tablecloth, twelve Candles, Twelve Chalices, a Crucifix, and Holy Bible opened to the 28th Chapter of the Gospel of Matthew atop it.  The Sir Knight Junior Warden is in charge of the Chosen Twelve Knights at the Cross during the line of march as well as the lighting of the candles and the partaking of the Toasts.

There is a program with hymns, readings, devotions, sentiments, toasts, vows and a Christmas message.
                All sing: Hark the Herald Angels Sing                                                      The Christmas Lesson is read from the Gospel of                                             St. Luke 2: 1-20                                                        
                All sing: Joy to the World                                                                               Devotions
                 Sentiments                                                                                                              The “sentiment” is the annual statement sent from                           the Apartments of the Grand Commandery                                           Grand Prelate and the Religious Activities                                             Committee of the Grand Encampment.                                               Toasts and Responses                                                                                     Renewal of the vows of Knighthood                                                           Christmas Message                                                                                           All sing: Silent Night                                                                                         Benediction

The Knights at the Cross then proceed out of the Asylum, followed by the Knights in uniform and the others. Designated Sir Knights may be at the door, to receive the collection for a Christian charity.

In the Christmas season this is an impressive and enjoyable time with Knights Templar and friends.


Sir Knight Bruce A. Rick, PC

Grand York Rite Bodies Newsletters
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  Channel Islands York Rite Association        
                    Ventura Chapter No. 50, Royal Arch Masons
                    Corinthian Chapter No. 51, Royal Arch Masons
                    Oxnard Chapter No. 86, Royal Arch Masons
                    Ventura Council No. 15, Cryptic Masons
                    Ventura Commandery No. 18, Knights Templar
                    St. Omer Commandery No. 30, Knights Templar
MON  February 15  CIYRA ANNUAL MEETING - Ventura  Masonic Center
                                   6:00 pm - Election of Officers
SAT   June 12  GRAND YORK RITE OFFICERS RECEPTION - Ventura  Masonic Center - 6:00 pm Welcome
Click on the symbol to go to the
Channel Islands York Rite Association Newsletter
Santa Barbara Shrine Club Trestle Board 

WED  JANUARY 27, 2020

6:00 pm  Video Stated Meeting via Zoom

Click on the symbol to go to our Facebook page
Santa Barbara Shrine Club Officers - 2021

      President  Jay Lockwood
      Secretary/Treasurer Bruce Rick

President Jay Lockwood

Nobles and Friends,  
    I urge all Master Masons to take advantage of the Al Malaikah Temple offer to join us Shriners by signing up for the December 5th Ceremonial. See the flier below.

    Our next Santa Barbara Shrine Club meeting is via Zoom on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 6:00 pm.  It's time to plan for our July 4th Parade entry, POV's and BBQ's.

Until next time Nobles.                                                                       

Jay Lockwood
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
December 7
Did you know... 

Of the eight battleships targeted during the attacks, all but two were eventually repaired and returned to the U.S. Navy’s fleet. The USS West Virginia and the USS California had both sunk completely, but the Navy raised them, repaired them and reused them.
National Poinsettia Day!
December 12
Did you know... 
These beautiful flowers are a well-recognized symbol of Christmas. Poinsettia Day was officially declared by an Act of Congress. It is in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett, who died on December 12, 1851. Poinsett was the first Ambassador to Mexico and brought many to the United States to plant at his home.
Christmas Day!
December 25
Did you know... 
The reason we give presents at Christmas is to symbolize the gifts given to baby Jesus by the three wise men.
New Year's Eve!
December 31
Did you know...

The Times Square New Year's Eve celebration dates back to 1904, but the ball was not dropped until 1907. The first time that a ball descended as a symbol of time passing, not for New Year’s Eve, and it wasn't even in the U.S., but in England in 1833 at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. The ball dropped daily at 1 in the afternoon so that captains could set their chronometers, an instrument used to navigate.
New Year's Day!
January 1, 2021
Did you know... 

January is named after Janus, the god with two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward.
Poem of the Month
   To the Temple
The Building of Temples
by Robert M. Millard

Its massive pillars, its stately walls
Are a tribute to craftsmen′s skill
It stands in majestic form complete,
Its place in the world to fill,
It compensates for the years delayed
For the toil and the sacrifice,
And to all who helped to build it comes
As a wondrous and well earned prize.

Ah! yes, we have builded a temple grand,
We are fraught with the thrill of pride,
The art to achieve in a noble cause
Brings comfort that will abide.
The architect′s approval is had,
It is good work, true and square
Each small detail in the splendid whole
Has been tempered with skill and care.

Then I wonder what of the temple of God
That is hidden within my heart?
Am I building this with lofty tools,
Am I moulding its every part
With brotherly love and faith and truth,
With justice to every man,
Am I building into this sacred thing
The very best that I can?

For temples of stone shall crumble to dust,
Their memory fade with the days,
But the temple I rear in my heart of hearts
Nor time nor death can efface.
And whether for weal or whether for woe
I proclaim myself at the shrine
Of God or mammon, of heights or of depths,
As I work on this temple of mine.

It is not given that I should know
The time allotted me here,
But the highways and byways are well defined,
The paths I may travel are clear.
And when at last the darkness ensues
And the things of the world become dim,
All that shall matter is, will God approve
The temple I′ve built to HIM?
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